Essays in Existentialism: The Affair

Have you ever considered writing Clarke and Lexa having an affair? I feel like you’d kill it tbh, if you ever feel inspired enough to do it. Thanks for writing!

“Another one, please?” The bartender leaned against the counter and sized up the girl who’d been drinking at the stool since one-thirty in the afternoon. She’d only said a total of maybe a dozen words, with the majority of those being to order another drink, but the bartender could tell that this was not a normal thing.


a love story in reverse

I’ve maybe had a crush on your words for years. Years, stranger. Isn’t that crazy to think? You don’t even know me, but I feel like I already know you, and yet I don’t, and I want to? I don’t know. I’ve had a few to drink tonight to work up the courage. But hello– I hope this is okay.

Atlas: Jupiter

Previously on Atlas

Make my messes matter Make this chaos count Let every little fracture in me Shatter out loud

The faces around the table all turned around the moment the door opened. Guns trained on her immediately as Lena Luthor held up her hands and grit her teeth in the middle of the DEO headquarters. Somehow, by default, it’d become the place to collect after the threats were managed and the world began figuring out what exactly had happened. 

Lena wasn’t sure what led to a massive alien attack, just that Kara hadn’t come home, just that she wasn’t sure what else to do. 

Essays in Existentialism: Atlantis 4

Previously on Atlantis

The morning came, steady and through flickering lights against the window, unstill and blinding like a disco ball and lava lamp worked together to form a hybrid. Even behind her eyelids, the patient could see the light dancing through the waters and window before trying to make her join the land of the living yet again. 

Essays in Existentialism: Jurassic

I really love your fics so I was wondering if you’ll pleaseee write a clexa jurassic park au Tks

“Most meat eaters walked on two feet. This made them faster and left their hands free to grab their prey,” the professor explained, clicking the pointer so that the page changed. “Most plant eaters walked on four feet to better carry their heavy bodies. Some plant eaters could balance on two feet for a short time.”

The District: Chapter 7

“I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go. My own wisdom, and that of all about me, seemed insufficient for the day.”-  Abraham Lincoln, Third Debate against Stephen A. Douglas, 1858.

The city happened. The uncharacteristically warm day of mid-January erased the slate and flushed free the gutters and streets until it was a constant river of frozen trash and saltwater feeders. The sun came out and blinded everyone who grew accustomed to the overcast sky of December, attempting to convince everyone that they could trust it, that this was here to stay, and so eager were the inhabitants to accept it, that they foolishly fell into the trap despite the warnings of every morning weatherman’s smile.

Essays in Existentialism: Then

Prompt: Clarke learns Costia through the little pieces of her left behind, and she feels like she’s learned Lexa better too. 

As always, HERE

Though like nothing she has ever imagined before, Polis is a welcomed change, an eagerly greeted distraction from the magnitude of the events of the Mountain. Every day, it plays in her mind before she even gets out of the bed Lexa had prepared for her. Every morning after falling into an uneasy sleep, Clarke sees their faces, smells the air, feels the cool slickness of the lacquered chairs and worn folds in the clothes. 

But, perhaps even more surprising than the city, than the sprawling land of seeming contentment and at least attempted life, is the way in which the Commander treats the visitor, the kindness shown, the tenderness in certain movements, that, despite the guilt of the betrayal, beg a different kind of forgiveness, an apology for the personal part of the larger war. 

Atlas: Earth

Previously on Atlas

Fault lines tremble underneath our glass house But I put it out of my mind Long enough to call it courage To live without a lifeline I bend the definition Of faith to exonerate my blind eye “’Til the sirens sound, I’m safe”

The rain blurred everything outside until it disappeared from all recognition and instead melted the rest of the world into a white noise and formless splash of colors as the sun began to rise against the thick and low layer of storm clouds that stretched in all directions. It was still very early, finally passing the designation of very late, as it all restarted, unbeknownst to anyone else, the entire shift of fate and the world in the small apartment on 9th. 

From Eden 8

Previously on From Eden

“You look absolutely stunning.” 

“Don’t butter me up, Woods.” 

“I’m not buttering. Who’s buttering? I would never butter. I was simply stating that you,” she leaned forward and kissed her girlfriend’s cheek, “look absolutely ravishing. In fact, I cannot wait to do more ravishing myself later.” 

“You’re buttering me up,” Clarke admonished half-heartedly. 

From Eden VII

Some more From Eden? Maybe a light chapter - big Hollywood movie star comes for dinner and meets Clarke’s parents? 

Previously on From Eden

“Are you sure about this?”

“No, but I think it’s a bit late for second guessing.”

The highway lazily curved and bent through the trees, half trailing the edge of ocean on one side. The water was calm and still, the Atlantic not particularly interested in waking from its summer nap despite how late into the evening it was getting. From time to time, a house would appear, interjecting itself into the woods, a long driveway seen snaking up and disappearing. It was entirely foreign and new to the actress, and so despite her girlfriend’s worry, she was excited.

Royalty 3

Previously on Royalty

The palace hadn’t changed much since the arrival of the now former-princess. It was always run with a small staff and comfortable quarters for the king and his daughter, as they chose to keep it an intimate place where they could feel normal for a few hours from time to time. While the head butler was even more scrutinizing of those who came and went to the private chambers, protective over his beloved king and princess even more-so, the change went relatively unnoticed by the inhabitants, as such changes were meant to be. 

Titan 5

Previously on Titan

The Ambassador at Gotham Central was one of Lena’s favorite hotels on the planet, and she considered herself somewhat of an expert in such things. She loved to travel, to feel fresh sheets and comfy towels. It wasn’t often that she allowed herself to be pampered or enjoy the extremes of her station, but when she travelled, or when she was allowed to dote upon her wife, Lena wanted only the best. 

Stud 12

Previously on Stud

Despite every effort made to avoid becoming accustomed to the life of her girlfriend and now roommate, Clarke realized, as she sat in her favorite chair on one of the balconies of her penthouse apartment, sipping a wonderful coffee made in an expensive machine, that perhaps she was growing to accept that this might be her life. After three whole years of Lexa Woods, resident former bad girl, workaholic, and model-hunter, the CFO of one of the largest companies on the planet, who with a net worth of her own now moving into the billions– without even taking into account her shares of her father’s company, was single handedly trying to save corporate culture, the current love of her life, Clarke was getting used to having a rooftop patio with a view of Central Park, among other things. 

Atlantis 14

Previously on Atlantis

The fact of the matter was, unfortunately, that Lexa had kept Clarke from something, and more importantly, someone. Had it not been for a kiss like that and the way Lexa unfortunately did look when she turned around in those jeans, she might have remembered that there was no fury like a Raven scorned. If she had remembered that, she would have been able to sleep past seven on a Saturday. 

Either/Or: Green Lantern 6

Previously on Green Lantern

The rain pattered against the window, and Lena Luthor watched it drip down the panes in the grey that came before dawn. Outside, the roads were mostly empty save for the occasional sloshing of an early commuter or deliver truck. Instead, while the city woke, the ground collected puddles and street lights stayed on a little longer than normal, tinting the day the pallid orange of the night. 

Kiwi 16

Previously on Kiwi

“So we’re driving.” 


“But we’re in bed.”


“But we’re driving up 75, while we’re in bed.” 

“Yes, that is how a tour bus works.”