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Anonymous asked:

Do the Tergaian's know the words "Loki's Wager"? If a human used it, would Tergaian's be curious about it? After all, it involves the name of a god.

Well, they certainly would know what those words individually mean, and I'm sure they have some story attached to Loki that'd fit the bill even if it's not the exact same story as Norse Loki. *googles loki's wager*

...If a Tergaian heard that story I think they'd confer they'd never heard of it happening before but would agree it's inside Loki's wheelhouse for him to do

Anonymous asked:

So in the first FFH story, Caduceus mentions that the Earth and Tergaia timelines match now. Have the "Theoretical Thaumaturgists" caught onto this detail?

Some may have across the world of Tergaia but no official consensus has been reached yet. The scientific/thaumaturgic method still needs to be done and unbiased* tests/research done to confirm the results.

Plus an official consensus coming so soon assumes there are enough Theoretical Thaumaturgists actually talking to Humans -before or after the end of FFH1- to reach that conclusion.

*ain't that a laugh

Anonymous asked:

How are Tergaian wars different from Earth wars? Are they easier or harder? I was just thinking that Tergaia has probably never experienced anything on the level of WW2.

While guns and missiles don't exist on Tergaia, there are still bows/crossbows, swords, catapaults, and dragon riders (aka planes/bombers) alongside spellcasting. I can't say I know enough about, you know, Real War to make a proper comparison, but I would imagine it's closer to WWI military warfare at the moment. Not close to Fat Man and Little Boy dropping, but a step above muskets and cannons.

Anonymous asked:

How do the other gods feel about Caduceus? I'm sure they respect his position but I like to imagine they see him as a colleague rather than an upper manager.

I like to think of it as a Knights of the Round Table situation: yes, Caduceus is in charge and has the title of King, but everyone is generally on the same level.

His decision to pierce the Veil and allow humans to Cross Over came after a godly consensus (with the caveat that if his "experiment" failed, the others wouldn't help him fix it) instead of as an order/proclamation.

Anonymous asked:

I get the feeling that Caduceus consumes a lot of Earth media.

He does! And because he's got The Ultimate Passport(tm)* he can jump between Earth and Tergaia on a whim and just indulge himself

The original idea for his appearance including him reading The Colo(u)r of Magic from Discworld and drinking a Slurpee.

*aka he's a god he has the power he can cross over willy-nilly without a care in the world (and does so on a regular basis)

Anonymous asked:

Why haven't you included Caduceus in your Annual Swimsuit Competition on deviantart? :)


  1. I haven't done the swimsuit competition in years (when deviantart slowly become too much of a ghost town, i gave up on trying to get votes since people weren't checking in as often)


B. no one voted for him

Anonymous asked:

Do your gods have embarrassing/funny stories like some of the gods in Earth mythology? Tergaia has the Tome, and Tergaians care a lot about blasphemy, but they must know some stories of a god making a mistake or doing something funny.

Have there been embarrassing/funny stories at the gods' expense that are recorded in the Tome which are ultimately viewed as morality lessons for Vigilants? Yes, of course.

Are there even more that never made it into the Tome and are only known among the gods themselves?

Oh, honey.


Anonymous asked:

About demigod children in Tergaia. Do demigods get visited by their godly parent? Additionally, does the mortal parent get visited or is it a no contact relationship after the birth of the demigod child?

Unless it's something super-mega-Tergaia-shattering important, they tend to go "hey kiddo i'm your parent have a good life" and fuck off (because that's how gods do)