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i literally think of that "polynesians first to discover antarctica, not news to maori" headline so much it's so fucking funny


highly skilled ocean voyagers living close to antarctica who have oral history of heading south and discovering a land full of ice sheets and mountains of ice and snow were first to discover antarctica, not news to said group of people

airline customer service: hello this is SAS how can i help me: ok so i booked a flight with you just now and i’d like to reserve a space for my pet in the cargo hold, i’m bringing a cockatiel SAS: (audibly worried) uh… uhm… i’m not sure we can… transport that kind of um… pet? me: oh, huh? i did ring to check before i booked and the guy on the phone said it’d be fine? SAS: (”dealing with unhinged customers” voice) uh. ok. well, i guess i can try to check… just give me some cage dimensions. how big is its cage me: well i got him a teeny tiny travel cage, so… 50x30x30, at most SAS: centimeters?? me: yeah? is there a problem? SAS: can you tell me exactly how big is this crocodile??? me: COCKATIEL SAS: …OH

My favourite Wikipedia page of all time is definitely the one of aptronyms - aka, names that suit the person who has them. Here are some gems:

This page also contains a section of IRONIC aptronyms, AKA inaptronyms. Here's a sample

the townspeople: ah, this poor fellow! clearly he is a symbol of heroism most noble, locked in battle against the inevitable evi-

*dracula, as a dog, runs by*

the townspeople: DOG DOG DOG DOG DOG!!!!!