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Hi, welcome to my blog! I'm Colarix, an artist from Finland. This is where i post some of my arts and doodles. I mostly draw anthropomorphic animals, furries, creatures, comics and other fluff stuff. Please do not use, claim or edit my pictures without a permission.

Land of Palette a small/large project started planning on, which does include animating which I’ve been looking into in the past year. I’m hoping to take a new route towards working more and more with animated pieces of art, my goal being getting some actual short animation videos made. Including one with the sketched characters above and more! Studies are keeping me busy, but also have determinately worked on new things. I’ve been neglecting my tumblr for a year or so due to the shift Tumblr took, but I’m hoping to revive it little by little now along side the projects I’m working on. I’ll be also posting on Twitter which I recently joined, which you can find here: https://twitter.com/Hukkavei Thank you all for still being around c:

Gooey Goodra Colarix  :> // Whooboy, For a second I was afraid I had forgotten my password I also have made few new blogs and places i’ve been posting my art lately, Kinda been going through an identity crisis when trying to chase things

Glad to see that many responds, also makes me recret that i haven't payed too much attention to tumblr after things went south ^^

Is anybody still around?

I've just remembered that i haven't checked tumblr in a long while ^^"

So i wanted to see if there's still any of my followers around

Happy new year!~

Equipment installation. Being a little standard if not old fashion, the rail carbine is an acceptable candidate to be tested with the widely modular and customizable arm placements. Lacking the automated installation equipment/machinery, the fitting however has to be done manually, for now. N1K1 (Niki) belongs to me Inspired of a character design by JSA-arts www.deviantart.com/jsa-arts Make sure to check them out!


Hi there! As you might already see i created another meter, just for funsies, as i’m starting to be in a serious need of a new tabletop pc.

My current being my very first pc i’ve ever owned and a completely factory made stock computer, which nowadays isn’t capable of running most things that i’d like it to run.  Don’t worry, i’m not asking you to donate or anything, the meter just shows my progress in saving up the money from commissions, etc. For funsies.

But, if you’re really feeling generous, I’m not stopping you either. I do also accept little donations/tips to help me reach my goal faster! https://www.paypal.me/colarix

Awesome peeps who actually went ahead and donated!  ;D

Jackalovski  3€

Regy  15€

Roman Lucero / Greyzeek  1€    John Pape  85€ ravarava & Viridian Dawn  75€   :D



MaledictusNix  65€

Inspired of a character and style created by JSA-arts https://www.deviantart.com/jsa-arts be sure to check them out! 

-------------------- N1-K1, later given the name Niki by the personnel of the Napapiiri facility. Commissioned and built for a research program to a small Nordic country. 

Self-aware AI, composed of high tech, artifice muscle and flexible shock&projectile resistant material (thermal conductive)

Height:  180cm (Shorter than the many other models in service). Weight:  150kg (Without additions, modules or equipment) Power source:  modified magnetic generator system with ability for moderate selfcharging, and ports for charging from external power supplies.

Weaponry: ability to be modified with installable weapons.