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AurumAcadicus Master List

This is the shortened version of the master list. If you wish to see the longer master list with summaries of each AU, you can find it here.

Acting Fishy AU—(Stuckony) TW: Medical, Panic Attacks, Suicidal Ideation, Suicide Attempt (mentioned), Imprisonment

Alien AU—(Stuckony) TW: Permanent Injury (minor character)

Angel AU—(Stuckony) TW: Panic Attacks, Suicide (mention)

Animal Brides AU—(Stony) TW: Past Domestic Abuse, Past Emotional Abuse, Self-Esteem Issues

Anthro AU—(Stuckony) TW: PTSD (mention), Drug Use (but the drug is catnip)

At Your Service AU—(Stuckony) TW: Kidnapping, PTSD, Torture (mention)

Awkward Stepfather AU—(Stony) TW: None

BDSM AU—(Poly-Avengers) TW: Mob

Been There, Gun That AU—(Stony) TW: Past Domestic Abuse, Stalking, Assault, Guns

Bowerbird AU—(WinterIron) TW: Past Abuse (mention), Drug Use (mention), Alcoholism (mention)

Dolittle AU—(Stuckony) TW: Assumed Character Death, Homophobia, Past Child Abuse (mention)

Double Octo AU—(Stuckony) TW: Blood, Injury

Dragon AU—(Stuckony in future) TW: PTSD, Past Abuse

Faerytail AU—(Stuckony) TW: Past Kidnapping (mention)

Four Score AU—(StarkSpangledWinterHawk) TW: Sexual Harassment/Assault, Miscarriage, Domestic Violence/Abuse, PPD, Difficult Labor/Birth, PTSD

Halloween AU—(Stuckony) TW: Blood, Assault, Sexual Assault, Attempted Kidnapping

Jingle Your Bells AU—(Stuckony) TW: Anxiety, Depression, Self-Esteem Issues, Coffee Beans Are Basically Speed

Metallic Feather AU—(Stuckony) TW: Kidnapping (mentioned), Torture (mentioned)

Monster AU—(Stuckony) TW: Depression (mentioned), PPD (mentioned), Major injury/Blood, Kidnapping, Spiders, Snakes

Murder Strut AU—(Stuckony) TW: Kidnapping (but it’s comedy)

Peaches and Cream AU—(Stuckony) TW: None

Pencils and Pumps AU—(Stony) TW: Homophobia, Transphobia, Internalized Homophobia/Transphobia (but he’s unlearning it)

Plushie AU—(WinterIron) TW: Mental Illness, PTSD

Pokemon AU—(TBD) TW: Animal Trapping (mentioned), Child Abuse (Mentioned)

Punk AU—(Stuckony) TW: Abusive Ex

Regency AU—(Stuckony) TW: Canon Character Death, Emotional Abuse (past), Physical Abuse (past), Sexual Assault, Kidnapping, Gory Death, Major Injury/Amputation, Suicidal Ideation, PPD, Dubious Consent, Major Character Death, Animal Euthanasia (mentioned)

Sound of Music AU—(Stony) TW: Minor Character Death

Stark and Vinegar AU—(Stony) TW: Blood and Injury

Supernatural AU—(Stuckony) TW: Self-Esteem Issues, Anxiety, Canon Deaths, Stalking, Kidnapping, Canon Bombing, Shifted/Human Sex, Dubious Consent

Tony Makes a Porno—(Tony/Any/Everyone) TW: Non-Consensual Sex Tape Leakage, Infidelity as a Plot, Professor/Student as a Plot, Violent Foreplay, Consensual Non-Con, Sex Slave as a Plot

Werewolf AU—(Stuckony) TW: Bigotry, PTSD, Canon Deaths, Actual Cinnamon Roll Howard Stark

Wolves and Wings AU—(Stuckony) TW: Major Injury, Mention of Rape

stevetony. coffeeshop au pretty please?? 🥰🥰🙏🙏


Tony typically didn't go to coffee shops. He had bags of his own ethically-sourced, specialty roasted beans at home. In fact, he quite preferred them, because he found the coffee available at coffee shops very bitter. So when Pepper said she wanted to try a new coffee shop, he immediately did his best to try and be annoying so she'd give up. He wanted to stay at home and drink his own superior coffee.

"I'll buy you a biscotti," Pepper said, and Tony folded like a cheap suit and sulked after her into the shop, because she rarely tried to bribe him so he knew it was important to her.

He understood as soon as they stepped inside. It felt like one of those salons he'd heard his parents talking about, where artists gathered and worked and talked. Everywhere he looked was an easel; the tables were covered with coffee cups and saucers, with paints and charcoals and colored pencils squeezed in any available space between them. Pepper liked art--not just famous art, but new stuff, original pieces. She liked commissioning works and picking the perfect spot to showcase them best.

Tony wasn't an artist, but he immediately fell in love with the tiny blond sketching in the corner. He had charcoal smudged on his jaw and his left eyebrow. He was looking at his work with the same intent that Tony looked at his inventions. He was sipping espresso as he worked. Tony wanted to kiss him.

"Oh no," Tony croaked.

"Oh no?" Pepper asked, turning toward him with a cup in each hand. She followed his gaze, then turned to smirk at him, smug. "Oh, see something you like? Do you want him to paint you like one of his French girls?"

"He's had French girls?!" Tony squeaked. "Why would he want me, then?!"

Pepper slanted him a flat look, remembered how insecure he could be with people he wanted to like him, and sighed. "I'll talk to him first."

"Do I need to know anything about charcoal to impress him?" Tony fretted as she carefully handed him his cup of coffee. "What if he can tell I'm not an art person?"

"I've met Steve before, Tony," Pepper sighed good-naturedly as she picked her way around to Apparently Steve's corner. "His type is sassy."

"Am I sassy or am I just an asshole," Tony asked worriedly.

Pepper nearly tripped over her own feet trying not to laugh. "You're both. Steve likes that. You're exactly his type, Tony. Don't worry."

"I still think you should teach me charcoal words just in case," Tony said, and whined when she ignored him to instead tell him that Steve had gotten a piece into MOMA and that he was thinking about taking up scuplture.

Me: *listening to pirate season of Criminalia*

Me: Stede Bonnet, like Steve, right?

Criminalia: *pronounces it “stayed”*

Me: <:0

Criminalia: You can pronounce it either Steed or Stayed!

Me: 🤯🤯🤯

People are actually going to this man’s grave to pay homage to him because of a fucking show? When I say I miss old fandom and that some people need to be bullied again, this shit is what I mean. You cannot go to the grave of a slave owner who actively quelled slave uprisings and profess what a fan you are Jesus Christ.

Me: *listening to pirate season of Criminalia*

Me: Stede Bonnet, like Steve, right?

Criminalia: *pronounces it “stayed”*

Me: <:0

Criminalia: You can pronounce it either Steed or Stayed!

Me: 🤯🤯🤯

@27dragons We’re going with grocery store AU because I’m in the mood for Shenanigans and would be derailed by lawn politics


“He’s back again,” Natasha said, and Bucky nearly broke his neck whipping around to look where she’d nodded. “You’re kind of embarrassing, you know? Like, you could be less obvious. I don’t want him to know I talk about him.”

“Tony’s a fucking idiot,” Bucky assured her, pointing directly at him to prove it.

Tony noticed, glanced over his shoulder, and shuffled out of the way of a bewildered woman wrangling a cart, a toddler, and a baby. Bucky didn’t know her. She didn’t know Bucky. Only Tony would assume he was being pointed at to get out of the fucking way.

Natasha sighed, unable to argue with his evidence. “I’ll tell Steve to go on break so you don’t clothes line him in the break room again,” she said instead, as if Steve wasn’t already speeding up his scanning in terror that Tony might join the line before Bucky came over to ‘relieve’ him again. Luckily Sharon looked more amused than offended.

Bucky sidled behind the register just as Tony set his basket onto the counter. “Hey, sugar.”

Tony blinked up at him, then brightened like the sun. “Bucky! I didn’t know you were cashiering today! I thought it was Steve.”

He was technically supposed to be stocking the beer aisle, but he didn’t tell Tony that. He was gone on him, but not gone enough to embarrass himself. “Well, I’m here. Always glad to serve you, doll.”

“You keep calling me pet names and I’m going to think you’re flirting with me, Bucky,” Tony said, smiling.

Bucky paused, artisan log of goat cheese hovering over the scanner as he turned his gaze on Tony. “...I am flirting with you,” he finally said.

“No,” Tony said, smile dropping in confusion. “It’s just part of your customer service persona. You’re probably nice to all your customers.”

“NO HE FUCKING ISN’T,” Steve bellowed from the break room, where he and Natasha were peeking around the corner, and Peter, standing in line behind Tony, helpfully added, “He’s really not friendly. He has a resting bitch face whenever you’re not here.”

“Peter, when did you get here,” Tony began, then screamed when Bucky reached across the counter to grab the collar of his shirt and tug him in. “Bucky, Peter is a minor!”

Bucky shrugged. “May gave me permission to thump him.”

“She did,” Peter agreed. “She said it takes a village.”

“What the fuck,” Tony breathed as he watched Peter squirm out of his shirt and duck back down an aisle while Bucky shouted ‘no shirt no service you little punk!’

Twitter: How about some Hollywood drama???? :)

Me: What is this backlash Sofia Carson is facing

Me: *reads what the movie is about*



Me: *closes twitter*

You know I think if you’re going to make someone an evil vampire(?) intent on marrying a beautiful woman you could at least have the decency to not make them up so they look bizarre. Thomas Doherty is not a bad looking man but in the commercials for The Invitation, he looks fucking weird. I know they were probably going for that uncanny valley/supernatural feeling but it did not work.

Got a new set of earrings for my helix and I must say I’m loving this one

Yeah yeah yeah my ears are red and always have been. Doesn’t help I irritated my ear putting the new jewelry in lol.

Me: *sees a ‘how intimidating are you’ ask meme* Oh! <:Dc

Me: *remembers how much it hurts my feelings when people call me intimidating* Oh. <:(c

All these colors we tried out and we’re repainting the house fucking green

I don’t hate the color green. I like the color green my parents chose.

Our house has been green for the last twenty years. Before that, we lived in another house for ten. That house was also green. We went looking at paint colors specifically to get something other than green.

And then my dad found the leftover green that he and my mom really loved (they painted the house a second, different green that they don’t like) and so we are REPAINTING THE HOUSE GREEN. Arguably a better shade of green, but still. Green on green. I’m gonna shit myself we spent one hundred bucks on beiges, blues, and purples, and instead we’re using leftover fucking green.

Everyone in the movies telling Spock to be more Vulcan and here comes Spock Prime telling him to put aside his Vulcan logic and follow his human heart do what feels right 😭😭😭

holy shit, I'd never heard about vanport before and I just read this article on it. i'm glad that you mentioned it in your post, idk when i would've learned about it otherwise.


It's funny you say "idk when I would've learned about it otherwise" because I only learned about it while binging my Stuff You Missed in History podcast. They posted it on February 3, 2016, and I think I listened to it in 2018? And that was the first I had heard of it. They didn't teach it in any of my history classes specifically on Oregon (although we all know why). When I asked my parents if they remembered Vanport, they had no idea what I was talking about. Fair, you would think, because they were born ten years after the flood that destroyed it. But then I realized that meant my grandparents didn't talk about it at all, despite having family in the Portland area. Which unfortunately makes sense, considering what my grandma was calling Brazil nuts.

Anyway here's a link to the podcast if anyone is interested, although the Smithsonian article is really good, too. The podcast was about the flood specifically, technically, but they did a good job of explaining the backstory and its repercussions as well.

You know the one thing I’ve always forgotten to tell people asking me about life in Oregon because they’re considering moving here is that Oregon is racist. We would have been part of the confederacy if we’d joined the civil war. My dad remembers when towns had literal signs proudly proclaiming to be sundown towns. We live fifteen minutes away from one where he can point out where the sign used to be. He is only sixty-eight.

Both my parents insist the Klan still has active meetings in Dallas. We had white supremacists at our capitol and marching armed through its local parks while drinking alcohol and police did nothing even after multiple calls from concerned parents. (ACAB, they aren’t there to arrest the klan because they’re wearing the hoods, “it was too dangerous for the police to confront them,” etc etc.)

I’m not saying this to discourage anyone. I’m saying this because it’s important to be informed. If you’re going to move here, research carefully where it would be safest for you. Portland is probably the best place but even it is not great (look up Vanport).

Oregonians love to tout how progressive we are but we are racist. Don’t let our crunchy granola façade fool you.


So this OTW Election drama is getting out of hand...

I see a lot of panic and fearmongering, and I think some facts need to be stated to help put things into perspective.

  1. The OTW, which operates AO3, has yearly elections for the Board of Directors. This is position which is occupied by SEVEN PEOPLE total. You can see the members of the current board here: https://www.transformativeworks.org/board-directors/
  2. The entire Board of Directors works together to oversee the OTW as a whole. They cannot and also do not oversee the details of day-to-day operations, such as your tags being wrangled, or keeping track of donations, or responding to support tickets, or keeping the servers working, etc. (https://elections.transformativeworks.org/what-the-board-does/)
  3. Therefore, ONE person being elected to the Board will not be able to completely shift the direction and goals of the OTW as a whole. You would need a 4 person majority at the very least, and the maximum number of seats up for election in any year is usually 3.
  4. The requirements for running for the Board are fairly simple: 9 months in the previous year as a volunteer (everyone in the OTW, including Board members, are volunteers), not being in the Elections committee, being a legal adult, and being a paying member (basically the same as being a voter in the election). More info: https://elections.transformativeworks.org/becoming-candidate/
  5. There is no nomination process or any sort of internal popularity contest at play here. Any views being expressed by a candidate therefore doesn't mean anything about the OTW's culture internally as a whole.
  6. There is a period of time before the election where all eligible voters get emails at the same email address they will send the ballots to, with instructions to a mock-up page of the ballot so that people can work out technical issues if needed. People who need accommodations for any reason are also able to request them during this period weeks before the election. So asking for a "tech testing" period before the election happens is... pointless. It's already there!
  7. Asking for more "screening" of candidates is reasonable on the surface, but the truth is, it could be ripe for abuse by people in charge of the process. Sure, perhaps the people who put these rules into place won't use the process badly, but who's to say nobody will ever be tempted to do so? It could lead to a Board and Elections Committee that works together to keep new ideas and changes in the OTW from ever coming to fruition. Just imagine the Board of Directors we hate in movies: old white men in suits who never want anything to change, and only let in people who are just like them. Also -- the reason we have elections AT ALL is so everyone gets a voice in how the OTW will run.
  8. This isn't like the US Election (or British, or wherever you are) where your vote is one drop in an ocean of millions. The OTW and AO3 are actually not that big in the wider world, and that means each vote counts more. Also, the ranked voting system means peoples' votes can count towards their second- or third-favourite candidate, or so on. It's not all or nothing here!

I know a lot of people are worried seeing what seems like anti views coming from "within" the OTW itself, but it is still one person out of hundreds. People are always going to have varying opinions; the GOOD thing is that people are voting against opinions that they don't agree with. That means the voting process is working.

There is a conversation to be had, perhaps, about changing some policies and requirements for candidates and members future elections. But right now? Breathe.

There is no risk of the AO3 censoring and banning fic overnight, even if you personally cannot vote this year. After all, the candidates weren't revealed until after everyone donated, and we know antis would never give AO3 their money.

(And for the conspiracists out there: ballot-stuffing is not 100% impossible, but EXTREMELY UNLIKELY. You would need to have paid 10$ donations for HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of fake people (which is $$$$) months in advance and also set up hundreds/thousands of email accounts for all these fake people, or for real people with nefarious aims. The reason we know the moon landing wasn't faked is because that many people could not have realistically kept a secret for that long. We would have heard whispers about it. The same applies here. This entire debacle came out of left field over the course of a few days!

And all that work, for ONE member who can't unilaterally change anything? Please.)

Tony squawking is like the italicized oh when reading anything from you XD ... I love that part always

The "spirited away" AU is amazing i love it so much the absolute horror of having eggs with someone named Bucky XD poor Tony

Really do love you writing so much 💝


Assklgdjsdkghj "Tony squawking is like the italicized oh" I love it 😂 It's not his fault he has standards which include having a name he wouldn't mind screaming in bed, Bucky simply is not a sexy name but Bucky doesn't mind the opportunity to prove him wrong either, Bucky thinks it's hilarious.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


I’ve decided I’m also very proud of the fact that Steve Knew Tony would be Like That about it.

Steve: But you’ll let Tony call you James still, right?

Bucky: Lol no? People who love me call me Bucky

Steve: Please let Tony continue to call you James

Bucky: No <3

Steve: Then perish

Bucky: >:0

Real talk, when did people start referring to tank tops as wife beaters??? Like, the name tank top existed, but we had to add spousal abuse to it for some reason???

My mother, vacuuming out a cupboard: Oh Rei, why did you get me started on this 🥺

Me: I didn’t start anything! This all started because you wanted to show me ugly dragons!

I’m fucking crying my mom is watching Field of Dreams and Kevin Costner just shouted “THIS IS MY CORN! YOU PEOPLE ARE GUESTS IN MY CORN!” I forgot the comical one-liners in this film