You set my heart on fire

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This user's soul is currently skiing in the frozen hell of Yuri!!! On Ice with all the other souls sucked in by this anime

Not one single person in the entire restaurant was bothered by the announcement of the same sex couple’s engagement except Yurio but that’s excusable because it’s always embarrassing when your parents get romantic in public


I’m laughing because imagine yurio winning gold and yuuri and viktor are the other two on the podium and an interviewer asks yurio “what was your biggest motivation this year?” and yurio is like “well if i’m first these two can’t stand next to each other because i’m in the middle so they don’t smooch 24/7”

yurio: hah! retire already, pigs dont deserve to be on the ice! there cant be two yuris in this competition, fuck off!
viktor: im coming back as a figure skater
yurio: what? is yuri retiring?
viktor: im literally just announcing my comeba-
yurio: yuri cant retire, hes not allowed to, why is he retiring? does he think he can just do this to me? i refuse to skate in a competition hes not in, where is he? whERE IS HE? im gonna kick his fucking ass... im gonna beat this stupid piglet sO BADLY he'll HAVE to stay, ill win gold just to stop him from leaving the figure skating world, i dont give a fuck, just you watch me!