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 "I am already thirty years old,“ Asasaki said as they made their way back home. Madara’s heart was heavy. Another child they should lose. "Should I only bore Sakaeko and Hisahi to you, without a son to carry on our name and legacy, would one day the line of clan leadership fall to Hikaku and his sons?”

Madara didn’t love Assaki. Maybe he never would. She didn’t love him either. They weren’t Hashirama and his Uzumaki wife. Sometimes, love didn’t grow in marriage. But they had two living children and raised them together, slept in one room, and built a life—if not always a happy one, one that was peaceful and satisfying and harmonious—under the same roof. Asasaki came to him willingly in bed, not out of sheer obligation, and neither did he.

(In which Marada stopped chasing ghosts and started living with the living, raising a family, and dealing with clan politics and village building and wars along the way)

I really can’t see Naruto being one of the tallest alongside Sasuke and Shino in Konoha 12, being pretty sure this kid doesn’t know how to eat properly and get enough nutrition for himself; You know, like the scene where he forgets and has to drink stale milk, which is the natural recklessness of a twelve year old left to live alone. The anime states that Naruto was at least five or six years old living alone when Hiruzen came to him to give him money. Previously it was not explained who took care of him when he was a baby and toddler. 

Sure, Hiruzen was watching him, but he couldn’t possibly bathe, feed, and change his diaper, right? Konoha actually has an orphanage, where Kabuto was taken in by Yakushi Nono and cared for and then run the place after the war (why he runs the place is beyond my understanding). Whether the children in the orphanage are well cared for, I doubt, because Konoha’s chaotic system is very unfriendly to orphans.

My opinion is that stunting is actually not uncommon in Konoha orphanages–the workers there never really have the energy or money to provide all the nutrition and love and care for the children. Their efforts were really just a little above the minimum effort. And Naruto, who was living in an orphanage (where else would he live, anyway, considering Iruka probably hadn’t even graduated then, Kakashi had gone to the ANBU, and Hiruzen was busy with the restoration of the village) and had no one to teach him how to eat properly every day, I can see how he is not reaching his maximum height. 

Kushina and Minato were quite tall people, and in a world where Naruto was well fed throughout his childhood and youth, I could see he was as tall as Sasuke. But in canon–I can’t. He wouldn’t be as small as Gaara, sure, maybe a little taller than Kiba, but not over Shikamaru?

And why is Sasuke still able to grow that tall even though he’s an orphan too–I don’t think Sasuke was orphaned except for the first few hours of his life. He saw how he was fed, how his parents managed her food and everything, and I’m pretty sure his nutrition for his first 1000 days (which is the most important day if you don’t want your child to be stunted) has been well catered for.

Anonymous asked:

Tsunade for mad scientist potential?

Tsunade spends most of her career very adamantly pursuing biomedical research that she is positive will benefit humanity, because she values working for the greater good. When her life goes to shit and she falls into a deep depression, I think she's more likely to just give up on science all together rather than revert to mad science. So her potential for mad science is quite low...

....but also I think if she just had a bad enough day, or day that went wrong in just the right way, she could break and do something completely unhinged that would affect millions and no one could stop. I'm talking plagues. I'm talking zombie apocalypse. I'm talking something in the water source that turns people into trees. Oops.

So overall: 2/10 for potential to be a mad scientist.... but my god she'd be a 10/10 mad scientist if we got her there.

(Also if you like the idea of tsunade breaking and going mad scientist, i would recommend fascinationex's pathogenesis series, especially Haemorrhage. it's currently incomplete but what's there is SO GOOD)

Anonymous asked:

Ok but my kinda hot take is that neither person is misogynist or misandrist at heart, they just use these things to cover for insecurities in their youth. I'm sure Shikamaru wasn't the most popular kid on the playground and probabaly resented all the attention Sasuke got. So he blamed girls for not giving him the attention/assurance he desires. They're "troublesome" bc they don't validate his middle school ego. And then Temari resents men bc, well, Rasa is a shit father. She may blame him for their bad childhood (robbing them of their mother, forcing a demon into Gaara, etc). A little nugget in the anime is that Temari seems to oppose the Konoha Crush operation (she wants to be Chunin). But the powers above her (Rasa, Council, etc) ofc have the final say. I think dealing with this rigid power structure reasonably made her resent males and their egos. That's one thing I love about their first encounters: they essentially draw out each other's insecurities and challenge them.

yeah i really don't think they are either! i just think it's an easy joke to make lol

from shikamaru's perspective, specifically about his interactions with temari at least: 1) if he really wanted to throw such a hissy fit about not wanting to lose to a girl, then it just flat out doesn't make any sense why he purposefully gave up the match and then had the world's most bored expression on his face and wanted nothing more than to take a nap, and 2) in the hospital scene where he goes all "blah blah but I'M NOT A GIRL" is blatantly him just fishing for excuses for how he can get out of this situation so he can go throw a pity party for himself. temari realizes this which is why she doesn't say anything in response to this, when you would think she would be the first person to call him out on his bullshit

hmm i’ve thought about this before, but i’m not sure if i feel like there’s a “”source”” for the misogyny? while yeah dear lord does he have so much self esteem issues and needed reassurance that he questionably never got (i’d say shikaku is a good father even if he says he never did anything for him aside from playing shogi together, ASUMA, ON THE OTHER HAND....) that is a possible theory, though imo i just felt like his dislike of sasuke was plain and simply that he felt annoyed lol. i don’t think he’s been the type to care about what others think about him, which is why he sticks up for chouji when he’s being bullied, and why he doesn’t care at all about being promoted to chunin, etc

as for temari, i feel like it is kinda hard for me to say because honestly i'm not sure where the exact line is between canon and fanon but. i do believe it is incredibly easy to infer that..... yeah, she was put through a lot more or less since the moment she was born. as being the kazekage's child, as being an eldest sister, as being a kunoichi, etc etc. that is. a lot. i'm not exactly sure how i can better articulate this but w/e i'm sure the point gets across

i feel like her relationship with her father is incredibly complicated. which is why i will forever be pissed kishi did absolutely jackshit with her with his edo tensei when she was RIGHT THERE go king give us nothing. i don’t think she remembers karura at all, beyond being a vague feeling at best. i do think that it doesn’t take that long to realize that, yeah, they’re better off without him meddling in their lives. but also i do think that she did want to have him to be proud of her, and that’s a large reason about so much about the way she is, even to this day. (it’s never directly brought up, but during the chunin exam finals, she did think that he was watching her, no one knew about the bait and switch yet...) and then when gaara’s made kazekage, she is able to at least understand his actions a little bit better. but also! yeah he just fucking sucks LMAO. 

i do want to say though that, while the scene with temari and kankuro overseeing t10 getting yakiniku while kankuro says that she could've been a chunin if she took the exams last year was anime filler, the flashback itself is manga canon (it's in chapter 95, baki's the one that has the flashback instead.) that scene says so much about her i think about it a lot

but yeah!! no wonder they butt heads so much instantly. almost like they’re soulmates, or something :p


so about asuma. team 10′s entire ninjutsu kit is their respective clans’ hidden techniques so they had to be taught by their parents or at least their fellow clansmen. and okay we all know he didn’t ever really do anything for ino or chouji beyond treating them to barbecue, let’s not even pretend otherwise. but what about his favorite student shikamaru then!! as i said it clearly wasn’t any ninjutsu. did he ever even try to help him how to deal with his abundantly obvious mental health problems in a constructive way, most notably how he has a tendency to self destruct by being way too harsh on himself?? no…?? okay but being a strategist is like his whole entire thing, surely his sensei must have helped him with th– oh what’s that. he outright saids he could never beat him in shogi literally not even a single time. okay then that begs the question WHAT IN THE HELL DID HE ACTUALLY TEACH HIM????

Anonymous asked:

Do you think there's any rules prohibiting Nara, Yamanaka, Akimichi, or even Sarutobi from intermarrying with each other? Feel free to ignore this!

Anonymous || impromptu asks I cherish immensely. (ALWAYS ACCEPTING!!)

If you mean in the Naruto canon, Anon, I strongly doubt it, for 2 reasons: it’s a concern that was never addressed and I don’t think Kishimoto ever wanted to tangle himself so much in the politics aspect of Naruto to EVER deal with this kind of things (even if I wish he did).

My headcanon? Very likely, at least who is in possess of secret techniques. Nara, Akimichi and Yamanaka are three ninja clans who base their entire existence on the jutsu they utilize, so allowing them to be spread outside of the Clan sounds like a pretty way to destroy themselves. We should never forget that Ninja Clans are valued based on the usefulness and rarity of their secret techniques/abilities, so I presume the distribution of those is quite strictly guarded.

This being said, could a civilian Akimichi marry a civilian Yamanaka? I don’t see it as impossible, because they wouldn’t be privy to the clan’s secrets. Could a potential head marry another potential head? (ex. Shikamaru and Ino or Ino and Chouji) This I believe to be truly impossible. 

  1.  Leading bloodlines getting muddy through this kind of crossbreeding. Where would the child be considered to belong to? A Yamanaka? A Nara? What should they be raised as? With their mother’s culture or their father’s? What Clan would they eventually lead? Mother’s or Father’s?
  2.  Potential leak of private information. While I headcanon the Yamanaka/Nara/Akimichi clan to govern in tight conjunction through the Three-Heads-Council (a Council made up by the three former heads of their respective clans that is consulted for advisory purposes and to appoint new clan leaders), you also need to remember that allies are not supposed to know all of your cards. If a head were to marry another head there would be little to no room to keep any sensitive info private.
  3.  Ironically, power unbalance. Imagine how frightening a ninja would be knowing any pair of jutsu chosen from Baika, Kagemane and Shintenshin. I don’t think anyone in Konoha would allow any such person to exist, it would be a great power unbalance between the clans.
Anonymous asked:

I’m just curious but is Hinata a side branch while Neji main branch in your sanin swap AU? Also since Tenten knows how to do the inner gates in this AU, does that mean Lee is a ninja weapons expert?

No, the ONLY change in part 1 is Orochimaru bit Naruto with the curse instead of Sasuke.

 In canon, Hinata is constantly told her little sister is worth more than her (chapter 78) and seeing as how Hanabi never got a curse mark its possible that threat was hung over Hinata’s head, so I just wanted to explore her fears of that.

 Tenten and Neji were trained in the opening of the gates by Gai sensei (chapter 52) and only Lee succeeded at that time, however in Naruto everyone always exceeding their previous limits in the middle of an intense battle, so if you threw her in a crazy enough battle after she ran out of weapon summons, I’m sure she would too.


interesting. who wants to bet that the aforementioned records were destroyed or classified in order to cover up konoha's war crimes? like c'mon now, the war wasn't even that long ago

from the second fanbook (x)


I think the moment that convinced me the operating logic of our society is truly fucked in a way that cannot merely be reformed was after that eclipse in 2017 when the articles started coming out about how much money had been lost by productivity dropping from people stopping momentarily to watch it happen. To measure the world by the metric of the dollar to such a devotion that any cult leader would be jealous of that you would look at one of the most sublime experiences in nature which we, our ancestors, and even a not insignificant number of non-human species, have been observing in awestruck wonder for millennia, and decide that such a moment of profundity is something to be fought and preferably expunged from the human experience because it briefly impacts quarterly revenue.

It's a feeling that has been coming up repeatedly, but with increasing frequency in the last few years. That being: what is all of this for? Where are we going? Nobody who defends the status quo can seem to answer it. What's the point of an uninterrupted quarterly revenue stream if we can't even look at an eclipse every few years? What's the point of hustling and grinding 50, 60, 70 hour weeks if you never have time to have dinner with your friends, talk to your family on the phone, but on a bigger spectrum, what's the point of all of that if you still don't have any way of retiring in the future? With the way that our lives are being increasingly monetized and squeezed every second, what is there to look forward to?


The US Government just introduced a bill to protect both interracial and same sex marriages at a federal level, and ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY SEVEN REPUBLICANS VOTED NO.

If you had any doubt about whether or not same sex and interracial marriage legality is in the firing line, this is all the proof you need.

Here's the article, and here's some excerpts:

Remember: if anyone ever tells you that voting is useless, then they are trying to disenfranchise you. Voting is important, and you will have the opportunity to exercise that very important right later this year.

Vote, and vote blue, and try to get as many of your friends and family to do the same.

The Republicans are openly showing you their roadmap for America, and its not a good picture. You don't have to love the Democrats, but you do have to be aware that for every person who chooses not to vote, the Republicans get one step closer to unfettered power.

Vote. Vote blue, every opportunity you can. At every single election, not just the presidential one. Get your friends and family to do the same. Or sit back and watch as the Republicans work to strip you of every single right that you have.


Apparently the Bill in its entirety is available online to read through, and there are no hidden clauses or sneak-through elements to it. It's as straightforward as a bill can be.

And apparently the Republicans who voted no are justifying their vote on the grounds that "those things are already protected, there's no need for this bill." Which, so far as excuses go, just does not hold water.

Talentswap drawing wip, redrawing my first ever danganronpa piece I did on my Ipad (I’ll post the original with the finished version of this)

Not only was this my first dr aus it’s still one of my favorites, love these lads