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Just your average coffee addicted, gothic, nerd in a box; unfortunately called Kitty (yes, that is seriously my name), that sometimes draws stuff! Occasionally I find motivation to do this thing people call art. It is rare and almost unheard of, but sometimes i finish the larger projects I start, although what you’ll find here are mainly doodles and random sketches. I'm a slowpoke artist and proud!

So, some art of my own characters for once! This features Ryker (left) and Ansel (right) - my dorky brothers xD I promise I'll be trying out some backgrounds without mountains soon. I just can't seem to help myself when it comes to them :') #anthro #anthroart #digitalart #digitalpainting

"Go outside, they said. It'll be fun, they said." This is my new dude Ansel, who I got from the amazing Tazihound - took a break for the last 2 days to just draw something for myself for once! And of course, I coudn't resist drawing him as Anthro. Although I now recall all too well my love / hate relationship with backgrounds. This took me roughly 8 hours, with a whole lot of distraction and procrastination throughout ahaha. #digitalpainting #digitalart #anthro #anthroart

Ok. So I don't normally post practice drawings, but for the last few months I've been working on trying to get the hang of drawing people! Faces have always intimidated me, so whenever I get the urge to doodle, I've been finding a face and trying to replicate it. This is referenced from random google images and is probably the only one I've managed so far that I'm ok with people seeing! More human art to come once I get a little more confidence in it!

PHEW. This one took me longer than I thought it would - a FB request this time! Referenced of google images, Bird anatomy is blooming weird. Not something I usually draw, but fun to do regardless! I am still open for Inktober requests (and will be for all of October). If you'd like to request a drawing, check out my journal: Inktober Requests [open]

My half of a trade with the awesome Bennyislove! Ahhh, I really, really like drawing action poses - I wish I got asked to draw them more often!! I had an absolute blast with this, even if I got a bit carried away :') This is an anthro version of Benny's Foxfan Kayce. Check out the species; they are super cute!


Day 2 of Inktober! This one features Harley, my late Jack Russell. Noisiest dog out there! I'd intended to do a request today, but my parents had seen the pencil sketch I'd done of this (one of many sketches, in my warm up for inktober!) and harassed me into finishing it xD

PHEW. 2am and no regrets. First of my Inktober 2016 drawings! Not going to lie. Drawing traditionally for the first time in 5-6 years is incredibly strange. And I can count on one hand the times I've worked in ink prior to this. Inktober is going to be one heck of a learning curve! The entire time me sketchbook was by my keyboard.... several times i accidentally pressed ctrl+z when i messed up. How do people art without an undo button in real life?! Anyway, this guy is called Ankh and was requested by Vida! :3

That moment when the character just does not fit the background <`~´>   Not entirely sure where I’m going with this, but we shall see if I can get it to work ヽ(´ー`)┌

This is one of two random requests (here), that I took wayyy back - when I was having some serious art block. I'm hoping to have the other one finished up in the next few days ~ Note that I am not taking general requests currently (and typically never take them, unless I post a random journal saying otherwise), but I do have requests open for Inktober. But back on track! This here beautiful baby belongs to Chrysisi -- I had a hard time resisting drawing him as anthro, but I figured I should at least pretend to mix my art up every now and then :') Feline anatomy isn't my strong point, so here's hoping I didn't butcher his character and design too much (oops!), haha. Character belongs to Chrysisi Art by me.

Well..... I was meant to do a reference sheet for Gin here, since I only have a rough feral version of him currently. Clearly that did not go to plan. OOPS. I will eventually get his ref sheet done. Gin is one of my Arcanus characters. They are a closed species -- check out their group below for more information: