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Hello! Welcome!

hi! i'm raven, i'm 19, and my pronouns are she/they and i'm an ace lesbian (:

this blog is mostly criminal minds with the occasional other fandoms. most fandoms are tagged so filter them if you want!

i mostly post incorrect quotes and cm gifs/edits and reblog pretty much everything else. i also have a cm sideblog (@fideliusprentiss) where i post cm icons

a little navigation around here (:

Hi! Just a small reminder that I HIGHLY recommend to readers that are uncomfortable or scared to publicly comment and reblog a fic that it is TOTALLY fine to send an anonymous ask and tell the writer what you thought about the fic!

I totally understand the fear of commenting on a fic publicly, so I truly believe that the anon button is the next best thing to show your support ❤️

Hope everyone has a good day/night 😘

having an organised mess means not knowing where your phone is but knowing that there is a rubber band inside the brown paper bag underneath a piece of scrap paper when you need it

the fact that we need 8 hours of sleep is ridiculous we should only need 4 and the other 4 should be used to be cozy in your bed and rub your legs together like a cricket and listen to music and think about your little scenarios