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Tenenbaum: “I understand that this must be a lot to take in. Would you like a drink?” Jack: “No thanks I just found out I’m not old enough to drink and I have to be a positive influence for my ten daughters”

that feel when you think rick and morty is finally gonna sink down to the level of its douchebag fans and make an autism joke but it does a 180 so fast you get whiplash

I just finished Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Here are just a few reasons you should pick it up:

- Plus-size aspie main character who cosplays and runs a fandom blog.

- Bisexual Chinese-Australian main character who falls for a sapphic black girl who is studying to enter a STEM field.

- Down-to-Earth, nerdy, supportive guy of Hispanic descent who does not suffer from toxic masculinity or “Nice Guy” syndrome.

- A plethora of pop culture references that never feel dated or forced.

- Fantastic representation of a variety of relationships.

- Realistic, healthy dialogue on relationships.

- Shows the long-term effects of abusive and unhealthy relationships and how they can influence future relationships if unchecked.

- Accurately portrays a character dealing with an anxiety disorder who goes to therapy and takes medication.

- Great friends-to-lovers storyline that is beyond cute.

- Adorable girls crushing on each other.

- Fluffy, feel-good storyline that touches on cyber bullying, body-shaming, feminism and intersectionality without being preachy or taking away from the narrative.

- A book about geeks, for geeks, by a geek.

Just read it, please.