Know My Name

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I am the new evil, the great rock star, and the lover of humans. Come to me. ((RP blog for Lestat de Lioncourt from Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles Please read the 'About' for deviations from canon. ))
“I’ll have to check them out, maybe I’ll learn something. I could use my powers to give them an edge but I’m trying not to use my powers for unnecessary reasons. You been doing anything else other than tok tok? Haven’t heard from you in a while…”

“Unnecessary reasons.” He laughed as he stretched himself out, taking up all the space as he was wont to do. “I’ve been traveling again. Working on the little band Amduscias hooked me up with. Running into eight million people I thought died forever ago, you know, the usual.”

“Heh, not a bad idea, I might give that a try. What kind of stuff do you do on your account? Dances, trends, or just staring at a camera and being gorgeous?”

“I do all of those, of course. Thirst traps, dances, trends, funny tricks that humans would use a lot of editing to do.” He shrugged. 

“Well… there’s always….” Tal plopped down beside him (or, rather, partly on top of him) on the fainting couch. “Have you considered starting a cult? Those are always fun.”

Lestat, ever the lounging cat, gladly tangled up with him quite comfortably. “Well, I am accused of being a hypocrite.” He laughed.

His stoicism finally cracked at Lestat’s antics, and he huffed a small laugh. “Yeah? I mean, I guess so. Or, if they do long for the eternal, they aren’t doing it on TikTok. You’d have better luck elsewhere, like, I dunno, LinkedIn. Or maybe LiveJournal or FetLife.”

“FetLife is hardly as active as it used to be.” He groaned before flashing a big smirk up at Dantalion. “It’s just so hard to achieve fame nowadays.”

“Well I haven’t been on it that long, it was just something dumb to pass the time during quarantine. I guess I’m just not that funny, or in-tune with the kids these days… I did consider putting some of my professional dancing on there but… well it doesn’t look good, a social care worker grinding on a pole, one of my kids might find it and then I’m in hot water.” he shrugs.

“You could always remake a new one and do a masked character-- or do them all in costume! Cosplayers get a lot of attention. Then people wouldn’t recognize you.” He suggested.

“Will you feel better if I follow you? …also could you follow me back? I’ve got sixty followers and the only duet I ever got was an eleven year old girl calling me a loser…”

Lestat gave him a pitying look. “That’s... Really? I got sixty after my first video. How do you only have that many?”

Tal shook his head slowly. “Eternity just doesn’t work for a generation that fears for its very life. They don’t believe in the eternal. They barely believe in tomorrow. Any edge you have is on the wrong side of the knife, my dude. Though, yes, I will concede that you are hot.”

“I would hope for your sanity, you could.” He lamented, throwing himself across the nearest piece of furniture. “Doesn’t everyone still long for the eternal? Is it all merely six seconds of tiny fame now?!”

“And how did that affect your stats?” He wasn’t about to let it go. “Hell knows you’re fluent enough in ‘the memes’. I just don’t think you’re relatable enough to be a real influencer, Lestat.” Tal was keeping a straight face, but it was quit fun to egg the vampire on.

“I went up among older Millenials by a few points but it wasn’t good enough.” He said dismissively before his jaw dropped in utter offense. “I am not relatable? I, the hottest rags to riches and back to rags and back to sexy riches story, am not relatable enough?” He balked.

“Vulnerability. Everyone likes to feel connected to their heroes, even if it’s just pretend. Put out a confession video, or an earnest-sounding apology, or… I dunno, a video where you do something stupid for likes and get hurt. People eat that shit up with double-fisted spoons.”

“Vulnerabilty? Please, I’ll re-enact Leave Britney alone just for my own laughs.” He groaned, putting the back of his hand dramatically against his forehead.

“Yes, I have an entire closet dedicated to crop tops. Yes, even ones that say daddy. I’ve pierced my ears at least three hundred times-- No, look, I am just saying that I am prime e-boy material and I don’t understand why I only have a million followers on TikTok. I was a rock god. What more do they want from me?”

“You’re just not particularly entertaining.” Nicolas returned to the shelf he had been inspecting. “But do be my guest.”

Lestat snorted at that, brushing away sweaty hair from an uncomfortable expression before tasting the salt of his skin once more. “People tend to think I go beyond entertaining. Like a trainwreck you can’t look away from. You’d have a better time watching a dead fly than me, it always seems.” He murmured against the hollow of the man’s throat, as if he were talking to him and not his oldest friend. 

This was so ridiculous. He couldn’t even find enough satisfaction in intoxication lately. Almost defiantly, he slipped his fangs into soft flesh to attempt to lose his head in the heat.