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Hey, my name's Casey (she/her). This is just various pics/videos/gifs from my different fandoms (right now mainly NHL; Sharks, Bruins, Jack Eichel. Various players from other teams, most of them d-men.) Tons of pairings, hella OTP about all of them. Usually NSFW. 18+.ao3. discord.

… he claimed to be genuinely surprised when, in March 1956, he received a letter from one Sam Gamgee, who had heard that his name was in The Lord of the Rings but had not read the book. Tolkien replied on March 18:

Dear Mr. Gamgee,

It was very kind of you to write. You can imagine my astonishment when I saw your signature! I can only say, for your comfort, I hope, that the ‘Sam Gamgee’ of my story is a most heroic character, now widely beloved by many readers, even though his origins are rustic. So that perhaps you will not be displeased at the coincidence of the name of this imaginary character of supposedly many centuries ago being the same as yours.

He proceeded to send Mr Gamgee a signed copy of all three volumes of the book. However, the incident sparked a nagging worry in Tolkien’s mind, as he recorded in his journal:

For some time I lived in fear of receiving a letter signed ’S. Gollum’. That would have been more difficult to deal with.“― J.R.R. Tolkien: A Biography

Reminder that the OTW election is coming up and if you are eligible to vote you should vote.

I am voting because there is a person running who in the chat transcripts really concerns me because it is anti language and I do not fucking want that anywhere near the board.

Tiffany is clearly very new to all of this and I think she is very VERY inexperienced in fandom places and fandom in general and doesnt seem to understand what the OTW is doing/what fandom really is/ how AO3 works, and why. She has no place on the OTW.




Man I hate when these purity kids try to take down ao3 because ao3 is about sharing and choices. You get to CHOOSE what you are comfortable with! A true safe place is about informed choices, not guidance designed to keep you ignorant.


I am very much against any philosophy whose reasoning is “sometimes people make bad choices” and the solution is “so we should take their choices away.”


Hey, AO3 folks (and fanfic writers elsewhere)... if you see this offer, RUN AWAY FROM IT. IT’S POISON.

Please read this twitter thread and then stay FAR AWAY from the people being described…

The tl:dr; version: These people want you to “file the serial numbers off” your fanfic and publish it with them.

The catch: If the IP owners ever come after you, you’re on your own… and you have to pay the publisher damages! (Not to mention the IP owner…)

Also: their advances are CRAP. Also: Your advance (such as it is) is obtained by crowdfunding. WTF!!!


AVOID AVOID AVOID. Dear sweet THOTH on his e-scooter, stay away from these people.

ETA: Victoria Strauss of Writer Beware has looked at the contract and declared it “completely incoherent and inadequate”.  

So, honestly… AVOID.


@thebibliosphere Worth boosting?

Yep. I saw it on Twitter yesterday and the contract is genuinely bonkers. Avoid at all costs.

Fanfic Writer Emoji Ask

😅 What's a story or scene you've created that you're a smidge embarrassed exists?

🥺 Is there a certain type of moment or common interaction between your characters that never fails to put you in your feels?

🤡 What's a line, scene, or exchange you've written that made you laugh?

😈 Has there been a point in a story where you did something just to be playfully mean to your readers?

✍ Do you have a beta reader?

🛒 What are some common things you incorporate in your fics? Themes, feels, scenes, imagery, etc.

🎢 Which of your fics would you call your wildest ride?

✨ Give you and your writing a compliment. Go on now. You know you deserve it. 😉

💋 First kiss fics. Love em or hate em?

🎶 Do you listen to music while you write? What song have you been playing on loop lately?

🛠What tools/programs/apps do you use to write?

⛔ Do you have a fic you started, but scrapped?

🙋‍♀️ Do any irl people know you write fanfic?

🍦 What's the sweetest fic you've created so far?

🍷 Do you drink and write?

🍆 Do you write the spicy stuffs? If so, what's your most popular nsfw fic?

🌞 Do you have a preferred time of day to write?

💖 What made you start writing?

💌 How do you feel about comments and feedback?

❌ What's a trope you will never write?

💲 Would you ever open commissions?

🧐 Do you spend much time researching for your stories?

🏆 What's your most popular fic?

🎃 Do you write fics for certain holidays? Which is your favorite holiday inspired fic?

🎯 Have any of your readers accurately guessed major plot points? Care to share which?

🎨 How do you feel about fan art of your stories?

📈 How many fics do you have?

🦅 Do you outline fics or fly by the seat of your pants?

👀 Tell me about an up and coming wip please!

🤗 What advice would you give to new fanfic writers that are just getting started?

💞 Who's your comfort character?

🧠 Pick a character, and I'll tell you my favorite headcanon for them.

🤩 Who is your favorite character to write?

🤲 Would you please share a snippet of a wip?

😬 Which of your fics would you be most horrified for friends, family, or coworkers to stumble upon?

🎉 What leads you to consider a fic a success?

✅ What's something that appears in your fics over and over and over again, even if you don't mean to?

📚 Would you ever want to turn writing into a career?

⌛ How long does it take you to write a fic, or a chapter?

🤯 What's a genre you struggle with as a writer (ex. romance, action, etc.)?

💔 Is there a fic of yours that broke your heart?

💥 How do you feel about criticism?

🤭 Do you have a favorite tag to use when posting your works?

🥰 How do you feel about reader interaction? Are you open to receiving questions about your fics?

please block me if you read books with death in them. i don’t care your “reason” - it’s clear you have a death fetish, are pro-necrophilia, and think killing is okay. i don’t care if someone you know died recently or if you have a terminal illness. it is not okay to consume fiction with death in it to cope. and that’s that on that, you freaks. pro-death crowd dni.

when we get into conversations of "liking this fictional thing means you support it IRL/want to do it to real people", i immediately get a red flag off the person making that argument.

because, like... i write a LOT of stuff i have no interest in doing IRL. scary stuff, kinky stuff, a lot of super mundane stuff, too. my physical sex life doesn't resemble the smut i write at all, even a little because my boundary between real life and fiction is solid. and it's not like a "oooh i'm so good at resisting temptation" thing, i mean like, i write a lot of oral sex scenes and have zero interest in sucking a dick IRL. i write a lot of dark subject matter and unhealthy relationships, and i'm living in a happy, pretty boring marriage that i wouldn't change for anything.

but someone who goes hard on "you like (noncon/incest fic/idk fucking teacher/student storyllines), you must want to (assault someone/fuck your sibling/bone down with your teacher or student)" stuff, it makes me think that person has a shaky boundary and they're not very safe to be around. i become deeply worried about their impulse control and their ability to contextualize.

i've said it before, but i'd honestly rather spend my time with people who write triggery darkfic but have basic respect for others vs. people with a "good and virtuous" media and fanfic diet who can't shut the fuck up about all those kinks no one is forcing them to read.

So you want to read about 2000s Harry Potter fandom drama

Let me introduce you to my favorite subreddit, r/hobbydrama, by way of posts about some of the most sordid moments in early Harry Potter fandom history.

Content warning: While most of these are amusing Internet dramas, the first one is genuinely awful, as will be clear from the summary.

I've put them in chronological order and pulled the summaries from the posts. Many thanks to everyone on Reddit who put these posts together!

TL;DR: A famous fanfiction author turns out to be a real creep. He uses a lot of pseudonyms and sockpuppets, convinces some of his fans to move in with him, claims to mind-meld with fictional characters, insists his fanfiction is better than Harry Potter itself, and has questionable views on women. Oh, and he was involved in a triple homicide and used the girl's death for fun and profit.

*Edited to fix my "2005" typo. Sorry! Thank you @olderthannetfic for the catch.

TL;DR: The author of the fanfic trilogy that popularized “Draco in Leather Pants” is also a famous YA author, with a long, complicated history involving fandom drama and Ginny/Ron romance fic.

TL;DR: There was an actual religion centering on Severus Snape, who was portrayed as an eternal and divine being similar to the Christian God. It had theological arguments, early schisms, and its own vows and prayers, which were all taken completely seriously by its followers, the Snapeists.

TL;DR: Woman wants to be a part of the popular clique, uses a combination of ridiculous lies, made-up fangirls, and Christian strawmen sockpuppets to build up enough fame to join the popular clique. Is eventually exposed.

A not-so-brief, still not at all comprehensive account of some of the earliest, stupidest Harry Potter shipping drama. Many thanks to the archived remnants of Fan Wank for detailing all of this, and to the people who made this extra funny by coming up with some of the most batshit ship names and insults I’ve ever seen. Merlin bless the good ship Ronmione/Romione/Heron/whateverthefuck, long may she sail. And, though the HMS Harmony/PumpkinPie/whateverthefuckelse capsized long ago, may her memory live on.

Here’s another summary of ridiculous internet drama. This time, it involves Hermione Granger being an emo weaboo who speaks exclusively in broken Japanese, a satanist vampire Harry Potter whose scar has turned itself into a pentagram, a teenage girl’s shitty Mary Sue who gets darker and edgier with every passing chapter, and a YA author desperate to capitalize on the unlikely success of an infamous fanfic published a decade ago. Welcome to the increasingly weird saga of My Immortal.

Because it’s a major cultural shift

Dude, aside from people just going “ugh, kids”, the whole point is that the assumption that sites have algorithms is a sign of how the entire internet has been ruined. It’s a major cultural shift and a terrible one.

AO3 is the opposite of obscure in fanfic fandom, and its entire existence is political and an act of resistance.

No shit people react to cluelessness about how it sorts content: how it sorts content is a conscious ethical statement.

And to answer this other person’s comment:

Wattpad, dude. No separate index by fandom, no see everything by date, just a massive fic section and tags that show the 1k most recent or 1k most popular.

Nearly every major fic site has worked something like AO3 until we get to the modern app hell that is Wattpad.


Algorithms ruined the internet is a take I've never heard before

Like bro, I'll take some ads in my Instagram feed if it shows me post I'll want to see first and ones I don't care about last, it ain't that deep

And that is precisely the shift people don’t like because what we gain in time, we lose in other ways.

Algorithms could be written to do whatever, but in practice, they’re there to make the site user profitable to the site. The types of content they push are tied to this. They’re designed to make sits addictive.

Particularly in a hobby space like fandom or in queer spaces, they’re not a great idea. They can sort mainstream things well, but the minute you have something more niche, it starts being hidden because it’s not profitable and/or because there are just that many more mainstream audience members.

They also induce learned helplessness instead of expecting a user to proactively decide what they want to see.

These aren’t fringe arguments: they’re the cornerstone of what sites like AO3 and anybody concerned about privacy and the problems with the corporatization of the internet cares about.

Anonymous asked:

But who does Bordo want to fuck on each team

  1. boston: if you expected me to not say cheeks then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ he's american and have you seen his face? and how solid he is?
  2. buffalo: cozzy bc big and feisty. pow if we're going for repeats but im trying to make this like a "to hit it" list
  3. detroit: mo. see above but also something about stealing the juice from the most recent calder winner right before his rookie season blah blah blah
  4. florida: ratty matty. unless they sign staalsy off his PTO (yes i will continue the estaal rookie train)
  5. montreal: cole (is anyone surprised) but only bc my hc is that they've always been passing ships over the years
  6. ottawa: clod. another smallish frenchie?
  7. tampa: had to phone a friend on this one bc i dislike the bolts so much that i couldn't pick but @darkangel0410 said sergy bc "he's a pouty bitch and needs to be put in his place" and im good with that
  8. toronto: W I L L Y! fashion bitches
  9. carolina: jordy bc if eric isn't an option, you gotta have at least one staal on your list. thems the rules
  10. columbus: silly. that mouth?
  11. new jersey: i think he cheats here. superbuddies
  12. islanders: tito. again. mouth (am i forcing my mouth kink on bordy? damn straight.)
  13. rangers: k'andre. hands down
  14. philadelphia: he writes and crosses off yam so many times bc hello some of the best sex of his life right there. but for real: foery. he's hears so many raving reviews
  15. pittsburgh: guentz! gotta go with the american and the only penguin i tolerate
  16. washington: gotta be oshbabe
  17. arizona: keller
  18. chicago: the way i genuinely did not know who was even on this team anymore. but ignoring the obvious answer: actually you know what, there's only one answer bc he's at the top of all the american boys lists: 88
  19. colorado: EJ
  20. dallas: segs. he wants to know if they hype is real. i have a very solid idea of how this will go though and neither of them will be satisfied
  21. minnesota: boldy boldy boldy
  22. nashville: juice. bc hes so bendy
  23. st. louis: parayko. big boy
  24. winnipeg: lowry. gotta bag one wolfie boy at least right
  25. anaheim: he definitely asks z for hte best on the team and z comes back with the whole roster. but lets go with mac for another wolfie
  26. calgary: hanny
  27. edmonton: obviously drai
  28. los angeles: Q
  29. seattle: look he wasn't going to put repeats on this list but none of those guys are gonna be as good as matty sooo
  30. vancouver: quinn but only bc he wants to see jack's reaction when he drops it in the gc
  31. vegas: eichs

  • honorable mention san jose: very much has to be erik

i wanna know who you agree with/disagree with? who you would have picked for him?


Yes, 1000000% to all of this

But I humbly suggest adding Kreider if Bords does a repeat in New York because he's hung like a horse, American and Bords is a size queen, I just know it