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Snow Dogs Drinking Game

Because I’ve had a few people private message me on Twitter asking about the Snow Dogs drinking game that I mentioned a few times, I’ve decided to post it here. 

I worked at a movie theater years ago, and as a benefit of that awesome job we’d preview new movies in the middle of the night before any audiences watched them. 

When we premiered Disney’s Snow Dogs we decided it would be fun to watch it again, but as a drinking game with a whole bunch of beers (and other beer-level drinks, think twisted tea or white claw). So we made a list of things that happen in the movie, and assigned each of them a number of shots of beer that everyone had to take whenever they happened in the movie. 

Excuse my drunk friend’s handwriting and 15+ year old stains lol Also, don’t try this with hard liquor because people will die of alcohol poisoning. 

This is the best description/explanation of ADHD that I’ve ever seen/heard