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Illustrations πŸŒ™ COMMISSIONS: Commercial Only.

Meet the Artist: Avendell

Hi! I go by Avendell online, and I’m originally from Germany but am now a part-time freelance Illustrator based in the US. My favorite thing about is art is the ability to bring moments, scenes, and characters to life and provoke an emotional response from the viewer. I currently specialize in book illustrations which allows me to do exactly that while also combining some of my favorite things. When I’m not drawing, I like to read, hang out with friends, go outside, and spend time with my family. I mostly work digitally but always carry a small sketchbook and ballpoint pens as well.

Great to meet you, Avendell!Β We’re highlighting these pieces below chosen by @avendell.

Β For more of her illustrations, check her out over at @avendell.