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A study in movement (they just all like touching each other so much)

Torii Gate made of speakers in Kamiyama, Tokushima. You can connect your phone to it and play anything.


This is impressive in so many ways.

why didn’t they do this in the first place ?

Are you seriously asking why, a couple thousand years ago when gates like this started being built, they didn’t make them out of modern electrical speakers?

Yeah. Makes sense to me, I guess

….okay, repeat after me.

You cannot build something in 100 CE out of something that won’t be invented until the 1950s CE.

I don’t follow your logic

don’t listen to that poster, traditional amplifier torii gates were dismantled in the Edo period on order of Tokugawa Iemitsu (1623 - 1651), a noted devotee of acoustic enka music, in order to suppress the popular visual kei movement.


I got done reading another one of those articles about pet parenting and a bit in it made me think. Specifically, this bit:

Nonparents were also more likely to use family terms such as “parent,” “child,” “kids” and “guardians” when referring to their relationships with their pet.    

So, what I wanna know (from you) (in the tags/replies) is:

1. what terms do you use when referring to your relationship with your pet 2. what kind of pet are we talking about here 3. how do you refer to your pets’ relationships with your family (or do you even do that)

As for me, when I talk about my pet lizard I refer to myself as her parole officer or (less frequently) her mother. (Given her history and arrest record in the state of Florida, I really am her parole officer.) I usually refer to her as my daughter, my roommate, or my bestie. When I’m talking about her to my siblings, she is ALWAYS “your niece” as in “give your niece kisses you coward” or “don’t you dare call your niece slimy.” I think if she was a dog I wouldn’t do that but there’s something hilarious about holding up a ten pound lizard and telling my sister to say hello to her niece and to stop being rude.

the only thing worse than disliking a book and taking to goodreads to indulge the hater instinct only to find that you are apparently the only person in the world who dislikes it is disliking a book and taking to goodreads to indulge etc and finding other people who dislike it, except that every single one of those people dislikes it for wildly incorrect and bad reasons that have nothing to do with why you (most correct person ever) found it dislikeable

katara is one of those impossibly cool people who “has a guy” for everything. like run into any sort of problem and she’s just like “hang on i gotchu. just contact this number and they’ll know what to do.” but half the time that guy is just sokka


incredibly in-character


i did initially misread this as ‘katara is one of those people who can make up a guy to get mad at for anything’ and i do think both are true. i love her

The history of the USA according to 1861 Japan

A young, and incredibly handsome George Washington is taught the path of the warrior by none other than the Goddess of America, Herself.

George Washington is forced to defend his wife “Carol” from a dastardly British assassination attempt, led by the nefarious English officer Asura (far left).

John Adams does furious battle with a giant serpent

Benjamin Franklin fires an entire cannon with his bare hands as John Adams directs the fire.

Washington’s on the move in his carriage, whom the author points out with breathless amazement was only pulled by two - yes, *Only Two!* - horses! His trusty soldiers lead the way, with a star-less American flag proudly flying.

George Washington fights a tiger.

Franklin and Adams have had a falling out.

Adams has had enough, he gets on his horse and fires off an arrow at Franklin before speeding away.  Franklin doesn’t even flinch.

John Adams has gone to visit and take care of his mother in a touching display of filial piety.

While Adams’ back is turned, the snake he fought earlier has returned and eats his mother!

Adams beseeches the Fairy of the Mountain (I am deadass serious about ALL OF THIS) to lend him supernatural help in seeking revenge against the matrivorous serpent

The Mountain Fairy hears Adams’ desperate pleas, and enlists the aid of a Giant Bald Eagle (named Freedom) to do battle with this serpent

All is now well under Heaven! America reigns supreme, free from both giant beasts and British influence!

source  I got this from the @thocpodcast


I believe this now. This is the untold history of the USA. This is what they’re not telling us!