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I plucked these views from the Slurry of Moral Relativism and I'm quite fond of them


I’m Alexi, she/they; beyond that, I don’t like centralizing my character sheet

I’m making a webnovel, Mission Critical, about 24th-century space exploration and Lunar sociology and the weird mixed feelings of being from what-was-once-North-Korea and sending out messages that can never be responded to and corporate mascots uplifted to sapience and interplanetary wire fraud and amazing human progress with plenty of petty dysfunction around the edges

(Beyond that, my Ao3 account also hosts a bunch of shorter stories in various stages of completion)

I have a semi-outdated art portfolio on Carbonmade, although I’m not open for commissions right now

From 2016 to 2019 I made a webcomic, Parhelion; it ended prematurely, since it no longer worked with my life’s schedule, but it has a lot that I’m proud of and is a neat fossil record of my artistic growth

From 2019 to 2020 I made a worldbuilding blog, The Solar Symposium, which I hope to return to someday, or at least expand its ideas into bigger stories

(Mission Critical is a distinct setting from the other two, which blur into each other a fair degree, but there are plenty of common themes and a fair number of Easter egg references among everything I make)

I also have a few things up on itch.io, and I’m on Mastodon here, here, and here.

at the risk of sounding like a raving lunatic, i think one of my favorite trekkie memes/posts is that one where someone comments on a screenshot of tos and asks if sulu is texting, because it PERFECTLY encapsulates star trek's strange little place at the intersection of pop culture and the tech world:

like listen... 55+ years ago a bunch of actors had to use a mix of existing habits and wild imagination to come up with what they felt would be believable movements and muscle-memory for someone using completely unbelievable tech a few hundred years in the future. like tv had less than ten channels and the screen was a foot across, and they had to go "ok how would someone who's used to a tiny wireless gadget with a screen hold it and use it? how would they talk to a computer? how would the computer sound when she talked back?"

and over half a century later our own tech has surpassed the clunky retrofuture gizmos in so many ways, no doubt inspired by it, that now someone two decades into the 21st century sees an actor in the 60s holding some tiny rectangular plastic prop in both hands and immediately recognizes it as "oh, sulu's texting!" now THAT is a called shot. hell, that's putting your money on a roulette wheel in a casino that hasn't been built yet. i LOVE it. it's so star trek. sulu is absolutely texting.

My favorite theological hot take is “if Piss Christ offends you, you’re a Docetist”


Emergency Broadcast Network came out with this in 1993, over 10 years before Youtube was founded. They’re the forebearers of Youtube poop. Still holds up too.


this was made 22 YEARS AGO.


holy shit


oldtube poop


this has the structure and most of the standard joke formats of a modern 2015 youtube poop i’m completely blown away


I consider EBN one of the great influences in my life and have been fortunate to know a couple of it’s members Joshua (a tiny bit) and Greg (a lot.) Joshua is a brilliant video editor and Greg frikkin wrote frikkin After Effects (the greatest post production software of all time, imo.)

Really good YouTube Poop is hard to make. Making videos like EBN did in the early to mid-90′s was nearly impossible. This is because the tools for transforming video digitally were primitive, the machines costly (an Avid or Media 100 NLE cost upwards of $50,000 to build and thousands more to maintain) and hard to access (the only people who owned them were broadcasters, post production studios, and the like.) The source media itself had shitloads of copyright on it which has no practical meaning now but meant quite a bit way back when.

The 1990s were an age of tightly controlled analog mass media outlets and in it, EBN’s work was subversive for both its politics and its disregard of intellectual property rights. EBN wasn’t commercially viable (the legal sampling war had just begun) and it wasn’t pop (even though it was danceable in that 90′s techno rave sort of way) which meant that their work never traveled far beyond its most immediate social networks of media, art, and technology. EBN was signed to the indie TVT Records imprint but they considered themselves, primarily, live-remix performance artists who occasionally “recorded” albums (TVT distributed licensed versions of EBN’s work on CDs, VHS tapes, and 3.5″ floppies.) This combination of factors made it nearly impossible to experience the bulk of their work.

That isn’t to say that they weren’t extremely influential. If you ever saw or heard about the remixed visuals of U2′s groundbreaking ZOOTV tour, then you’ve seen the work of EBN. The group was also commissioned by MTV to make a half hour special about their work with U2 (back when it seemed like everyone watched MTV) and they even made a bunch of visual idents for the network. This exposed millions of people to the EBN remix aesthetic, rhythm, and structure even if they didn’t know where it came from. (Of course, that aesthetic had it’s own immediate roots in the work of The Bomb Squad and Public Enemy but that is a post for another day.)

So while it’s unfortunate that more YTP creators aren’t conscious of their Emergency Broadcast Network ancestry, considering the time and circumstance under which EBN existed, it’s totally understandable and it’s great that people have even discovered it at all.

This is all amazing but of great personal importance: I loved Zoo TV–The Television Program and whenever I bring it up no one ever knows what I’m talking about. To the point where I was starting to get convinced I made it up / hallucinated it. I had no idea it was an EBN project! This is very exciting and validating for me.


What the fuck one of the guys from EBN made after effects???


boobtube poop

If I was Pope, I would invoke Papal infallibility, say "Jesus was a centaur and the Docetists were right," and then immediately abdicate and turn my phone off

Oh yeah while I'm here you all should read What Happens Next.

Like, ...


... you all should ABSOLUTELY read What Happens Next.

“i think i would rather get stabbed again than have tiktok users descend like vultures on my social media, zooming in on pictures of my messy bedroom to analyze the tedious minutia of my deeply average life.” - emma berquist, true crime is rotting our brains “your fingers up inside of me/feel like fingers down my throat/everything is fine in heaven/but i’ll never get to know.” - nicole dollanganger, “angels of porn ii”


Will you delete your Tumblr? No. A funny punchline out of context, an understandable character flaw with far reaching repercussions in story. I'm autistic and it's literally so easy not to cut a dead body's arms off lmao. But when has anybody given you the chance to prove that? Accountability, accountability, obsessing over how much near strangers skirt accountability helps distract from how much of you might owe. Such an unlikeable, tragic protagonist. I would recommend this.

My favorite pitch for it is "Nevada for trans men who got way too deep into Tumblr"


So I was thinking it would be super cool if you wanted to draw some space gals based on the new JWST photos. Sorry I can’t afford to commission you rn and I can’t draw (at least not anywhere near your level) but this is just an optional idea you can do if you want. It looks to me like there’s a humanoid figure with wings extending from their arms in this one. Thanks for considering :)


That's actually been on the radar XD

These images are amazing. I haven't figured out what to draw yet but def want to


I thought of an idea :)

I don't have a NYT subscription so I can't read this, and apparently it's about financially backing efforts to legalize or decriminalize psychedelics rather than like, selling blotter acid, but also if you've ever looked at a bottle of Dr. Bronner's it's like yeah I would think so


This is currently in its open comment phase and it’s getting bombed by TERFs, surprise surprise.

If you live in the US, you can fight back by leaving your own comment HERE. Don’t get cute or make threats, just explain why you think we should protect trans kids. And for fuck’s sake if you’re not actually in the US don’t get the idea you’ll just use a fake address. This is a government form, doing so can get the entire amendment thrown out.

Spread the word!!!

This isn’t just a few crazy Terfs responding to this, it’s a heavily coordinated and directed response from right wing organizations with large groups of followers who are all responding with the same copy and pasted message.

If we have any hope of fighting to protect title IX we need everyone to contribute to this! We need to stop these people from dismantling every anti-discrimination law in the country, because they won’t stop unless we make them.

Also, TO BE CLEAR about how regulations like this work: they LEGALLY NEED to have significant evidence in favor of it in order for it to pass notice & comment. NOT doing that – ignoring huge amounts of data to the contrary, or creating the regulation without doing notice & comment at all – is considered “arbitrary and capricious” and can get it thrown out (something that happened A LOT in the Trump administration BECAUSE they didn’t bother to do this shit properly).


Just like how Notre Dame and Noter Dayme have forked into two separate terms, I propose that we formally recognize the split of Blåhaj (the IKEA product, pronounced in accurate Swedish fashion) and Blahaj (the stuffed shark in the context of its memetic popularity, especially among trans people, pronounced with English rules and distinguished by the lack of an overring)

My favorite way to set the timeframe of a historical anecdote is “Back when you could just do shit like this,”

main reason to get married someday: getting all your friends and family together in one place to subject them to the most disorienting wedding playlist they've ever heard in their lives.

On a smaller scale, I have near-total playlist autonomy at my tiny hippie grocery store, and most of the time I just play the stuff I imprinted on in high school but all bets are off after ~10 or so

Sandstorm? Bring Me To Life? Run Away (the Epic Sax Guy song)? The Black Parade? Anything else too weird, gross, or profane for prime time?

If I’m gonna be a shopkeeper NPC, I want to create some Easter eggs if you come in late at night, is what I’m saying

They should hire pretty girls to eat pizza on the subway, as an advertisement

It would be like, but not exactly the same as, pretty girls hired to fill bars. Subway pizza girls should be moderately good-looking in a "natural", "not even trying", "hiding a slow mental breakdown" kind of way. They should make you think about how much easier things would be if you gave in to your sloth and gluttony, just a little