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who was I talking to where I was like “if humans had wings, lots of us probably wouldn’t even use them. it would be a lot of physical exertion. think about how many people never go running”. i still think thats a funny thought. if we had wings I’d be bitching and moaning when people expected me to fly anywhere.

Noooo don't get a tattoo it's so permanent blah blah blah my tattoo is whatever I want it to be and today it's an octopus

back in my day we didn’t call him a poor little meow meow we called it woobification and people were shamed for it

literally. they literally woobified woobification

See, to me the two are different

Poor Little Meow Meow means “he’s never done anything wrong [blatant and conscious lie]”

Woobification means “he’s never done anything wrong [genuine belief that will cause genuine offense and outrage if anyone points out that it’s objectively untrue in canon]”


The weirdest guy I ever met in a church was this boy who referred to “Buzz Aldrin and his husband” going to the moon. I was completely baffled, and when I asked if he’d misspoken, he got really angry and accused me of being deliberately ignorant of the facts. It turned out that he was somehow comvinced that Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong were married. It took five Wikipedia articles to convince him otherwise.

The moon landing was fake: tired, passé, heard it before

The moon landing was an elaborate marriage proposal: fresh! sexy! I’m going to be thinking about this for months!


Romcom where two dudes in the 1960s fall in love and come up with an elaborate plan to become astronauts to get married in space because gay marriage is illegal everywhere but it can’t be illegal on the moon

Might make things a little awkward for Mike Collins.

He was the officiator

This is an excellent take. He officiated in orbit, and the landing was their Honey Moon.

Oh my god they were moon mates.


Tumblr is like a monastery compared to the chaos of Twitter. Progressive liberals are coming out of the woodwork to defend some popular user working for 15 years at Lockheed Martin and exposing themselves as morally bankrupt as well in the process.

This website could never, nobody here has a job.


Question 7: Assuming that the Roman Catholic doctrine of transubstantiation is correct, estimate how tall Christ our Lord must have been in order for His body to furnish all properly consecrated Communion wafers consumed to date. Justify your assumptions.


Great work everyone


Loving the crowdsourced sacrilege on display here