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It's tragic that my vacation has to end, but I have a huge incentive waiting for me on my next day off: new pets!

What a delightful world we live in, where little dragons evolve again and again across time, space, and phyla

I've heard conflicting reports about tankmates, but the general idea is that nothing that might hurt them and nothing they might eat. No shit. I want to avoid anything that would really increase the maintenance level I have for the aquarium, so I think a snail might be a safe bet. It would also mesh with the Funky Lil Dude vibe. Mystery snails are even native to South America, even though I already lost the game of ecological accuracy since apparently Typhlonectes don't live in the Amazon river. And Java ferns aren't exactly consistent with that anyway.

So I'm back from my vacation trip. All my pets are fine, my M. mesomelas didn't molt but I still say it was too risky to take her with me and I made the right call to leave her home and ask my sister to do the daily ice pack change for me. My pepper plants are looking VERY robust and some of the peppers are ripening. My aquarium wood is still molding, but that, like the yellow water, will clear up on its own in due time and isn't hazardous so much as it is unsightly. The amazon sword and anacharis I ordered are still running on time, due either tomorrow or over the weekend. The caecilians will definitely fuck up the plants wherever I put them (the java ferns too for that matter), I just think aquascaping is fun.

oh no the cute goth girl bat in tuca and bertie is mean


Found this dead insect as I was leaving my workplace today and ended up taking it home to put in my collection because I found its appearance really striking, any idea what kind of insect it is? The body is totally black and the photo really doesn’t capture how strikingly blue-iridescent its wings look.


I'm not sure the exact species, but it seems like a spider-hunting wasp in the family Pompilidae! There's even other people in search results commenting on the blue sheen in their wings!


The long pedicel actually makes me think it's a Sphecid like Sphex pensylvanicus

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Random question; when a guest donates at ko-fi, do you the bank account it comes from, or is it all anonymous?

Nope, it’s all anonymous

Oh...that's right. Well...you see...since we met each other like that...and there was so much going on at the time...I couldn't find the right moment to ask you. But I've...always wanted you to sign this for me.

Katsuki Bakugo, My Hero Academia chapter 362


I bought the aquascaping supplies, river rocks, and plants because the ETA on the plants was far enough away where I'll be back home by then. I'd been checking that while toying around with the quantity so I could qualify for free shipping while staying as close as possible to my gift card balance.

I also made contact with the dealers selling the Typhlonectes and not only are there enough where the guy was like "as many as you want, really", but the quote I got is even better than what was being advertised on Fauna Classifieds. I'm so fucking excited for this. This was literally one of my dreams and I'm making it happen.


Update: I bought the caecilians and scheduled the shipping for my day off after I return to work. This is it. Now I just sit back, relax, prepare for my trip, leave, relax even more intensely, and then watch the cascade of events unfold.

He even asked me for a size preference, so I will not be getting elderly animals that are ready to keel over, like that time I owned S. galapagoensis.