Untitled Fic 1/1, Steve/Tony, 3580 words

Happy bday @brandnewfashion!


“Oh my god,” Tony said. He turned abruptly so he was facing Steve, turning his back to most of the rest of the room, and took a deep drink from his cup like he needed the fortification.

It was Diet Coke, so Steve doubted it was going to do the job Tony was hoping for.

there is no discourse between gen z and millenials. we are siblings. come on lil bro, ill take you to amc. yeah we can go there early and play the arcade games before the movie starts.

Can we get popcorn and a drink to share :)

we sure can buddy, we sure can


Why do the two reblogs read like a soldier dying in their friends arms and talking about when they’ll get back home to give them a bit of comfort before they die

because have you seen the economy and society lately

So who else misses 2012 and the “they all live in the tower and tony made them separate floors” fanfics after seeing that shit fire angsty trailer


Bold of you to assume I’ve ever moved on from this

Fam, 2013 Avengers fandom is still lit, idk what to tell you. We stopped at Winter Soldier long enough to pick up Bucky and Sam and haven’t looked back since.

Because that’s exactly what Iron Man fans want to read about… not.

On the other hand it IS funny that Tony is in like… half a dozen other events right now that ignore the current Iron Man run completely.

He is simultaneously

1. running for mayor in NYC (Devil‘s Reign)

2. on a superhero date mission with Steve (Captain America/Iron Man)

3. watching the shitshow that is the conclusion of Wanda‘s murder mystery (Trial of Magneto)

4. bro-ing it up with Thor in Asgard (Avengers #51)

5. becoming a god-like being for some godforsaken reason (Cantwell‘s Iron Man run)

Multitasking king 👑

lmao these tags 😭 so true

You ever write something and you think, “I’ve used this exact sentence structure/phrasing/convention approximately eight million times before but goddammit I’m going to do it again?”

That’s about where I’m at right now.

If artists are allowed to have a signature style, then so am I, motherfucker.

AO3 Freeform Tags Over Time

Late 2008 to early 2020

Biggest Movers (Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Smut, Anal Sex)

Biggest Losers (Crossover, First Time, Drama, Episode Related):

Interactive chart can be found here. Check it out. It’s much nicer and well worth the hassle of leaving this place. Source is @ao3org′s Selective Data Dump for fan statisticians.  Freeform text racing bar chart inspired by Largest Fandoms on AO3 (youtube).

fluff zoomed wildly into the lead as we all got more and more stressed and traumatized