3.1 Released

There are lots of new features, enhancements and fixes, as you can see from the various beta release posts:

Windows users please read https://github.com/BiglySoftware/BiglyBT/wiki/Installation if you have SmartScreen installation issues.

For summary, here is a list of the new features:

Added "countTrackers()" Tag constraint function Tag button alignment options Added option to hide swarm tags in tags overview Add right-click Tags Overview header menu to get to Tag options Added "select tag" button to auto-tagging/import folder config settings Added a "relocate" mode to "search for existing data files" Option to only enforce one-operation-per-file-system for write operations Option to ensure re-check on complete occurs before potential move Option to mark subscription results found in BiglyBT as read Added support for subscription filter inheritance Added option to add download specific sub-directory to move-on-complete folder Added a "launch content" library option to launch largest playable file New "Subscription Templates" to allow common filters to be inherited Option to mark a subscription result as read in all subscriptions Option to delay file checks for incomplete downloads to improve startup times Support for creating subscriptions for file-size based RCM lookups Shift+C on sidebar entry to mark all read in subscription Added menu item to show details of file links for selected downloads Added optional library header; Library options menu link Show file auto-priority settings in open-torrent-options dialog Added backward+forward library navigation toolbar items Added menu option to mark multiple subscription results read/unread Added "public" and "update interval" columns to Subscriptions view Handle some confusable Unicode chars in various table filters Add legend to swarm view Added menu option to create subs template when none defined Added a right-bar view New "Piece Blocks" view Added a "Done (bytes)" library column Add option to only show category buttons in library complete section Right-click header option on Progress column to disable 3D look Added option to disable gradient fill for table/sidebar selection Added private-torrent column to Library Option to disable table header gradient fill Order column header menu option to set from current sort New Peers view column to show percentage we have that peer wants