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go easy on me, i’m new to this comic format thing, but have some loose incorrect quote content on the house.

a non-selective plan for the resurgence of fic commissions

Too many children in the comments like ‘I think authors should be able to share ko-fi links :) it’s just nice’ and ‘OP is just a cop.’ Homie, OP is trying to keep AO3 fully functional without interruption. I will report your ass, too, because I value fic artists and our freedom of expression and my audience and our shared history far more than I value the few bux you wanna make on a commission.

It is not hard to link to your Tumblr or Twitter with a vague message like, “If you’re looking for my other works or other ways of supporting me, go here: link.” I have had people buy me coffees after enjoying my fic and asking where to support me. I threw up a link to my Tumblr and people cared enough to follow it. They were fully understanding when I explained in the comments that they could not commission me and I could not link them directly to any donation platform, but they could go to xyz link to read more. And they did! Nobody has to put AO3 directly on the firing line.

Go ahead and commission independently. Just do it anywhere else except on AO3. And then don’t come crying to the community when you, personally, get a C&D from a massive corporation.

AO3 is our bullet shield. Tumblr will pull your shit down. Wattpad won’t fucking protect you. LJ and FF.net already sold our asses for one (1) corn chip. AO3 is trying to protect us, you goddamn lemmings.

If you cannot follow the rules that protect fanspaces, you do not belong in our fanspaces.

The only people who misunderstand this are doing so intentionally and maliciously. Do yourself a favor and block the infants who think this isn’t a big deal.



When you post charity auction fics, DO NOT note that they are commissions in any way. You can note them as “here is my thank you gift to X for such-and-such event” but please please PLEASE do not list them as commissions.

I think a lot of younger people are seeing this as a moral panic by OP. These are NOT being laid out as moral injunctions! This is not about being good! This is about covering your own ass and keeping fandom away from larger-scale legal trouble. No one is saying “If you break the rules you’re BEING BAD!” They’re trying to tell you “breaking these rules is DANGEROUS for yourself and potentially others as well!”

Way back in 2007 I knew I had to do something with those two and this song, but I didn’t know what, or how. Now I know - this, and something else that’ll come soon.

Sometimes art takes… time.

[Image description: Lyric art to lines from Piazza, New York Catcher.

1: Roy and Riza holding hands as kids, with trees in the background. “Elope with me, Miss Private”

Their hands again as adults, Riza carrying a box, Roy’s hand in an ignition glove. “And we’ll sail around the world”

2: Roy and Riza as kids, on a bike in the forest. “I will be your Ferdinand”

Roy and Riza driving a car through the city. “And you my wayward girl”

3: Roy studying alchemy late at night while Riza sleeps on a couch. “How many nights of talking”

Roy and Riza in a hotel room, separate beds, working. “In hotel rooms can you take?

4: Riza running through a field with a sparkler, Roy crouching over a transmutation with an awed expression. “How many nights of limping ‘round”

Roy and Riza as adults, at a lantern festival. “On pagan holidays?”

5: 20 year old Roy studying the tattoo on 16 year old Riza’s back. “Oh, elope with me in private”

Riza curled up with her back exposed, crying. Roy putting on an ignition glove. “And we’ll set something ablaze.

6: Riza’s arm around Roy’s waist. They’re shown from the back, with Roy’s hand raised, snapping his fingers and a huge explosion of fire emanates from it. “A trail for the devil to erase”

End ID]

“Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep” – Mary Elizabeth Frye

Happy Pride 2019!


There are tears in my eyes, this is such an awesome and clever interpretation of a beautiful poem


Yep. Actually crying. This is stunning.

movie vs book (i adore them both) 

How could you leave this in the notes, excellent addition

Actually, this makes the childification of Michael in the movie when he’s 15 in the book really funny:

Sophie, a 20-ish year old woman from a fantasy land where getting married at 16 or 17 does not seem to be unusual: Yes, this is a young man who is almost an adult.

Howl, a man in his late 20s from our world: This is a BABY and he does BABY things.

Anonymous asked:

Your tag "when you're trans, both masculinity and femininity become weapons against you at any given moment" really resonated with me. Its a powerful and succint way of saying it

I also often say trans people regardless of actual identity are schroedinger's gender- you are whatever gender is convenient for the person hurting you to harm you with at any given moment. If they believe calling you a woman will hurt you, they'll use that. If a man, they'll use that instead. If they can completely degender you, they will. And it will change based on the second, many times.


Finally created some proper fan art for this excellent movie.

If you haven't already definitely go watch The Old Guard (2020) some time.

“You never touch him anymore,” Nat said.

Steve cast a glance her way. “It’s just easier.”

“No, what would be easier is telling him how you feel.” Her tone of voice told Steve everything he needed to know. His friends were plotting and he was tired.

“Nat,” he said with a heavy sigh. “He’s my boss.”

She wove her hand in the air, dismissing the claims. “Please. His ex owns the team, and I do the PR. I can spin anything, including that you are driving us all NUTS.”

Steve scowled and went back to cleaning his cleets. Without looking up at her, he decided to set her straight.

“I don’t touch him anymore because my fingers feel like they’re found their home whenever I do. I can’t touch the man I cannot have, Natasha. I haven’t felt this way about touching something since the first time I picked up a glove - like I was made for this, made to cradle the leather, made to cradle his face. I can’t stand it.”

“Why can’t you have me?”

“I’ll see you after the game,” Nat whispered. “Good to see you, Tony.”

“Always good to see you, Miss Romanova,” Tony said, his voice gravelly.

“You weren’t meant to hear that,” Steve said.

“You can touch me whenever you want, Steve,” Tony said and Steve’s eyes flew to the other man’s face. “Do you understand what I’m saying? You can touch me whenever you want.”

So Steve did.

(A Mirror, Mirror fill for Team Marry, square “matchmaking”)



Undercover! + Top Gun!Stony headcannon!

Apparently it is about Steve and Tony going undercover in Navy and Steve gets to fly a fighter plane and he forgets he is a Super Soldier™   and crashed the plane by pulling the controls and ejection handle too hard.

Luckily he has his Shellhead as his backseater.

Somehow I think the enemy would cry when they come face-to-face to Captain America and Ironman. Even Fifth-gen planes won’t save them.

(And I am too obsessed with Top Gun Maverick recently my apologies ;P)



‘I wish you could hear all the words I’m too afraid to say…’ I’m just feeling so nostalgic ahh… Stony was the ship that made me join the fandom so it has a special place in my heart ♥ Even though I mostly draw Stucky now I still adore Stony just as much as I adore Stucky