can’t believe there are really people out there like “i will block you if you spam likes” can you IMAGINE not knowing love? if you spam like MY blog, we’re instantly best friends. we’re old buddies. we’re childhood companions. we’ve known each other for 20 years. we’re inseparable 

A random user will like 30 of my posts in a row, not follow me, and never interact with me again. And I feel the way I do when someone shouts: “I like your shoes!” across a parking lot. My day is lifted; my taste, validated. Thank you, good stranger!

i hate you draftkings i hate you bet365 i hate you fanduel i hate you caesars sports i hate you betmgm i hate you betrivers i hate you sports betting

if u watched hannibal and liked it i am GOING to reccomend pushing daisies to you i dont care that the tone and subject matter are completely different i think you should watch it. i also think you should watch it even if you didnt like/watch hannibal youll probably enjoy it too. i think everyone should watch pushing daisies

LEE PACE MR. PORTER (August 2022)

If you want to see him being hot, all you need to do is visit his Instagram page, on which he posts thirst traps by the dozen: a shirtless Pace in the desert covered in a fine dusting of sand, a shirtless Pace running in a green field with his dog, a shirtless Pace on the beach. “It felt misanthropic not to participate in [social media],” he says.

throwing around-the-horn after an out is so cute 😌 hang on, all the infielders wanna play a little game of catch with each other real quick 😌

I am absolutely shocked no one on tumblr is talking about how Prince William's affair allegedly was because Kate doesn't peg.

How is this conversation missing tumblr? Prince William getting involved with another woman (apparently with Kate's approval? Until feelings got involved oops), to get pegged. Explicitly to get pegged.

How has the pro pegging website missed the rumor train on this one?

This is the first I'm seeing of it and there's no way I'm gonna Google it to find out if it's true

#princeofpegging dominated twitter trending topics for 2 days


obsessed w actors who are obsessed with their own characters like not in a weird “method acting” way or whatever but in a yeah this is my character and this is the novel length backstory i wrote for them in my head and here’s the thought process behind the line i improvised and here’s what i think they did after the ending and whether or not they like olives on their pizza

“My blorbo from my job”