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Paper cuts by Eiko Ojala, a renowned illustrator and graphic designer based in Estonia.

He works mostly digitally and draws everything by hand. Within his work process Eiko likes to study the forms of shapes and to work closely with light and shadow. He likes to keep his illustrations minimal and well-advised and combines consummate craftsmanship with a healthy sprinkling of wit.

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Anish Kapoor - Dismemberment - Gibbs Farm, New Zealand

Gibbs Farm sculpture park is home to a series of major site specific artworks commissioned from some of the world’s most significant artists.

Composed of a vast PVC membrane stretched between the two giant steel ellipses, Kapoor’s work is architectural, and yet it also has a fleshy quality which the artist describes as being “rather like a flayed skin”.

Kapoor has commented, “I want to make body into sky”. At the farm he achieves this. Here, the artist had to devise a form that was both freestanding and capable of surviving a constant arm-wrestle with the sky and the mercurial weather conditions.

Happy #EarthDay! Today is a great day to celebrate our shared home. Every day is the right day to commit to caring for our planet.

Image: MTA Arts & Design Collaborative, “For Want of a Nail” (2000), 81 St-Museum of Natural History (B,C) station.