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🔪. Sup ‘name’s Jimmie. Or Buck/Conner. Also I’m 6teen & have a huge shlong :] /jjjj

🔪. Pronouns are he/they. I’m fine with pretty much any other pronouns but just not she/her

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fuck fuck FUCK the music industry is so saturated with commercialization and marketing and artists grown in a lab to appeal to current trends and social media promotion and buzzfeed interviews and makeup lines and gilded glamour and everything synthesized FUCK that. music should be about playing whatever the hell songs you want and dancing around in a creepy clown costume with your best friends.

oh you didn’t know about the clown costume


I love you older anime I love you hand drawn animation I love you alcohol marker streaks and unblended gradients I love you limited color schemes I love you drops to 1 or 2 fps in action scenes I love you meticulously drawn details and hand inked freeze frames I love you blue ink lineart for 2 scenes because they ran out of black I love you-

Pls do not reblog anything with the old disability pride flag, it does cause seizure and migraines, please use the new one which was created by the same person with the feedbacks of many other disabled people.

This is the safe one:

Dont use the zigzag one, your making disabled space inaccessible for a part of the community.

[Image description: a “Straight Diagonal” version of the Disability   Pride Flag: A charcoal grey flag with a diagonal band from  the top left  to bottom right corner, made up of five parallel stripes in  red, gold,  pale grey, blue, and green Description ends]

P.S.: I’ve answered this question in the comments, but not everyone reads those, so:

The reason (as it was explained to me) that the old design caused light sensitive seizures is that as you scrolled past it on your screen (phone, desktop, whatever) the moving, alternating, bright and dark stripes hits your retina and is registered by your brain as if it were flashing lights (and the zigzag shape exaggerated that). That’s why we took out the black stripes between the colors, and reduced the contrast.

This is also your friendly reminder to tag any GIF or video which has flashing lights (or flickering effects) you post with #Flashing, so people who are sensitive to that can block them.

Thinking about all the times in queer spaces pre voice training that I was told that my voice was scary or triggering. Not even when I was angry just when I was excited and loud with a deep voice. How did anyone think that was okay to say to me

Also thinking about all my transmasc friends who transitioned and suddenly felt too terrified to be as loud and flamboyant as they were before out of a fear of being threatening and predatory. Breaks my heart every time I see it

If you can only feel safe by policing and shaming other peoples bodies then that is your fucking problem, not mine


I had my post-op check up just now, (Wednesday July 6th 2022) and they took 3 xrays of my jaw. Two panoramic, and one of my chin.

I have a *SEVERE* and *AGGRESSIVE* bone infection in my jaw bone.

I was there, and saw their reactions when they saw my xrays that showed the AMOUNT and SEVERITY of my infection, and they all said they are genuinely shocked I'm not on the floor sobbing in pain, with a 103 fever right now. They said If they didn't see me, they wouldn't have believed it.

Theyre trying to book me a CT scan for right now, today. To see exactly how deep the infection goes into my bone.

They gave me a script for really aggressive antibiotics to start ASAP, and they also gave me a script for super SUPER strong pain med, for me to take untill the antibiotics have a chance to take down the infection.

He said, I'll need emergency surgery to remove the 4 implants he just put In, and clean out My jaw bone.

He said I am under NO SIRCUMSTANCES to chew. Period. He said my jaw WILL break if I chew anything. He said the most I can eat right now, till he can fix me up, is pudding/yogurt.

My surgeon said its a MEDICAL MIRACLE that I haven't collapsed in the last 2 weeks from how sick I am.

I only have $119 to my name. I have to buy enough liquid to sustain me, for the next few weeks.

I'm begging yall, please can anyone help float some cash my way.

E-transfer: Shan_hal@hotmail.com