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At least this vampire-ex wasn’t a name she recognized. Though with a few thousand of their kind it was near impossible to know everyone. Though Amy might be covering for him, keeping Rose from getting herself into danger with an older Vampire, her friend’s emotions felt genuine. She did notice how deliberate her words were becoming, but felt it wrong to question her. All relationships ended for various reasons, and even if she was better off now, there was always a hint of what could be when talking about the past. At least that was the way Rose viewed things.
A quickly clenched jaw was the only sign of her disappointment in Amy’s cheating. If an open relationship was agreed upon at the start then there was nothing wrong with sleeping around, but when one partner broke the rules it wasn’t fair. Rose hated cheaters, but her soft spot for Amy kept her from being too judgmental. She was even less fazed by the fact that this boyfriend was a good deal older than her. When she herself could love creatures hundreds of years older than her she understood the appeal of older men and women.
While she would never intentionally invade Amy’s privacy (she was only getting the surface emotions, not diving deeper for more) her eyes flickered over to the brightening screen, and the name and face there. With her enhanced vision Rose gasped, unable to stop herself at the recognition. Trying to swallow her surprise, covering up quickly with a smile, she purposefully averted her gaze, staring instead at an older couple walking their dogs.
Only when the phone was gone, and Amy’s head was resting on her did she smile, snorting at her assumption. Kissing the top of her head she scoffed, “I don’t sleep in a coffin. I like really big and really plush beds with the best sheets. And you are welcome in my bed anytime. Just no funny business. Don’t wanna get on the bad side of this very strict boyfriend of yours.”
Winking, Rose helped Amy to stand, though she needed no help, and linked their arms, heading for the hotel where she was staying at the moment. Being such an avid traveller meant that she often lived out of suitcases, and in this instance proved to be in her benefit as she wouldn’t have wanted to take Amy to a home, no matter how much she trusted her. There were some boundaries that a Vampire had to take seriously. 
“So this boyfriend of yours…do you think I could meet him? I…okay, I won’t lie to you, and it was probably mean of me to even think of doing that in the first place. But I recognized the photo of him you have as his profile on your phone. I think he was that same guy I told you about…from years ago. If…if he knows and you know then maybe…I don’t wanna encroach on anything you’ve got going on with him, it wouldn’t be about that. Just…I wanna catch up and see if he’s doing well. I’m sure you could tell me that no problem of course, but it’d be good to see him. See if I fucked things up after all.”

    Amy was content with being pulled along at Rose’s side. That is, until she registered the little vampire’s words and froze for a split second, stopping dead in her tracks. “I... you know Elliot?” That was all she could manage to say. It seemed as though the Doctor would have mentioned something about Rose if that were true--yet Amy hadn’t heard her name once around the Compound. 

    Confused, Amy picked her pace back up, trying to buy herself some time to think this over. “I really don’t know...” She couldn’t possible tell Rose the reason why it’d be hard for her to see Elliot. The man almost never left the Compound, and when he did, it was to fly back to Virginia for the season; but if Amy led Rose anywhere near the Compound, she was fair game to be contained. 

    The thought made Amy shiver with nerves. 

    “I have to admit I lied to you too--not a big lie, I swear! It’s just, Elliot is also my boss. The only way you could meet him is if you came to work with me, and... and I don’t know if I have clearance to bring you along.” That part wasn’t a lie, at least. Amy’s job was very low on the totem pole. Her full cooperation was the only reason they let her leave rather than keeping her locked on base. 

    Stopping just outside of the hotel, the glow of it’s many windows bearing down on the two women, Amy turned to face her friend with as serious an expression as she could manage. “I know someone that can get you the clearance you need, but you have to swear to me that you actually know Elliot.” 

The nerves that flew from her friend had her both worried and cautious. Had she treaded into forbidden territory? Asked things that she had no right to know. Maybe a little, but it still didn’t mean that she approved of asking for permission from anyone for anything. The very idea infurriated her, that Amy wasn’t being given the benefit of the doubt, or the ability to make decisions on her own. Of course what Rose knew was limited, so she didn’t voice her opinion this time, not wanting to get into a fight.
Usually the one to initiate physical contact, she squeezed Amy’s hand as warmly as she could manage. She was sure that her skin was colder than desired, but at least she wasn’t about to abandon her friend when she seemed on the verge of a breakdown.
“This ex doesn’t sound like an upstanding gentleman. If you need me to kill him, I will. We’re not all like that. I’m only guessing, but the way you make him sound…I promise we’re not that way. You do know a lot more than I thought you did. Wanna tell me everything so I know if I should run for the hills or not?”
Leading Amy to sit on a nearby bench, she kept their hands entwined, a lifeline in case she needed the support. “It’s funny…I knew a guy named Elliot once. Years ago. I told him about me, kinda like you. Guess I’ve got a soft spot for curious cuties.”

    The relief that swept over Amy was visible. Her white lies had gone down smooth as cough syrup in a spoonful of chocolate sauce--easy enough when you don’t realize it’s there. Her grip on Rose’s hand loosened, though she didn’t feel comfortable letting go just yet. “I’m not sure how much of it is mine to tell, but you know I’d never pass up an opportunity to talk about myself.” 

    Speaking slowly then, watching her words with an attention she rarely bothered using, Amy tried to explain her situation. “My ex--King is his name--he’s a real good guy, I swear; no killing necessary. What happened between us was entirely my fault. I kinda sorta cheated on him... a lot.”  There was a pause as Amy searched Rose’s face for any sign of disappointment or disgust, the usual emotions she was met with upon admitting her infidelity. “That’s why I let Elliot keep me on such a short leash. He’s old enough to be my dad, and we sort of have an open relationship; but the rules are good for me anyway.”

    She fished her phone from her pocket and opened the SMS screen, pulling up Elliot’s profile. At the top, his name was listed as Dr. Stoner, the image next to it a tiny blurry icon she’d snapped of Elliot in the labs. “But! Just for you, I’ll bend the rules this once. How about this--” She swiped out a message as quickly as she can: Staying out with a friend tonight, be home in the morning. Love ya <3

    Her head rested on Rose’s shoulder, hands still entwined. “Looks like you’ll have to make room for this curious cutie in your coffin tonight.” 

Her reaction is perfectly understandable. If a stranger materialized a blade out of thing air, and drew a bloody ominous symbol on his body– even as a witch, Ezekiel would be on the edge. He works swiftly as possible, so that this can end sooner for her. Once he’s done, Ezekiel draws in a sharp breath. He braces himself for the pain. It’s like a wave– creeping in at an excruciatingly slow pace, then crashing into him like a hurricane. But Ezekiel’s learned how to not let someone else’s pain take him down under. ( At least not the sensation of physical pain. As for emotional pain … that’s a different story. ) He sits leaning back against the brick wall. The witch breathes in deep to reel himself in. 
At her question, a smile tugs at his lips. Sometimes, he’s tempted to outright answer, ❝ Magick– with a K at the end. ❞ But he refrains. Not that he needs to, but because he chooses to. Since he’s not part of any coven, faction, or council, Ezekiel isn’t bound by laws of secrecy. That’s the danger of Blacklisted magick-users like him– they have the potential to expose witchcraft to the human community, thus causing a drastic shift in status quo. But Ezekiel has no desire for chaos. Only peace. Always peace. So, he tells her, ❝ Just lending a helping hand. ❞ His smile fades a bit as he looks at her with concern. ❝ Are you in trouble? Is someone after you? ❞ The chances of a severe wound like hers being the result of a mere accident is slim.

    Her hands gripped her side as if still injured, brain still not fully computing the sudden regeneration. Even at the Compound, recovery took hours for a wound that size. The fact that she was still swimming in her own blood didn’t help; it seeped through her fingers, raising chills down her spine as it began to grow cold in the night air. 

    “No, no I’m fine. Work related injury--” Not entirely a lie. “--Though I highly doubt I’ll be getting any compensation.” Amy moved to stand, wobbling a bit before finding her balance. She was unsure whether the stranger’s little stunt replenished her lost blood or not, so her motions were slow and careful to avoid passing out (just in case).

     “I think I’m supposed to thank you for saving my life and all that; but honestly, I have no idea how to repay you.” There was a pause, and then her face lit up as she remembered her backpack, discarded just by the boy’s feet. “If you want something for the pain, I can spot you my meds. I’m guessing from the look on your face, whatever you did kicked your ass almost as much as mine.”

“Have to ask? I hope this man isn’t that controlling of your life where it matters what goes on between your friends.” Though she wasn’t entirely close to Amy, she did feel an odd protection for the girl. It was how all her human friendships went, a desire to keep them safe, keep them from any harm that might follow them for knowing her. The added bonus was that she could get rid of those that she thought weren’t worthy of living.
It got her thinking, that this boyfriend knew maybe just about as much as Amy did. Rose was selective with those who knew about her, though not adverse to telling humans. “Why would your boyfriend care? Is he like, a member of the Talamasca or something? Cause if he is I should keep my distance from you. We’ve got bad blood between us, literally. You didn’t…spill the beans about me to him, right?”

    Amy realized with no small amount of dismay that she was just as terrible at lying as she was at keeping secrets. She could've easily switched gears, pretended her and King were still an item--what smoother lie than It’s okay, my partner is a vampire; yet she knew within an hour she’d let it slip that he had broken it off with her weeks ago. 

    Chewing on the inside of her lip, Amy struggled to decide where to go from there. Eventually, she gave up and let words just fall from her mouth--hoping she’d come up with something on the fly. “He has his reasons,” she started carefully, “I’m not exactly a master of self control, asking permission just makes things easier.”

    She reached out and took Rose by the hand, suddenly scared that the girl might leave at any moment. “No, no--definitely not Talamascan.” Worse. “My ex had the Dark Gift too, just like you; and I met Elliot through him. I promise there are no spilled beans here.”

                 ▓▓▓║ OPEN STARTER.                            ( tw: blood, laceration )
❝ –it’s okay. It’s going to be okay. Stay with me. Just breathe. ❞ 
Ezekiel crouches beside them, eyes fixated on their injury. The single halogen light flickering in the desolate alleyway catches on the blood covering his gloved hands. Even if he called an ambulance, it might not arrive in time. His gaze narrows in determination as the witch pulls off his gloves and conjures a small blade. ❝ I swear, I’m not going to hurt you. ❞ Drawing his sleeve back, he makes a small laceration on his forearm. After dipping his index and middle fingers in his own blood, he swiftly draws a transmutation circle on the injured person’s body with the wound in the center. As Ezekiel’s hand hovers over the wound, his palm glows red– the circle mark he was born with surfaces, an intricate design of lines, curves, and symbols. Same time as the injury starts to heal, pain flickers across the witch’s face. He braces himself as the pain increases. His ability to heal is an exchange– to heal another comes at the cost of experiencing their pain. Once the wound is healed, the red light fades away as does the transmutation circle he drew on their skin. Ezekiel leans back against the nearest wall, letting out a laugh to keep his mind off the pain.
❝ How are you feeling now?  ❞

    This was her own dumb fault. She’d known not to push buttons, and yet even in the face of danger, she still couldn’t keep her damn mouth shut. Blood was pooling around her hips by that point, practically gushing from the wound on her side; the broken shell of her cell phone--crushed beneath her assailant’s boot--soaking in the crimson river. If she were being honest with herself, the most shocking part of this all was that it actually hurt--imagine that! Pain was radiating through her shaking body strong enough that it caught in her throat. Either that, or she was choking on her own blood, though she much preferred the poetic thoughts to those that meant she was actually dying. 

    “Nghh--” Words failed to form on her pale lips as the stranger knelt beside her. All she could manage to do was lift her head a few inches to see just what in the hell the boy was doing. When he drew his own blood, red flags and sirens were blaring in her mind--vampire!! Yet before she could panic, her fear quickly melted into confusion when rather than offer his blood to her, he began to draw with it; something she definitely didn’t understand. By the time the spell was done and her pain had all but faded, it was all Amy could do to bolt upright, clutching her side--

    “What the actual fuck did you just do?!” 

Bad Blood - Open

    It was a mistake for her to leave the Compound, and she damned well knew it. The minute she’d taken the last injection, it felt  w r o n g  in her veins–like ice clawing it’s way up her arm. She should’ve told Elliot then and there, should’ve asked right away for the reversal serum; yet, here she was, an hour later struggling to stand with the weight of her own blood pulling at her limbs. 
    Wavering, she lifted her hands to her face and tried to steady herself, unaware of just how far she’d begun to lean. Before she knew it, she was toppling over and colliding with a stranger, grabbing at their sleeve to try and break her fall. An apology caught in her throat, blocked by a wet cough and the faintest trace of blood peppering her lips. 

    They should know better than to leave anyone alone with her–especially someone so goddamn attractive. Amy is on the edge of her seat, her eyes trained  h a r d  on the practical stranger before her. She knows good and well her friend wouldn’t appreciate her making any moves, but that’s half the temptation. Maybe next time, they’d know not to leave their lover unattended. 

    “So,” she started, trying her hardest to walk the fine line between friendly and flirty, her lips pulled up in the most devious smile she could manage, “Your other half won’t be home for a few hours, and I don’t think I’ve even caught your name. Care to introduce yourself?”