no place like home

what the heart desires: a collab hosted by @enluv

summary: heeseung never intended to break the rules and ask out his childhood best friend the next day after signing his no dating contract for the next seven years. he decided that long distance wasn't for him, so he took a week off the week before his debut to visit the love of his life.

pairing: gn! reader x lee heeseung [not caught]

wc: 322

it was pointless to argue with lee heeseung about his dreams. with passion plus talent, support was the only thing needed to achieve everything he’s wanted. and with you being over fifteen hours away, heeseung never really knew if your relationship was withering away because of time zones or friend zones. he wondered if he could show off everything he’s learned and how much he had improved since you last saw him, and decided to save every penny he could in hopes of seeing his lover in time for next year’s valentine’s day.

a mere wish became reality as heeseung walked around in a new airport, in a new city, and in a new country that his lover called home with a giddy smile. he knew that if this trip would go well, he’d be able to get down on one knee and cheesily give you the promise ring he’s saved since the first month he started dating you. so, heeseung set off into the unknown and made lefts and rights until his feet stood before your door. he knocked gently, holding a letter that he had worked so hard to translate on the plane ride here. and suddenly he was face to face with someone who had only been a voice for the previous four years in a matter of seconds. heeseung, overwhelmed by everything, bolted and sprinted up the nearest stairwell till he reached the rooftop of your building. you soon followed after him, laughing to yourself at how happy you had just made your long-distance boyfriend with just a smile, and prepared to melt in his arms as the sun blossomed in orange and pink streaks. and you did exactly that, one hand in his, the other wearing a band with your initials and his initials delicately engraved on the backside. you realized that heeseung, and only heeseung, could make you feel at home, no matter where you were.

permission to love

what the heart desires: a collab hosted by @enluv

summary: ever since meeting you, heeseung has slowly started to become like you— mainly giving you updates about his day. he and you have matching apps, where you send selfies and little drawings to each other throughout the day, and it keeps the two of you happy. but what happens when heeseung accidentally uploads a pic meant for you to twitter instead?

pairing: gn! reader x lee heeseung [caught]

wc: 304

it goes without saying that dating an idol means time is always limited and sacrifices are made on a daily basis. lee heeseung, however, has promised to never sacrifice you and your relationship. being busy with school and all, you don't really mind, and as long as a few pictures of him make their way from his phone to yours each day, you're happy. but heeseung feels particularly bad that he won't be able to be by your side until late today, and he even rents a fine suit and hires a photographer (jay) to send you some high-quality photos that he truly hopes will make their way on your lock screen.

jay chuckles heartily as heeseung sheepishly mentions to his member that these are for you. jay promises to take the most flattering photos of heeseung, and within ten minutes, jay has taken roughly 3 photos that heeseung believes he looks great in and has sent them to you. or so he thinks. heeseung's phone buzzes the moment he steps outside the studio, and he's already eager to answer what he thinks is your texts the moment he gets into the car. however, he is quickly surrounded by hundreds of people who are looking for the unidentified "babe" he plans to see later today. as he desperately tries to get back to work, thoughts swirl in heeseung's mind. he reaches for his phone, finally able to exhale inside his own car but still rattled by the thought that his entire fandom knows he's taken. his anxiety about whether you'd still be comfortable with meeting him today fades in seconds when he notices that you've already retweeted with the words "see you at midnight, mi amor <3," and now that heeseung has your permission to show you off to the world, his smile brightens.

lost and found

what the heart desires: a collab hosted by @enluv

summary: maybe because none of jay’s friends have dates for valentine’s day, but jay swears to treat you like a queen on valentines day. he’s been saving up so he can say “yes” to all of your absurd requests because he loves you so dearly. but the morning of the 14th, jay realizes he can’t fulfill any of the promises he made because his wallet has been stolen.

pairing: f! reader x jay park [not caught]

wc: 304

jay park is a complete disaster. at six a.m., he's a wreck, and his entire room has been turned inside out because he can't find his wallet. his groggy thoughts are creating visions of where he might have left it last, and the last thing he wants to do is disappoint his girl. he tells himself, “i should have bought gifts beforehand," over and over again because he can't tell the difference between any of the black, square-shaped items in his room. “what the hell am I going to do for her now?" is the only thought that races through his brain, numbing his emotions.

after close to an hour, jay gave up on the idea and opted to focus specifically on his appearance. jay was bewildered to say the least, making plans for failed plans and even looking up "free things to do on valentine's day" just in case. what you had in mind for him, on the other hand, was completely different. you, who'd already promised jay that you would pick him up, intended to save him a few hundred dollars this time. you offered that you go bride dress window shopping and cake tasting in several shops all across town, almost as if you knew jay couldn't pay for anything.“ maybe we could tell them we need to select a cake for our upcoming wedding...?" you propose, hoping that you weren't moving too fast. jay, though, opens his bag carefully and reveals to you the precious family ring that his mother gave him many moons ago. he then takes your hand in his and slips a perfectly fitting ring onto your fourth finger, pecking you on the cheek. “let's get going, future mrs. park, and plan our wedding then, shall we?" he says softly into your ear with a perfect smile.

dear class president...

what the heart desires: a collab hosted by @enluv

summary: maybe the entire school body wouldn't have dropped their jaws if kim sunoo wasn't so unpredictable. but somehow, a stupid man was about to become your stupid man due to a technical "glitch."

pairing: gn! reader x kim sunoo [caught]

wc: 310

sure, you could call kim sunoo a friend. but right now, he was an enemy. not that he hated you or you hated him, but for the spot of class president? you would do anything to beat him. when it came to popularity, he and you had always been neck and neck, with sunoo barely winning every time, but your claim to fame was advertising. whether it was slander or not, you made it clear that the speeches you were giving later today had the potential to change everything.

despite the fact that you walked onto the stage and gave an outstanding speech, you were still overjoyed to hear loud applause from the individuals in the many clubs you had visited to distribute stickers and pins. you smirked at sunoo competitively as you returned to your seat, delighted with the outcomes but puzzled that he had been wearing one of your stickers above his heart. you had no idea that your fellow candidate was terrified on the inside for a completely different reason than you had expected. sunoo stepped up to the platform with a crinkled piece of paper, which made you think "hmm, amateur," but you watched as he grinned and pointed to someone in the audience. “hey! “my name is kim sunoo and…” behind both of you, the slideshow changed from a presidential pictures slide to a red and white lettered “will you be my valentine?" with assorted photos of the two of you on each corner. as chants and cries of "say yes! say yes! say yes!" erupted from the audience, he leans into the microphone with flushed cheeks. “what are your thoughts, president?" he speaks into the microphone. You were up on the podium side by side within seconds, nodding quickly and tiptoeing to give sunoo a soft kiss to his lips full of love and affection.

i like you, a latte

what the heart desires: a collab hosted by @enluv

summary: when the new barista happens to be your hallway crush, you keep on messing up while showing him the ropes. burning yourself with hot coffee, forgetting to wear mitts when opening an oven, and messing up every customer’s change due to a broken cash register— you feel like a mess. but jungwon thinks it’s kinda cute.

pairing: gn! reader x yang jungwon [not caught]

wc: 347

you were excited and eager to train when your supervisor told you that you'd be getting a new teammate to help close until the words "yang jungwon" were said. you had no idea what to say to him because you were stunned and unprepared for interaction. “welcome!” “hello, i remember you from school!" “any leftovers after we close are free!" “what's up?" “oh my god, i think you're super duper cute!" none of them sounded right. you had no time to prepare anything you were actually going to say because the prettiest boy in the world arrived through the rear door wearing the same apron as you and a neatly printed "yang jungwon" name tag. your boss left you to instruct the newbie after he waved and you awkwardly waved back.

but words couldn’t come out in sentences. the visible blush on your cheeks made you hotter than the coffee you spilled all over your hand while trying to pour into a reusable tumbler, and though you brushed it off, jungwon made it a priority to bandage it. and without words, he followed you around as you pointed out the machines and how to work them. and that’s how the day went: without any major accidents (sure, opening an oven without mitts hurt, but you played it off) but the only thing that bothered you all day was that the cash register was malfunctioning once again. it was an old problem, but tallying up prices wasn’t your specialty— lattes were. so you made the beverages, he took over as cashier, and before you knew it, it was time to close. he nods as you hand him a dustpan and a broom and make broad movements as to where he should clean. but, before he begins, you muster enough bravery to say anything to him. “hey, all the pastries are free now; after we're done, i'll make us some lattes?" jungwon smiles and nods right away. “sure, but only if you let me walk you home," he kindly offers, as a fresh and new love fills the air.

angels and demons, heroes and villains

what the heart desires: a collab hosted by @enluv

summary: jungwon is a planner. from the time the sun rises until the stars twinkle, he has carefully orchestrated the 14th of february— he’s been rehearsing it in his head since valentine's day last year. he expected to go to an art museum, eat at a cafe, and walk hand in hand towards the sunset. things he didn't expect to happen? him in jail. bailing you out, to be exact.

pairing: gn! reader x yang jungwon [caught]

wc: 328

following jungwon's lead to a strange alleyway where the cold weather can't extinguish the love of two burning hearts, tears, kisses, and meaningless affirmations flow from two frazzled souls looking at each other for the first time in exactly a year. as the rain continues to fall on your glistening lashes, jungwon offers your hand in his and gestures for the two of you to sit and take in the neighborhood's once beautiful but now pitiful view. and that's all it takes for you to promise him you'll be with him forever, and that's all it takes for jungwon to recognize he deserves more than you'll ever be.

you witness poor boy's face grow bitter, as if the rain had crystallized his heart in an instant. you reach out to clasp his hands with yours, reminiscing the ten years you spent together. a decade spent listening to a devil by an angel. you remind him over and over that "opposites attract," but the color in his face fades with each sentence you utter. by now, you've accepted the truth that no one will ever be willing to take the risk, that no one will ever be ready to sacrifice their life considering your reputation. jungwon grabs your hand in his almost aggressively, abruptly, and guides you to the very first street where he spots a police car. your now ex boyfriend has turned you in, claiming that you’ve hurt him, and he returns you to the hell the world believed you deserved without a second thought. as you hear a decade's worth of his feelings unfold from love into hatred, the handcuffs around your wrists click louder than the sound of cameras snapping every breath you take. jungwon was clearly the better lover, and you were the greater villain. it's too bad there was only room for one villain in your love story— it would have been selfish of me to make jungwon anything other than a hero.

boyfriend application: complete!

what the heart desires: a collab hosted by @enluv

summary: notorious for breaking all the rules, choi yeonjun is told on a dreary monday afternoon that if he does not pass his calculus class, he will not be able to graduate. if only you knew you were the partly the reason he'd been struggling—but who knows, maybe you're the reason he succeeds.

pairing: gn! reader x choi yeonjun [not caught]

wc: 359

choi yeonjun isn't stupid, but he has the biggest ego you've ever seen. you're not sure how he even acquired your phone number (perhaps from a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend), but it was certainly not expected of him to call every day and beg for your calculus notes. you hand them out without hesitation to anybody who asks, but you offer to tutor him because you're intrigued by the possibility of hanging out with the pretty boy, even if it's just to teach him derivatives. maybe it's because you've never crossed friend groups before, or maybe it's because you enjoy math, but he rejects your offer instantaneously. that is, until your math teacher observes him staring at you a bit too much (perhaps for notes, but more likely for something else) and not engaging enough, prompting him to pull yeonjun aside and hand him a an application to be tutored.

so, over the course of a few weeks, yeonjun reconsiders it over. even though his mathematics grade is now a borderline d, he won't realize he needs aid from the smartest student in class until he's flat our failing. yeonjun just can't bring himself to submit the application for some reason. it seems pitiful that someone like him needs to ask for help, so he does something a little more in his field of expertise: immediately crossing out any academic words and replacing them with ones that are more in his vocabulary. Instead of "do you need a tutor? fill out your information below" it's "need a boyfriend? my information is below," which seems like such a big step, but for choi yeonjun, the world of using and losing partners is a lot easier than... integrals. choi yeonjun believes he's smooth, delivering you this scratched out application with a disinterested look. “sure! maybe i’ll even teach you some calculus," you remark, looking him in the eyes. with a wink that takes even choi yeonjun off guard, you tell him that you'll "see him at the library at 5" and within minutes of your conversation, you're both fascinated for what the future may hold.


what the heart desires: a collab hosted by @enluv

summary: kang taehyun is completely captivated with you. every morning, he makes it a point to be at school early and leave you a note. but since it's valentine's day, he's decided to step it up a notch and bring chocolates and flowers as well. what happens when his crush's locker door is ajar and just a diary is inside?

pairing: gn! reader x kang taehyun [not caught]

wc: 305

taehyun's mind is racing with ideas and consequences and all in between as he checks, double-checks, and triple-checks to make sure he could get to school early enough to be his crush's secret admirer. as he approaches locker number 0205 in the dimly lit halls, he pulls his hood over his head, but warily checking behind him every few seconds. but, the coast is clear, and probably will be for the next hour or two. He smiles, thinking the exact same thing every day: "it's obviously meant to be." "if that's the case, why is my birthday their locker number?" but all of a sudden Taehyun freezes the moment he discovers that your locker is unlocked— and he realizes there is something inside: your diary. he doesn't want to be considered as a stalker or a freak, even if he does appear suspicious at the moment, but he can't deny the feelings he had when he saw his crush's diary was in plain view.

as he dropped the bouquet of flowers and chocolates onto the tiled floor, he grabbed the worn book. his heart raced, and the thumps pulsated in his head guiltily. he flips through the pages and landing on the page about crushes. taehyun brings the book just a little closer to his face, where he discovers his name written in a variety of swirly letters and shapes. taehyun's eyes widen as he searches through his backpack for the letter he intended to tape on the door of the locker. but, now that he's more confident, he neatly writes his phone number in block letters and places his gifts in locker 0205. now he can't wait to call you his valentine when you arrive at school and triumphantly strolls down the hallway, beaming at every valentine's day poster to his left and right.

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