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Progress pics and general bullshittery from Sarah, furniture-crazy, mid century modernist and CC creator extraodinaire (haha)

Since my website is always flippin down (another major source of frustration), I'll x-post the update here: ----- Well first of all, I'd like to thank the lovely folks who have kindly uploaded my old files to simscave and other various places - you're so kind and I can't thank you enough! I'd also like to say to whoever the fuck it was who filed false copyright claims on my files: congratulations, you win. I am done. In the past I've been hacked, had my domain registration compromised (which took a lot of jumping through hoops to fix), I've been falsely accused of copying others work, and just generally had to put up a lot of shit, all for a game. A game! It's ridiculous! Well, as I say - you win. After this copyright claim business, I have just received an email from mediafire that tells me that my account has been purged. So everything is gone. I can have my account back, sure, but all the files are gone. Not only are my Sims files gone, but any work related, personal files that were on there are gone too. So yeah, thanks a lot asshole. So thank you everyone else for all the kind words of support and for downloading all my stuff over the years, but unfortunately I am out, donesies, over it. Take care, all :)


I don't know how to respond to comments on the mobile app so ill just copypasta the text lol. alma70 said: How many countries have you been traveling through now? Any Favorites? Well, I've travelled through parts of: Japan, China, Nepal, India, Turkey, Spain, Morocco, France, Italy (Rome only heh), Thailand and Cambodia (haven't been there yet, taking the bus the day after tomorrow!) As for favourite places I'd have to say that the top 3 were Japan, India and hmmm... Spain. d55studio said: I’m really interested in how you managed such an amazing adventure! I’ve always wanted to travel the world! Anyone can do it! It is a lot of hard work and can sometimes be extremely stressful but the sights, sounds, smells and everything else make it all worth it! We do all our booking on the road and its really easy, now more than ever with things like online booking for flights, hostels etc. Tripadvisor makes looking for good cheap food so easy, but of course there's something to be said for just walking around and taking a chance :) Seriously, travel. Stick to developing countries and your money will go further than you can imagine. Europe is just so expensive, and to be honest, its not going anywhere or changing in the near future, whereas India, southeast Asia and even parts of South America are changing at such a rate that they will lose a lot of what makes them special (thats not to say tourists are "ruining" these places, but things are definitely changing, and fast). Part of me is sad that I waited so long to travel, but on the other hand, being a little older than a lot of backpackers, I think I can better appreciate what's going on without the inevitable hangover that comes with a lot of partying when you're 20 and in a wonderful new place hehe. Anyway, yeah! Travel! It's great!

Lol whoops. Sorry, I posted those pics to the wrong tumblr! :D

Thailand is pretty cool! Here are a few shots from the temples of Bangkok and Chiang Mai

Not sure if I still have any followers left but hello to those who've stuck around! ❤ I am currently in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and have just a few days over 3 weeks before I head back home to New Zealand! Didn't quite make it to 6 months since we have all but run out of money (hence Thailand, lol), but we figure a couple weeks shy of 6 months is good enough. We managed to see parts of Japan, China, Nepal, India, Morocco, Turkey, Spain, Italy, France, Thailand and Cambodia. A pretty good chunk if you ask me! I thoroughly recommend getting out and seeing the world as soon as you can, it is truely an amazing place! I am looking forward to seeing our families & friends, catching up on a loooot of tv/movies and cracking into Sims again! Got a buttload of photos to sort through to as you can imagine - a very daunting task! Talk soon, friends :)

Hi! I'm thinking you get asked this probably constantly now, and if this is just another nag, i apologize! wah! But with university and island paradise being out, do you think that you will in the upcoming future update St. Claire for them? :) I don't want to sound naggy, but out of curiosity's sake I'd love to know. I love all your work, by the way. Thanks for all the downloads :D


Hi there :) No need to apologise! It's a good question. Unfortunately the answer probably isn't what you want to hear, lol. I don't think I am going to be able to update St Claire for any new EP's for a couple of reasons - mainly due to it already being quite built up and my shitbag of a laptop can't really take it anymore. The other reason is that I am going to be leaving for a long holiday at the end of November, and even if I had enough time to make the changes people want, I wouldn't be around for 6 months if people had problems that needed addressing.After I come back from my holiday, I'll buy a new laptop but I still don't think there'll be any new updates to St Claire, I am moving on from it I think :) It's still a super fun world to play, with plenty of room for additions, so anyone is welcome to make those additions for their own game! I am working on a Mexico'ish world (very slowly - won't be done before I leave before anyone asks, haha!), so thats possibly something to look forward to :)

Thanks for asking! 


Flights to Tokyo on Nov 28th: check

First weeks accomodation in Tokyo: check

Holy shit this thing is really happening! I am officially going on holiday for at least one week! haha :D

I should start a trip/personal tumblr. *eeeeeeeeep!*

I said there'd be other things so other things you shall have! This set is made up of a pretty kickass sofa set (ok I know I do a lot of button back/tufted sofas but I just *really* like them okay) made up of a 3 seater, a loveseat and an armchair; a modern looking sideboard table thing, which is gracefully topped with some goooorgeous lamps (which I'd desperately love for my house IRL). I didn't have any big basic mirrors so I made one of those too - it's really simple I know, but I wanted it and figured I may as well include it! I also made a globe thingy which I kindof love. It glows blue by default, and there's an antiquey version on the same mesh but you probably won't want that glowing blue so just change it to flame and you'll be good as gold :) I think that's everything? Sofas, mirror, sideboard, globe, lamp... Yeah I think that's it :) A small set I know, but at least it's something! I'm unfortunately a very busy girl lately and haven't had a lot of time for simming and I'm a bit CAW'ed out right now! Download

Hey, what do you know, I made a thing! A very small something but something none the less.  Been on a slight Rothko kick lately, and also been in the mood for meshing, aaaand so the natural progression was to make some giant Rothko canvases. What better place to put them than into an (admittedly a bit half-assed) replica of the Rothko Chapel in Houston. There were no benches in game that looked right so I just made one. It is pretty simple :P SO yeah! Have them :)  p.s I have more things coming! Non-Rothko related things :)

I know...

I haven't been around.. like.. at all. It's work. I'm real sorry! I have a ton of unanswered messages and it's highly likely I won't get to answer them all.

Life just got busy, so, I'm sorry! My bf and I are saving for our 6 month (maybe more?) life break (which begins at the end of November in TOKYO OMG) so at the moment it's just work work work, save save save, and I honestly haven't even opened sims in WEEKS. I get home, and if I don't have any freelance to do after work all I wanna do is zone out and not really think about anything haha. I mean I know I don't have to give anyone an excuse as to why I haven't talked to anyone in a while, but I do feel pretty guilty about it.

But today I was looking over some of my old stuff and I'm thinking... I miss making "stuff" for TS3. Making worlds is amazingly fun, but it takes.so.long and sometimes I just feel like knocking something out, starting and finishing something in a couple of days. SO I dunno, maybe I'll do some stuff, I'm kindof keen on it.

I have maybe an hour before I go to bed, I think I might open sims, see what happens :)

I'm sorry I've been absent, you guys are incredible and I miss ya xx

Hi Sarah! I just had a quick question to ask you, I've been making over Sleepy Meadows and placed a few of your lots from St. Claire in it. A couple of people have asked if I would share it when it's completed but I didn't want to promise anything until I asked if it was okay with you to include these lots in the world? Of course I'll fully credit you and I completely understand if you don't want me to include them, the amount of effort you've put into them is amazing c:


hiya! I'm answering this publicly (I hope that's ok) because I get this sort of question a lot and I figure I might as well just let everyone know the answer all at once!

Anyone can do ANYTHING with any of my stuff! Release it in worlds, modify it, I honestly don't mind what you do! I would probably take issue with someone claiming my stuff as their own, but other than that, please, do whatever you like with my creations :)

If y'all wanted, maybe tag the post with awesims - I have it tracked in the search thing - and I love seeing what people do with my things :)

Are you still working on your desert world? Any new pics to share? :)


I sure am! Unfortunately because work is so bonkers right now I haven't had any time to even turn my laptop on to work on it, but it is slowly coming along, there are a shit-ton of lots that need to be built, and I have only built a few shells :P bummer!

I will try and post some piccies over the weekend :)

So there you have it...

Those are the new families in the updated St Claire save game :) 

If I have some time, over the weekend I will try and upload all the new lots (such as the parks, arbouretum, club, festival lots etc) separately.

Soon to be married Selina & Laurence also live in Tussock Bay, St Claire, in a gorgeous, enormous Eichler style home - their dream house. Laurence, while a bit um, crazy and absentminded, is a devoted partner, likes to keep things neat and is, somewhat surprisingly, a fantastic cook! Selina is extremely ambitious (why do you think they have this fantastic house at their age!?) is a fearless, adventurous daredevil, and a hopeless romantic, A source of frustration for Laurence is her occasional childishness, but he's willing to look past it :)

The Torbin Family - made up of Peter, Melissa and their twin fairy girls Charlotte and Veronica have made a new home in the mid-century styled neighbourhood of Tussock Bay in St Claire. Melissa too is a fairy, and her sense of humour leaves her playing hilarious tricks on somtimes grumpy Peter. Peters grumpiness is tempered with some time tinkering away in the garage or spending a free afternoon in the garden, while Melissa is most happy spending time with her girls.

Nina & William - possibly St Claire's wealthiest new residents live in a lavishly decorated mansion in Southbridge. They are constantly at odds because Nina cannot stand children, while William is extremely childish! They are both very charismatic, and neurotic Nina loves horses, hot-headed flirt William is more of an angler.

Kurt Berry and his loyal pal Cairo live in a small apartment above a laundromat across the road from the beautiful public parks in Bradford, St Claire. He is a bit of a loner and though he sometimes has a hot head, he's a lovely guy, a great kisser, and is super smart! He and Cairo share more than a close friendship, especially when the moon is full...