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Blog for the Magical Girl OC Zine, "A Touch of Magic." Here we will post updates as well as previews for the zine. ★ PRE-ORDER HERE ★ Feel free to ask any questions!

Pre-orders mailed!

all pre-orders have been mailed out, please let me know if you don't get yours in the next week or so and I will do my best to sort it out! Also, our printer sent us more copies than I expected so watch out for potential orders reopening after the holidays!

A Touch of Magic: A Magical OC Zine

Contributing Artists:


Trainee Bundle ($25) - Includes 1 book + 2 randomly selected postcards from the zine + 3 buttons!
Master Magician Bundle ($30) - Includes 1 book + 3 randomly selected postcards from the zine + 5 buttons + 1 sticker set!!!

If you’re interested in the zine >> please go here to pre-order! << first 10 orders get a free mini magical girl sketch! (design created by the artist)

Feel free to follow this blog for more updates/previews!

Pre-orders run from now until November 28th and there will likely not be a reprint so make sure to pre-order if you want a copy!!  Orders will ship out late December


This is the latest zine I’m in. Not only do I have my own illustration but also a 6 page comic! The preorder goodies are top notch. Here’s a larger sneak peek of my illustration page:

You don’t want to miss out!


I was invited to participate in a magical oc zine​ and here is a preview to my submission! The book is filled with so much amazing art, over 40+ pages and so much more! There are several bundles you can choose from with different goodies, so please consider supporting and check it out! 

Here is a link to the shop, and here is one to the tumblr for more information! 

Preorders end on November 28th!

Can anyone apply to contribute to the zone, or do you seek artists out personally?


I’m sorry to say, the zine is actually closed now. The artists in this were selected by invite but, if this one does well and there’s enough interest in making a second volume, I may open it up to applications next time. As it stands right now, though, I’m not sure if or when a second volume would come out but you can always check this blog for any new info that may come up!

He guys!!! So I participated in this other zine! This one is Magical OC themed! Aka Magical girl/boy! The zine is only $20 ! 40 pages long! Filled with colorful creations! The preorder for the zines cane be done here:http://atouchofmagic.tictail.com/

If not reblog and support us!! Here is the link to the main page with more information on the zine!