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“I don’t like knowing people in the context of things. ‘Oh, that’s the person I work out with.’ ‘That’s the person I’m in a book club with.’ ‘That’s the person I did that show with.’ Because once the context ends, so does the friendship. I yearn to know the people I love deeply and intimately, without context, without boxes, and I yearn for them to know me that way too.”

—   Jennette McCurdy, “I’m Glad My Mom Died.”

please tell me about this tom paris has two dads theory you mention


It’s not mine, can’t remember where I saw it. Basically two different people played “Tom’s dad,” Richard Herd and Warren Munsen. While it’s mentioned in S1:E1 “Caretaker” that he has a father Owen, from then on both are only referred to as “Admiral Paris” and no one ever mentions Tom’s mother. Tom talks about his childhood a lot and you’d think she’d come up at least once.

Now from a production standpoint it’s obvious that they cast one guy and then either changed their minds or he wasn’t available. But that’s not how star trek theories work. Since everything has to have an in-universe reason, the simplest answer is that he has two dads, both of whom are admirals in starfleet, and both of whom are crotchety old men.

Now, some may say “why didn’t he say dads or ever specify he didn’t have a mom?” And to them I say because it’s the 24th century. No one gives two shits if you have gay dads. It’d be like telling a story “So my mom was driving me to school, she has brown hair, and we saw a Bolian in a wig!” It’s completely irrelevant unless he ever needed to specify one dad vs the other but he never did since they’re so similar.


love it. i shouldn’t laugh at the idea that tom paris managed to disappoint TWO admirals paris but i’m snickering a little bit. 

Tom paris has daddy issues squared 

I think this was my doing.

And FWIW…we didn’t find out Admiral Paris’ first name until season 6, in “Pathfinder.” He was just “Admiral Paris,” “my father,” etc. before that. If you read fanfic from the 1990s, a lot of it has Tom’s father’s first name being Gene (the fanon being that Tom’s middle name, Eugene, was his father’s first name).

It wasn’t just that two different actors played Admiral Paris that made me think maybe Tommy had two daddies. It was that Tom never mentions his mother. Early fanfic often assumed Tom’s mother was dead, since he never talks about her. (Dying in childbirth, so his dad could blame him, was a popular scenario).

However, in “Threshold,” Tom mentions losing his virginity when he was 17, when his parents were away. In “Endgame,” he talks about staying with his parents, so he has more than one living parent at the end of the series.

So Tom has mentioned his parents, but he’s never mentioned his mother. This is pretty odd, because every other regular on Voyager (except the EMH, of course) has had their mother discussed at least once. Not Tom.

Maybe he didn’t have a mother. Maybe he had two fathers. 

And maybe they weren’t both crotchety old men. Maybe one of them was the stern, real men don’t cry guy Tom talks about early on, and the other was the gentle, kindly man we meet in “Pathfinder,” who is patient and tolerant with Barclay, keeps a photo of Tom on his desk, and clearly loves his son.


I think about this alllll the time


the only problem with scythes as a weapon is that you can't design one without some joyless realist deciding it's their duty to remind you how impractical they would actually be in combat. it's always "but a scythe would be useless in a real battle!!1!" and never How was the scythe the scythe looked fun it was fun.


the Point of a scythe is to look wicked cool and make you look wicked cool when you swing it around okay your facts and logic have no power here. suspend your disbelief boy.


anyway i love you scythes i love you swords taller than my entire body i love you giant guns mounted on tiny shoulders i love you whips whose length changes depending on how far away your target is i love you throwing knives i love you dual wielding i love you physically impossible combat scenarios and weapons whose only purpose is to look awesome to my eyes

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with adhd/autism it’s funny like. people will call you weird all your life, people will bully you for your “outlandish” behaviour, people will criticize literally everything you do as “not normal”, BUT THE SECOND YOU GET DIAGNOSED (or suggest you might have it) they’re like “huh what but you’re so normal, you’re literally the most normal person I’ve ever seen, you’re literally so normal and absolutely nothing is wrong with you? why would you have that now all of a sudden???”