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Conceptualizing, planning, permitting, and building our ADU!

Interior photos!

For completion it just needs baseboards, window sills, door finishing, stairs, and a bit of electrical.

Our kitchen cabinetry came flat-packed, so it was our job to trim and construct each segment. Since we didn’t plan out the kitchen until the last minute, the trickiest part was trying to make everything fit in-place and look normal. 

Bad news! After we finished the floor, we tested the underfloor radiant system. Unfortunately we started hearing the sound of water spraying out of the tubing below. It turns out that 1/3 of the staples we used were too long, and therefore punctured the radiant system. (my bad) We spent the following hour draining and removing the broken tubing. 

The floor needed plenty of sanding before the final treatment. Each board had a small stamp, and the edges were not always smooth. This is a POV my past three days.

Adding the hexagonal slate tiles. The plywood floor is coated in a waterproofing layer of RedGard, and then coated with a cement in which the tiles are set

We started assembling the maple floors in the upstairs bedroom and worked downwards. Each piece is tongue-and-grooved and shot with the flooring gun for a tight fit.

Time to finish the shower walls! The marble was tricky to install because the tiles are very large (and heavy). This meant their adhesion to the wall was particularly important. We used special tabs to hold them level. 

Secondly, since they are not evenly colored, we tried to place the darker tiles towards the bottom, and the lighter ones towards the top. This didn’t work as perfectly as desired. Mechanically, everything should work well though!

The rainy days have slowed our progress finishing the exterior. We’ll finish the window and eave trim, then snap the gutter downspouts in place. Choosing an exterior trim style has been a bit tricky, because the ADU has design elements that push it in many different directions. The simple window trim hopefully works with the slightly contemporary shape and the Old-Portland styled siding. 

We’ve made some progress on the shower stall. Installing the wonderboard and nook, the waterproof Kerdi liner, and the floor tiling. The tile cutting machine shown below has been a very helpful rental.

The drywalling subcontractors made quick work of the ADU, finishing within a week! Here are a couple snapshots from the hanging, taping, and finished stages. 

The drywall hanging crew arrived in the evening. Within 20 minutes they already finished the first floor ceiling. Super quick!