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Her youth and beauty, her poise and charm of manner captivated them all. She had warmth, vitality. She had authentic magnetism. Wherever we went, she stood out. Men admired her; women envied her.
bianca solderini, from the vampire chronicles.

The air was hot and heavy and the marble halls of her palazzo seemed to be a sanctuary against the heat. Many wanted entrance, but only few were granted respite and cool refreshment. The courtesan was picky with her guests; only those who gained her affection and interest were invited to come to her home--which was a high honor in itself. 

Grey eyes studied her new guest, the fan in her hand stationary as the courtesan listened, remembering whatever important information she needed to keep a good conversation going. 


“Tell me, why Venice of all places?” she inquired, pink lips curling into a curious smile. “Most visitors tend to visit Florence first.”

…so i wanna come back

ok so yes i’ve decided to come back (quick decision lmao) but i just want to explain briefly what has happened to me. i’ve gone through so much since the last time i was here (a year ago, my goodness!)...i’ve grown so much emotionally, spiritually, and definitely not physically (still at 4′11″ lmao)!

i’ve gotten my heart broken so many times by people who i thought were friends, and by my partner--who has accepted responsibility and who is going to make amends for it soon. i’ve grieved for a life that i thought was for me and instead of running away from it i have sat with it, made my peace with the pain.

this blog has always been here for me, through thick and thin, and i believe that i’ll be able to draw on experiences to be able to write better. forgive me if i stumble from time to time--i am not updated with the latest vc happenings lol.

anyways, i guess here’s to having binky back! i will try my best and i do miss all of you!

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“Now now, we shall have no heated discussions in my house.” Bianca remarked as she poured wine on the goblets in front of her. “This house is for merriment and sharing of our talents; I shall have no fights under my roof...unless you wish to never see me again.”

Bianca was coquettish in the way she said that, and even if her house was open to those she invited, she was in herself out of reach for many. Bending down, she placed her hand on the other, the sweetest smile curling on her pink lips. “I suggest we go out for a short walk to calm ourselves, no?”


                           Philippe, named Monsieur. The King’s brother. 
                            EFFEMINATE DANDY, eccentric and provocative, 
                            he’s nonetheless a FEARSOME WARRIOR

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“Would you believe me if I told you I used to be an opera singer?” Bianca chuckled, leaning back against the plush chair, tucking her feet under her legs. “I suppose the advantages of being what we are is that we can be many things, si?


Santino had reclined, deft fingers busying themselves with the ceaseless turning and twirling of a golden cigarette lighter. He did this absentmindedly, the way another might roll a coin over their knuckles. He had somewhat zoned out, appeased by the comfortable silence between them. When Bianca spoke up again, her voice colored by fond recollection, the elder looked up. 

“You sang opera?” He echoed in surprise, and, yes, awe. Suddenly he was much more awake, sitting up straight and stilling his hands. “I adore opera! What was your starring role?” 

"Tosca was my favourite." Bianca laughed, tossing a lock of hair over her shoulder as she eased in the chair more, enjoying the comfort. "For some reason, I felt so connected to that role. The music, the lyrics, the passion—it was exhilirating."

She then told him about the other roles she played from famous operas and how much she enjoyed it. Bianca supposed that she missed the old attention she got from her courtesan days, and singing night after night provided satiated that craving. "It would be wonderful to go back to that life. I suppose I could do it again. If you sing too, we could be the best pair there ever was in opera, you know." she giggled, poking his arm gently with a slender finger.

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“I never thought that after all these years we would meet again.” The blonde beauty walked up to the other vampire, grey eyes studying him as she neared. “But that was a different time and circumstance. How have you been, Arjun?”


Arjun had been rather surprised to find the Roman’s elusive fledgling nearby. Who could fault him for his interest? The last time they had met, briefly spoken, bitterly exchanged glances, had been in Dresden all those years ago. He approached her freely, a polite smile on his lips. 

“The venerated Signora Solderini.” He announced as he took her hand to place an old fashioned kiss upon the tips of her fingers. “The surprise is all mine, I assure you. I thought the world had swallowed you for good. How fortunate that I was wrong. I am well, considering the circumstances.” His glance grew weary for a moment. “And yourself? How has the world treated you?”

"Better than I thought it would be." she replied. The blonde caught the slight weariness in his expression, and tilted her head slightly, wondering what caused him to be so. Bianca knew better than to ask what it was, and so she kept quiet. It would be better if it came from him.

So much time has passed, and with it, her old insecurities and bitterness. All was well between her and her past. "Shall we walk? The night is beautiful and cool, we could catch up as we go around."

What shall we tell the Master … ? Amadeo gave a little scoff, a half-laugh, half-sigh, warm with the evening’s glow and lying sprawled, without much care for decorum, tossed amongst her pillows. “Oh, good,” he said, as Bianca joined him, one silky lock of hair falling across her cheek even as she reached to play with his own. “I don’t mind. The man could benefit from some jealousy, don’t you think?” 

Bianca laughed, imagining Marius jealous, though she dared not admit that it scared her a little. She knew he was not one to be crossed, but for some reason understood that he would not mind her and Amadeo spending their time together.

“Is it not strange how he knows such things?” she began, laying down beside him as her own hand found his. “Sometimes I find myself believing magic is real because of him.”

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“There hasn’t been anyone, not since Blanca”
There was something nearly intoxicating in the energy the revelers exerted. Modern couples were so open about their passion, here while waiting for some evil doer with his innocent looking friend Matthew admits that he had not loved anyone truly since his mortal wife. One could look at Bianca and think they met one of the Lord’s angels…little did they know. Matthew himself was unaware of the dark socks the soft looks hid…other than the vampirism of course. 
He too was fooled by her soft demeanor and innocent appearance into letting his guard down faster than a man of his intelligence ought to.
“There have been girls. Two women. But it was never meant to last. I promised them they would be safe…and twice I broke my promise. What about you..? Has there been a great love ?” he questioned as two giggling drunk students walked passed them. 
“Yes.” she replied with a smile, though she hoped he would not see the ache it hid behind it. “His name is Marius, and he sired me.”

She could remember every moment of her leaving him, and with a soft sigh she pushed those memories away. Centuries had passed and yet she could not find it in her heart to let it go. Bianca supposed things would happen in her own time as it always did.

“We met in Venice, when I was still a courtesan. I called him Master, Magician, and Sorceror; in those days I did not know our kind existed. We have parted our ways, but I love him more than I could ever imagine.”

Bianca watched the people that made their way through the square; going on about their lives, so blissfully unaware of the creatures that were in their presence.

“If you could turn back time, and you are still a vampire, would you have turned Blanca?”