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DNI: Neutrinos, Dark Matter

I wanna do one of those “if you’re lgbt put your orientation, sign and favorite tool in the tags” but I know most of The Gays have never touched a tool on their life. I’ll be left with 15 lesbians, one gay dude and a handful of bisexuals and they better all be tagging screwdrivers


Eh. Doing it anyway.

If you’re lgbt put your orientation, sign and favorite tool in the tags”

question for any entomologists out there: if bumblebees were of a comparable size to, say, a kitten, would they enjoy resting in my lap while i gently comb their fuzz with a barbie brush? i know that i would enjoy that but i hope they would as well.

hi! as an entomologist who specializes in bumble bees— my answer is probably yes! many, if not all insects groom themselves as a way to keep clean and to keep their senses sharp, but in societies of insects (specifically bees) we see them groom each other, and colonies of bees who have more allogrooming are typically stronger and healthier! these bees who groom others are integral to the colony, and we see grooming in other social insects like termites as well, specifically in relation to the queen. you might have more luck with a flea comb than a barbie brush, just to really mimic the feeling of them and others grooming it, but i like to think they would enjoy being cleaned and pampered :)



This is an exploratory post proposing several approaches for apprehending Homestuck (Alternia in particular) in terms of racism and homophobia. Results vary.

For various reasons, I feel the frameworks are best introduced through analogous microcosms. I have a nascent personal canon of films which are not* referenced in Homestuck, but which nonetheless function as potent paratexts for the apprehension of its narrative constructs. The foremost member is Forbidden Planet, a film involving a machine that draws the violent fantasies of a man's dreams into reality, creating monsters that enact his otherwise repressed anger. SBURB deploys a similar mechanism: the game's boot log concludes with the phrase "launching manifestation systems", and accordingly we later see that imps, ogres, and trolls are all born from psychological fissures in a given player, manifesting from the emergent anxieties of the people they target. Comparing the content of an altercation with the (apparently traumatic) event that preceded it (and therefore induced it) offers a peek into the pathologies of the triggered**/accosted characters. Eg ogres climb up the side of the house immediately after John experiences vertigo, indicating a deep-seated fear of falling.

* afaik

** No, we are not using "triggered" as a pejorative. Not yet at least. And when we do, it won't be the way you think.

Recently my canon gained another entry: John Carpenter's Halloween. It share with Homestuck a love of "misrepresentation", in both its playfully duplicitous and racially fraught senses, as well as a certain preoccupation with paranoia.

Halloween (1978) is about a masked man (Michael), recently escaped from an insane asylum, stalking and killing the suburban teens of his hometown. Michael's former psychologist (Loomis), firmly persuaded that Michael is the very embodiment of Evil, refashions himself as a hunter and lies in wait with a gun at Michael's childhood home. The home, abandoned and left to rot after a young Michael murdered his sister there on a past Hallows' Eve, has come to be regarded by locals as a "spook house"; trick-or-treaters dare eachother to brave its haunted steps. The unseen Loomis seeks to deter these tiny trespassers for their own safety. But the deterrence method Loomis chooses is strange: he puts on a Big Black Guy voice and, feigning ownership of the homestead, tells the kids to get lost. Elsewhere in the film, a bit of set dressing echoes this choice: in the midst of an otherwise pristine suburb of green grass and bleached white houses, we glimpse of a patch of black graffiti on the sidewalk that simply says EVIL. An impression begins to form that the metanarrative rationale for describing Michael as a bogeyman, for insinuating that beneath his white mask is a formless shadow, is that despite Michael's whiteness, he functions as a vehicle for racialized fantasies of invasion. The insane asylum, seen only at night, represents the chaotic city. Michael's presence brings the night to the suburbs, and with it all the urban terrors (black) from which the suburbanites (white) thought themselves insulated. Spooky!

While there might be an edifying function to this deception (I came away from the film with a deep contempt for the fear mongering psychologist, personally), I mostly tend to think of Halloween as a good, mean prank: like Caliborn disguising his king as a queen and relishing Calliope's outsized responses to its impotent threats, Carpenter crafts a black killer ensconsed in white and proceeds to giggle at the viewership's unwitting investment in a racist narrative for which Carpenter himself holds no sympathy -- or so I imagine, believing as I do that such a game would be in accord with the spirit of Halloween's mischievious namesake.

( I sometimes wonder if James Cameron was playing a similar game when he cast a white man named SCHWARZENEGGER as the face of an imminent genocidal uprising of once subservient machines. But anyway )

Betty Crocker is only the surface of Hussie's engagement with conspiracy. Homestuck, like Halloween, is built upon veiled allusions to reactionary paranoia. John's vertigo is relative; what John perceives as a "fall" can be fruitfully reframed as "the ascent of that which was once below". John takes note of an increasingly grim Rose's ascent to power and roleplays a return to gender norms ("ironically" of course), soothing the vertigo of social mobility with the image of Sleeping Beauty. Alternia, though ostensibly located in the unthinkably distant past, in turn functions as a reactionary nightmare vision of the future: it is a world dominated by BLACKS and HOMOS, and therefore post-apocalyptic. This is evinced by Homestuck's playful self-censorship: the story contains various euphemisms for n*ggers and f*ggots, through which the racism and homophobia become associated with a more familiar medium for paranoia, the casts' anxious regard toward the fourth wall. The denotation of slurs, therefore, will be our organizing principle.


the weirdest thing about nonbinaryism is that people will get told they dont ‘look nonbinary’ because theyre just wearing plainclothes and dressed comfortably. instead of like. idk gothic eyeliner or fangs or a cape or flowing, long, gorgeous hair,


i got distracted. anyway why did we make nonbinary the third gender where everyones supposed to be sexier. its funny and like in theory correct but what about the normal people. what about the sweatpant wearears


sorry for adding a comment on your post but literally this. i want nonbinary to be boring. i want it to be mundane. i dont want people to look at me and go wohhh so androgynous swag. i just want people to go oh thats a person. stop elevating us higher thn others bc thats just othering us more. can we support nonbinary people who dont want to be special hot and sexy tiktok stars or whatever


actually thank you you made me realize this was because ive been on tiktok too much

Also we should perhaps let nonbinary people be fat


it’s weird because “fat non-binary” used to be a thing, and now it isn’t, and i miss it (to be clear: i am fat and non-binary.)

pat” was not great but they were also my first non-binary media character and i kind of imprinted.

anyway i feel like the emphasis is on elf-type non-binaries but more goblin-type please as well.

one of my incredibly pedantic bugaboos is that “corn” means any grain. the proper name of the plant we call “corn” is “maize.”


another heavy handed symbolism moment: my mom has a potted sunflower in the kitchen. because it is a sunflower, it keeps turning towards the light from the window. my mother keeps rotating it so it faces inward because she wants "to see its beautiful petals and have it really brighten up the space!" . the sunflower is visibly wilting .

When someone disagrees with you online & demands you prove your point to their satisfaction by writing a logically sound defense, u can save a lot of time by not doing that.  Dude, I’ve known u for ten seconds & enjoyed none of them, I’m not taking homework assignments from you.

(source was apparently stolen from a pervocracy tumblr post now deleted.)

the transfeminine desire to speak the language of the birds

With so many elections coming up worldwide it's probably a good time to remind everyone that tumblr once got infested with agents trying to convince everyone not to vote, or not to vote left because the candidates weren't morally pure enough.

Also a reminder that they were better at tumblr than most of us, comrade interloper was great at memeing. Like, the talent!

Anyway don't fall for it. There is no morally pure option.

I've been trying for give minutes to come up with a way to say that these were professionals and we are amateurs and that is why they are better at the skill of influencing a community (aka memeing.) A lot of us like to believe we can spot the professional by gut instinct alone. I promise you cannot.

Anyone who thinks voting doesn’t matter PLEASE look at what just happened in Kansas


And not just that, but the DOJ’s current lawsuit against Idaho.

The parties are not the same. It matters who’s in the White House.

i have received your critiques and i understand. you all hate everything i’ve ever worn. the public thinks i dress like a claymation christmas special character and also like the american fried chicken mascot they’re awkwardly trying to rebrand as sexually provocative. “why do you dress in this way that is so deeply offensive to us, the faceless public, specifically” you ask. and my response to this outcry is that i can and will continue to do whatever i want forever until the end of time and there is absolutely nothing any one of you can do to stop me. love and light