Aukane Min

@aukanemin / aukanemin.tumblr.com

 ~Commisions and asks are opened!~  Ukrainian, She/He/They, witch and goth. Artist and writer, developer of Secunda, visual novel.


 And here is a little present for @november-solarstorms from our Give Away! The drawing turned out to be incredibly fresh and new in itself - much less gloomy than most of my works, and this could be called a breath of air:)

Thank you very much for our meeting - and for a very special experience ~ And also, by the way, about new projects - I have something in mind that can be an amazing gift for everyone who was interested in my work;) I think we will meet next year - and I hope that this will be the beginning something completely, absolutely special:**

Thank you very much for all the kindness and support that we and my work met at this time!  Take care of yourself and have wonderful, unforgettable holidays~~