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Get The Land Clearing Task Done Right With Branch Specialists in New Jersey

No matter how diligently you follow the steps, DIY land clearing can result in a bigger mess than you would anticipate. After all, you’re not trained to handle the heavy equipment like the professionals (unless you’re!).

So, hire the expert land clearing team of Branch Specialists. Our professionals have both the training and expertise to clear your land without any casualties.

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Bright sunshine days are fast approaching. It’s time for lounging under the shade in your backyard and enjoying the colorful foliage.

Trees are indeed the best refuge in summer since it provides much relief from the sun’s blazing UV rays. But to relish all the benevolent benefits of trees, they need some TLC from Branch Specialists New Jersey – the best tree services company in New Jersey. A much-needed tree service from our skilled arborists will make sure your trees are sturdy enough for the summer and the following season.

Check out our professional tree care tips to help your trees enjoy the warmer season as much as you do.

Tree Service Tasks To Keep Trees Healthy Throughout Summer


Tree trimming service should be one of the most important tree chores on your summer to-do list.

If you have dead branches that are hanging too close to your property, summer is a great time to eliminate them. as these limbs are more prone to falling.If your trees have more unhealthy branches than healthy ones, hire a tree removal service from Branch Specialists New Jersey and get them trimmed right away.


Mulching tree service is an excellent way to protect tree roots from summer and retain moisture. When applying mulch in summer, know that “less is always more”. Apply just enough mulch to cut off any friendly environment for pests and germs, if any. A layer of around 5 to 10 centimeters thick mulch should do.

Leave adequate space between the base of the tree and the mulch. Shape the mulch in the form of a doughnut space around the tree to stop any summer pests and diseases.

Look For Signs Of Heat Stress

Proper shading and cooling are vital in summer tree maintenance services. Give your trees an ample amount of shade to shield them from the excess heat. Keep a close look for signs of heat stress on trees on particularly hot days.

Common heat stress signs include wilting leaves, drooping, and yellowing. If you notice any of these, give your trees adequate water to help them recover.

Water Trees Consistently

Watering trees properly should be a priority on the summer tree service list. When it comes to summer tree watering, focus on its root zone. This will maximize the amount of water the tree gets each time.

Trees respond better to deep and less frequent watering than regular watering. Hence, focus on watering trees deeply and thoroughly each time. With this, the water will seep deeper into the ground, encouraging deeper root growth. For even better results, water early in the morning during summers.


Fertilizing is a key tree service task to keep green assets strong and healthy in summer. It adds valuable elements to the soil making it nutritious.

Healthier soil leads to healthier trees – meaning more nutrients are vital to strengthening trees against summer infection and pests.

Take Good Care Of Soil

One final way to take care of your trees in summer is by checking their surrounding soil. If the soil is looking compact, aerate it. Or else your tree will not get any water or nutrients.

This Summer Get A Helping Hand For Your Tree Care Tips With Branch Specialists New Jersey

If you find tree care work is complicated, stressful, and time-consuming, call our skilled arborists right away! Our experts offer excellent tree service – ensuring your greens look sturdy, healthy, and attractive withstanding the summer heat. With us by your side,  all your summer tree worries will be taken care of!

Along with maintaining an astonishing interior, it is important to upkeep your exterior for building an excellent home impression to your guests. And when we think about caring for and feeding our exterior space – trees play a huge role in creating and maintaining its aesthetics. But who can help you with this? Like many others, you may not be aware that a tree removal service does more than just cutting trees. To know their services better, you should learn more about tree services company in New Jersey. Without any ado, let’s learn how the best tree removal services in New Jersey can serve in creating the landscape of your dreams. Ways a tree removal service can help you Eliminate dead or dying tree limbs You should know well how dying trees and lifeless branches pose a threat to your cars, sewers, power lines, roof, and your family inside the home. At Branch Specialists, our experts rightly assess your property and find trees that need pruning or removing and undertake steps accordingly. We ensure the look of your landscape is maintained throughout the season. You can get a better window view The view of your home’s natural surroundings is frequently obstructed by overgrown branches and trees. This is a great advantage of tree service. Trimming limbs and branches can assist in fixing this problem while preserving the health of the greens. Prevent damage to your driveway or foundation Sometimes tree roots tend to expand and spread in all directions. This can raise and ruin concrete structures on your premises, resulting in broken driveways and walkways – and it could be a concern causing you to trip and injure yourself. Hiring a tree removal service to take care of the unruly tree branches can protect you from such damages. Enhances curb appeal An untidy tree can badly impact the look of your home. Pruning it correctly by an adept tree service company can improve the appearance of your property while also increasing its value. Clears your space Cutting down large limbs or eliminating unhealthy trees with assistance from a tree removal service can free up enough space. And you can use this space to own the coolest pool in the neighborhood, create a beautiful shed or make new construction or all of them at once, to improve your quality of life. Yes, you can have all of these just by searching for tree services in my area. By now you know all about how well a tree removal service helps you. Now let’s learn why you should hire them. They follow the laws New Jersey has severe tree removal and pruning legislation that we follow to maintain professionalism in our service. Tree removal permit Many communities in New Jersey demand that you obtain a permit before carrying out any tree removal service. If you let us handle it, you won’t have to buy one. Saves you time Your time is precious! Hiring a professional tree removal service with experts in tree trimming, cutting, or removal can save you effort and time, as we also have the knowledge and resources to complete the work correctly. Saves you money You want to be on a budget! A professional tree removal service can save by eliminating costly tree damage caused by unhealthy or dying trees. Injury prevention Even though a tree removal service may seem easy initially, this may pose danger if you do not know what you’ve been doing. The only way to avoid this is to call for a tree services company in New Jersey. Helping you with the best! At Branch Specialists New Jersey, we recognize the value of good tree care. We have experts with the necessary abilities and knowledge to provide you with the best tree removal services in New Jersey. Call us toll-free at (973) 264-0026, if you need tree removal or maintenance on your New Jersey property. Hurry, get your free quotation today!

Trees are living organisms just like us, and they require proper treatment from time to time. These treatments include proper trimming, pruning, accurate medication, and more.

But for any tree treatment-related job, you should assign it to a certified arborist from a tree service. These professionals are trained to do specific treatments applicable to your tree. With their expertise, there is no way they will suppress even the slightest chance of harm to your tree.

Why should you hire a certified arborist or tree service?  

In recent times, Branch Specialists have been rated one of the best tree services in New Jersey. With our highly skilled experts, having years of experience in efficient tree surgery, Branch Specialists not only save your tree from damage but also turn it into a much more adorable shape.

But often, people do not understand the significance of proper tree trimming, pruning, and medical care of a tree. They just hire an uncertified or unlicensed, inexperienced tree trimmer for their requirements. Their improper cut and inexperienced hand can bring extensive damage to your tree.

Why should you ‘NOT’ do the job by yourself?

If you are not a certified arborist from a tree service and do not possess prior experience or instruments to do the job, it can become very risky. The risk is not limited to harming the tree; you can also hurt yourself while performing the task independently.

A fall from a broken branch not only harms the tree but can also damage your health. Therefore, if you live in New Jersey, you should contact Branch Specialists, one of the local leading tree services companies in New Jersey.

Let us discuss the main things you should check in a certified arborist or tree service before hiring them.

Tips To Hire Certified Arborist Tree Service Company


Like any other certified arborist and company, the Branch Specialist is a certified agency. You can look it up online. So, if you are hiring an arborist, you should check their credentials first. The difference between a certified arborist or tree service and an uncertified agency is impossible to quantify.


All certified arborists at Branch Specialist have years of experience. With our excellence, dedication, and a keen eye for detail, your trees will rejuvenate in no time. This is one of the unmatched benefits of hiring a certified arborist or tree service. When it comes to saving your tree’s life by proper trimming and pruning, trust the experience.


It is a very important aspect of tree trimming. Sometimes, mishaps can happen, like a weak branch breaking and arborists falling and injuring themselves. This is why the Branch Specialist offers proper insurance for all the certified arborists of the tree service.


Regardless of the scale of the task, necessary safety guidelines are essential for professional tree service. To minimize the risks, our specialists use appropriate safety gears and always stay alert to any potential risks. Therefore, if you choose a certified arborist or tree service, you don’t have to worry about safety.

Advanced Tools & Equipment

Just like any other modern-day certified arborist or tree service in the USA, Branch Specialists always look for perfection. This is why we acquire the latest and specialized equipment for tree care.


The last call will always be yours; either you can choose an arborist tree service or prepare to bring damage to your tree. Branch Specialist’s New Jersey professional tree services have become really hard to match in recent times.

5 Misconceptions About Tree Removal Services

# Myth 1 – You Must Hire The Best Tree Removal Company In New Jersey Only When Your Trees Get Old


If the tree is infected or has broken branches, you shouldn’t delay the removal till the tree gets old. Be proactive and call the tree trimming and removal services instantly.

Broken and diseased trees can fall off at any moment endangering the safety of your loved ones. Also, there is the risk of the disease spreading to your other healthy trees.

# Myth 2 – Tree Removal Work Has No Long-Term Side Effects


Unfortunately, it may have some! The cosmetic effects of removing a beloved and beautiful tree are obvious. But you can easily repair that grief with a new sapling. Apart from that, you may face some erosion issues too.

Tree roots play a vital role in tackling soil erosion. Once these roots get removed, it is a high possibility that erosion significantly increases in that area.

So, after tree removal work, you must regularly monitor soil erosion. You can also set up an erosion net if you don’t plant in filling up the gap with other trees.

#Myth 3 – There Is No Harm In Leaving Behind A Tree Stump


Tree removal services usually charge a few extra dollars to eliminate the stump after tree removal. Hence, most homeowners make peace with the stump to avoid the extra cost.

However, it’s not the smartest decision. Leftover stumps shelter nasty ants, termites, and other insects. Apart from spreading to your other healthy trees, the creepers also can explore your home. So, unless the thought of pests doesn’t creep you out, there is indeed no harm in leaving behind a stump.

Myth 4 – Tree Removal And Stump Grinding Leaves An Ugly Hole In Your Property


Yes, tree and stump removal does leave behind a hole. But the tree care experts can fill this hole for you before leaving. They can compact the sawdust from the removal work into the hole and top it with soil in a mounded fashion. As the sawdust breaks down eventually, the mound will settle in level with the rest of the yard perfectly.

#Myth 5 – Tree Stump Removal Burns a Hole In Your Pockets


The tree care services only charge you for their labor and specialized machinery. With the level of expertise and efficiency you get from the professionals, tree removal work is worth the investment.

Don’t Let The Misbeliefs Stop You From Hiring Branch Specialists New Jersey

Myths are fun to hear but dangerous to believe. If you have a tree on your property that is lying dead or infected, call Branch Specialists – the best tree removal company in New Jersey immediately. Our qualified team of arborists will get the work done with the utmost professionalism and care.

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Stumps aren’t just eyesores to your property. They pose some tremendous risks too. From property damage to accidental injuries, there are so many significant reasons to hire the best stump grinding services in New Jersey.

If you’re on the fence between hiring stump removal services or leaving the stump behind (for saving a few extra pennies), you need to read this write-up now. We will tell you all the valid reasons why you should never leave a tree stump on your property premises.