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If you know the basics of tree trimming and removal, completing most trimming tasks feels easy. With the correct knowledge and tools at hand, you can prune your trees as needed and ensure a healthy and clean look

However, not knowing the best time to trim trees can cost you unhealthy growth!

No doubt you’re using the right techniques, but trimming it at the wrong time just doesn’t fit. Different tree species have their own trimming seasons – but knowing each season for each species is not possible for unprofessional. But adept tree experts from the best tree trimming services in Texas can help you figure out the best time to trim trees.

If you’re all for it,  here’s a list of things to keep in mind while figuring out the best tree trimming schedule for your trees.

Best Times To Trim Trees According To Your Needs

To figure out the best time to trim trees, you must know why you need that trimming. Most people want tree trimming for the following reasons:


When you want to carefully trim away branches that are infested with pests. This helps improve the airflow into the tree as you trim the crown. When branches rub and cross each other, trimming them at the right time prevents them from falling.

Do you think voluntary trimming of trees during a certain time of the year prevents pest infestation? If that’s the case, the dry weather is the best time to trim trees. This season is the best because the dry weather prevents the spreading of pathogens that cause diseases.


Trimming effectively helps your trees maintain their appearance and shape. But by that, we do not mean to shape it unnaturally.

Now let’s get clear about the time to trim trees for their aesthetics. It’s in the late autumn!! When the leaves fall off in Autumn, you can give your trees the desired shape you want. It’s because new growth appears in the spring and between this season it’s more sensible for you to shape them the way you want.

But!!! This is also the time when your trees are most vulnerable as it’s the fall season and your trees have just come out from the harsh cold Texas winter. Hence hiring the best tree trimming services in Texas can save you from improper trimming.


It’s the utmost concern in every job. You do not want your tree to pose a risk to your family and property with the dead limbs and branches falling off. If a tree limb is obstructing your eyesight while driving, you want to clip it off right away. Occasionally trees also grow dangerously close to utility lines on occasion.

Except for emergencies, if you want to know the best time to trim trees for safety. It’s the WINTER!! Some Texas regions get covered with snow and as such the harsh cold damages your tree, leaving them vulnerable to falling off anytime.

Infested, sick, & weaker trees become more vulnerable to fall in the winter. Hence, you can get out of the safety risk in winter if you trim those unfit trees during the early winter.

Get Assistance From The Best In Town!

Be it trimming for aesthetics or the health of your trees, Branch Specialists, the best tree services in Texas can efficiently serve your purpose. We, being your local tree removal services, know all about the climate and the soil of the area. Hence we can suggest the best time to trim trees keeping in mind your tree species. We are a team of experienced professionals with several years of handling successful projects. Allow us to serve you with effective tree service. Contact us!!

There are many great reasons to plant trees on a property. But numerous causes often compel us to hire the best tree removal services in Texas and remove timber from the premises. Trees can pose significant safety risks, such as a dead or dying tree falling off at any moment. Or, a tree is extremely close to your home, proving hazardous in extreme weather conditions. No doubt to admit, tree removal service is just as important as trees are to our environment! While it is easy to plant a tree, removing one is a challenging task. It is worth hiring the best tree removal company in Texas to perform the task. Here are 4 compelling reasons why you should get routine or emergency tree removal jobs done only through professionals. Check them out! Perks Of Professional Tree Removal Service Experience And Expertise One vital thing to remember is that plenty of know-how goes into a successful tree removal service. Professional tree service providers are skilled experts with the requisite expertise to remove a tree successfully. For instance, there is a special way of cutting down a diseased tree that you wish to grow back once again. A tree arborist can effortlessly cut down the tree with minimal damage or injury. This way, it can easily grow back again healthily in a few years. However, cutting down the tree on your own can cause it to die completely. Efficient & Quick How long do you think cutting down a single tree would take? It will be more than an entire weekend, especially if you’re planning to do it all alone. Tree removal service is indeed a time-consuming and challenging job. It takes a lot of extra time and effort. Therefore, it is best to approach an expert tree removal company. They efficiently deal with all the tasks that come forth with cutting and removing trees. Skilled arborists can also do the tree removal job much quicker as they have years of experience. They possess the right equipment to finish the tree removal service in a single day. Cost-Efficient One of the reasons you want to handle tree removal tasks yourself is to save money. However, hiring professional arborists is much cheaper than you think. Here is why – Removing trees requires the right equipment. These are the tools you most likely don’t have lying around in your garage. Purchasing or renting them can be more expensive than paying a tree removal company. Also, it is worth paying trained experts rather than taking risks and wasting time and energy. Less Damaging Are you aware of the damage falling trees cause to humans and infrastructure? It’s immense! Also, the roots of older trees run deep underneath the soil. If uprooted improperly, your home’s foundation will be shattered.   A professional tree removal service ensures no aspect of your property is harmed during the process. They do their job with minimal damage to the landscape. Let The Experts Handle Tough Tree Removal Jobs Are you looking for top-notch tree removal services in Texas? Then, you need to call the certified arborists of Branch Specialists Texas today. We can proudly say that we possess the expertise and tools to handle all tree removal tasks safely and efficiently. Call us at (214) 233-6920 to connect with our tree removal team!

Moving a full-grown tree can be an intimidating project. But it can spruce up your property or fix fundamental design problems instantly. Hence, it’s worth the trouble.

How does one go about the process though? Here we will explain how and when to uproot trees with the best tree removal services in Texas. Keep reading to know it all!

When Is The Best Time To Hire The Best Tree Removal Company In Texas For Transplanting Trees?

The best time to move trees varies season by season. Let’s take a quick look at what a transplanting tree looks like in each of the four seasons.


Most tree removal services agree that the best time for transplanting is in spring. That’s because the tree is still dormant then. Hence, they won’t have any leaves or fruits which makes the moving process lighter and easier.


Summers are one of the worst times to hire tree removal services to transport trees. The tree has all its leaves out by then and the heat depletes its water too quickly. They can go into shock if they lose too much water which can ultimately lead to their death.


The pleasant weather of early fall can work perfectly well for tree removal services. But make sure you don’t wait until late fall or winter to move your tree. You have to give the tree some time to adjust before the temperature drops to freezing.


It is best to avoid transplanting tree in winter. The ground remains frozen and it’s simply too cold for a tree moving service.

How To Successfully Move And Transplant Trees?

Picking the right time of the year is not enough for successful transplanting. You must know how to successfully move your tree too. Here is how you can do it –

Prune Tree Roots

If possible, start the process a few months before the actual moving by pruning the roots. This will help the tree to grow new feeder roots that can better absorb water and nutrients.

Choose A Great Location

The relocation process won’t ever be a success if you don’t move it to a good location. So, choose the place wisely before the process. Make sure the tree has an ample amount of space. Avoid planting it anywhere where it will get too little or too much water.

Relocate Sturdy Species

Some species of tree do better with relocation than others. For optimal results, opt for tree removal services for only those tree that is strong enough to survive.

Inspect The Roots

You have to get an idea of the tree’s root system before the transplantation process. For this, dig a little around the tree to understand its roots. Accordingly, dig the hole that you’ll move the tree into. Make sure the hole is twice as wide as the ball of roots but not twice as deep.

Water The Soil

Water the soil a day before you move the tree.


Now, dig the roots of the tree with the help of a burlap. Fasten the burlap around the roots balls using twine and then carry them to its new abode. Fill the hole with soil, water it, and mulch on top.

Call Branch Specialists Texas If You Need Help Transplanting Your Trees

In case you’re struggling with your tree relocation process, hire our tree removal services. We can transplant your trees the right way and at the right place to maximize your chances of success.