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really grateful to have friends who let me explain shit they don't care about to them bc I got emotional or excited. and I love when they talk abt stuff back to me it's always so fun

I find it very funny that modern songxuexiao almost always has songxiao as Xue Yang’s de facto sugar daddies when in canon songxiao have NO fucking money because they just wander the land doing pro bono exorcisms and Xue Yang is the one who is, one has to imagine, making an ungodly amount of money doing hit man/mad scientist things, and also the only one out of the three of them who has any stated interest in getting rich or being rich

Xue Yang just socking away more money than he knows what to do with and just like living in a small shitty apartment and splurging pretty much exclusively on making sure he always has snacks and treats that he likes in his apartment, and then Song Lan takes a look at his finances one day and he’s like HEY XUE YANG? ARE YOU AWARE OF HOW MUCH HOUSES COST? BECAUSE YOU COULD LITERALLY BUY A HOUSE and Xue Yang is like (has no idea how much houses cost because all he knew growing up was that there was no way he’d ever be able to afford a house) HUH? WHAT

Alternatively, Meng Yao pays him in cash and Xue Yang doesn’t trust banks so he just has money stashed all over his apartment and if you ask him how much money he actually has he’s like “Idk, I have Enough”

Song Lan keeps trying to explain to him how investing one’s money works but Xue Yang doesn’t trust anything he can’t see and touch

I wanna do one of those “if you’re lgbt put your orientation, sign and favorite tool in the tags” but I know most of The Gays have never touched a tool on their life. I’ll be left with 15 lesbians, one gay dude and a handful of bisexuals and they better all be tagging screwdrivers


Eh. Doing it anyway.

If you’re lgbt put your orientation, sign and favorite tool in the tags”

making myself laugh over the idea that jiang cheng's post-canon, pre-reconciliation therapist is none other than post-canon AND post-reconciliation mu qing. showing up in dreams bc he's helping jiang cheng fight a war (inside his own mind)