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A thousand lives

Story: @captainneverever   .oOo.   Art: @perlmutt-perl

.oOo.   @cap-ironman Reverse Big Bang 2022   .oOo.

I had the honor of working with Neverever for the RBB 2022! It was my first time participating and it was an amazing experience. I want to thank Never for being such an amazing teammate. <3 And now go and read their wonderful fic! ;D

Link to fic:



Steve is planning to ask Tony to the Homecoming Dance and Tony wants to ask Steve, but neither has found the courage to actually ask. Until Tony steals a cosmic cube from Fury’s office and accidentally reveals the red string of fate that ties him and Steve together.


Getting Together, Multiverse, Time Fog, Mutual Pining, Red String of Fate

Absolute joy to work with you!

The Tsum Prince

This fill was for both Dodo and @captainneverever


"frog princess character tsum A wants character B to kiss and reverse the curse, character B becomes a tsum too now they have to work together to break the tsum curse."
"Tsum Steve has to rescure Tsum Tony from a supervillian (can be either a tsum supervillain or a regular one)."

Part 3 of my Fills for Tsum Fest 2022 (check out the rest of the submissions on Ao3!)

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🦀 time for crab 🦀

today i summoned 11 crabs! look at them!

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