Back from the Future- Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Its hard to pinpoint exactly when it dawned upon me for the first time, but I think it was as I was relaxing in the hot tub room with Melia after I had fucked her for the first time. The realization hit me; I was essentially a god here in this primitive age of 2015. And, if I were to confine my time travels to the past from 2015, nothing could stop me from doing as I wanted. I had three beautiful women with me on board my all powerful craft, time was on my side- the technology given to me by the Jogany meant that I would not age for a couple of thousand years.

Instead of being down heartened by the destruction of Earth in my time, I had to seize the moment. Everything was in my favor! Time to buck up and enjoy myself, not waste my time wondering what if I went back and.... Also, time to make sure all three women understood they were with me now for good.

I sent Melia back to the room. I used the Computer to transport her there, rather than make her walk! I then leapt out and ordered Computer to dress me in standard uniform. I did not need to wear one anymore as my civilisation was dead but, it looked impressive none the less and was actually very comfortable and easy to move round in.

I sent a mental order to the women that they had 30 minutes to ready themselves. I opened a screen to see what they were up to. Joanna and Chloe were hugging, Chloe was thanking her for tending to her ass after the butt fucking I had given her earlier. Melia was humming to herself, dressing, looking strangely happy. Good, I thought. Just Joanna to worry about. Not that I needed to worry, I had full mind and body control over her if I wished. However, I would prefer it if the women would just submit to me on their own.

At the appointed time, I transported them all to join me in the command room. I sat in the command chair and I had Computer produce three comfy chairs for them to sit in. When we were all comfortable, with a cup of coffee in our hands, I began...

Ladies, I understand that it is difficult to accept your new positions so soon after you have arrived here. But, I am serious, you are here to stay now. No arguments or question about it. If you accept this willingly, life will become amazing for you. If not, well, you have seen how I am in charge and you cannot escape, even if you wish to. Now, you may speak if you wish. I said.

I am happy to stay. Chloe said.

Me... me too. said Melia, surprising me. I had to remember that she was naturally submissive.

That just left Joanna.

I understand that there is nothing I can do about it but I dont like it. Joanna said.

Fair enough, Joanna. I understand. Just give it a try and you might find that you actually start to enjoy yourself. I said.

Ok. I will. But only because I dont have any other choice. Joanna replied.

Thank you Joanna. Right enough talk of that. Lets have some fun as a demonstration of the capabilities of my craft. I want you to think of any event in history that might interest you and well go and see it. I said.

I let the ladies get over their shock and the inevitable disbelieving comments. During the time it had taken them to get ready I had made sure that Computer had a comprehensive list of dates, stretching back to when the Earth was formed.

The ladies were arguing good naturedly amongst themselves, when Melia spoke up,

Ive always wanted to see a dinosaur. she said.

What sort of dinosaur? I asked

A T-Rex! Melia replied excitedly.

Computer, can you lock onto a time when there were T-Rexs around? I asked, not because I did not think it could, more to impress the girls.

Computer replied in the affirmative. Make it happen please. I commanded

We are already there. Computer replied, I am locating a T-Rex for you now.

On screen, show maximum visibility. I ordered.

The entire front of the craft became transparent and we had the most magnificent view of ancient Earth. There were plenty of volcanoes smoking in the distance and vast herds of dinosaurs stretched out across the plain below us. No T-Rex though. The girls were all standing as close as they would to the view, sounds of amazement coming from all of them. It was pretty spectacular.

I have scanned and no T-Rex is on this part of the continent. Moving to where I have located one. Computer stated.

The craft moved across the landscape at a speed unimaginable to primitive humans. The ladies all took a step back and looked scared.

Ladies, this craft can fly well beyond light speed, this is nothing. Can you feel any movement? I asked

The girls realised that they could not and gradually moved back to the window.

It was breathtaking, the speed at which the land moved under us. Soon, we slowed down and lowered down to about 50 feet off the ground. There, below us was a real live T-Rex. I was impressive being so close to it. It was heading away from us but was totally unaware of our presence.

Computer, track its movements and transport us 100 feet in front of it on the ground. I ordered.

Suddenly, the four of us were standing on the ground with the T-Rex heading right for us. I had of course erected a force field around us, invisible to the girls and the T-Rex. The dinosaur came within 30 feet of us and stopped, noticing us for the first time. It must have seen our movement as it certainly couldnt smell us in the force field.

Ladies, trust me. Do not try and run away. Just stay close to me. I said to the worried girls.

Melia and Chloe were pressed up against me, shaking. Joanna had stepped behind me. The T-Rex moved forward again, much quicker, obviously about to attack us. I stood my ground. The T-Rex loomed over us and reached down with its jaws open. Its snout was stopped by the force field and it was an incredible sight to look up and see the open jaws trying to eat us, the dribble running off the side of the force field. The T-Rex was getting frustrated as it tried to get at us. I found it quite thrilling as I knew it could not get at us. The girls however, they were petrified. I was quite enjoying it, I had an arm round both Melia and Chloe as they huddled in to me. The T-Rex was now trying to push us with its head, giving us the most incredible close up of its eyes and nostrils! Joanna had now moved her arms around me and was gripping tightly, mashing her breasts up against my back. I was very happy at that moment, feeling close to the girls and having the most amazing experience with a dinosaur.

Eventually, the T-Rex realised that it was not going to get a meal with us and it moved away and was soon in the distance behind us. The girls all talked at once. The words incredible, amazing, terrifying etc were used. I was glad they were so enthused. Perhaps it was just what they needed? I knew what I needed now and after that incredible experience, it was sex.

I reached my hand down and fondled Melias bum as we stood there. The girls were all staring at the retreating dinosaur. I pulled Melia to me and kissed her passionately. Melia returned my passion with vigor. Obviously a bit of danger got her horny! I was rock hard and could feel my cock pressing against her belly. This was not the time for fore play! I guided Melia onto her hands and knees and pulled down the loose shorts she was wearing along with her panties. I positioned myself behind her and guided my cock into her drenched love tunnel. Melia was just as horny as I was. I began by slowly pushing my cock in and out of her cunt, smearing her juices up the length of my shaft.

It was at this point that Joanna and Chloe turned around as the dinosaur was out of sight. They both gasped as they saw me fucking Melia from behind on her hands and knees. I had now grabbed Melias hips and was rapidly sawing my cock in and out of her pussy, making her mewl. It felt so good sliding my cock in and out of her tight, juicy pussy. I looked back to Chloe and Joanna. Chloe had one hand down her shorts, rubbing her pussy through her panties. Joanna just stared. I was glad to see that Chloe liked to be a voyeur.

Turning my attention back to Melia, I ran my index finger round her puckered anus, enjoying her increased movements as I felt it. I pushed it forward and broke through her sphincter and inserted my finger into her ass. Melia pushed back with renewed vigor, obviously comfortable with my finger penetrating her asshole. Chloe now had her finger inside her panties and was furiously rubbing her clit, throwing her head back and panting hard as she watched us fuck. The surprising thing was that Joanna had her hand on one of her own boobs and was rubbing it and pinching the nipple through the tank top she wore. Interesting!

Melia was approaching orgasm fast as her screams got louder and I inserted a second finger into her ass. It was that finger that sent her over the edge, causing her to explode in orgasm, her pussy tensing around my shaft and spasming. This sent me to the edge and I pulled out and sprayed my cum all over Melias pussy and asshole, with some shooting up her back as well. However, most of my cum now pooled in her asshole, as she had collapsed the top half of her body and her head was on the ground, with just her hip up in the air. I told her to stay like that as I finished my final couple of spurts, adding to my cum dribbling slowly out of her asshole and down her pussy.

I stood up and went over to Joanna. I took her by the arm and led her over to Melia and behind her so she could see the mess I had made.

Lick it up please Joanna. I ordered.

Joanna surprised me by immediately getting onto her knees and lowering her head towards Melias pussy. Joannas lips made contact with Melias pussy and she began eagerly lapping up my cum, cleaning it all up off her pussy before moving up to Melias anus. I watchedas Joannas tongue swirled around Melias anus, licking up all my cum before dipping the tip of her tongue into Melias ass. It was such an erotic sight. A sound whipped my head round, it was Chloe exploding in orgasm as her fingers brought her off. Joann finished cleaning up my cum and was now just kissing Melias pert ass. I was very pleased with her obeying my instructions so quickly.