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I'm Bri. The world is quiet here.

I love coming into work every week and saying "guess what I got for free this weekend" and always being met with a chorus of "HOW" this week it was a fender drum kit and the answer is I'm gods favorite court jester next question


One of my biggest frustrations in trying to discuss queer media is how many people seem incapable of separating "this is an important milestone in representation" from "I did or did not enjoy this piece of media." Media analysis goes beyond just "fandom stuff," and queer media in particular deserves analysis and discussion because of how hard it's been stifled.

It doesn't matter if you hate Steven Universe, it's still important to talk about, because it showed the first queer wedding in American children's television. It has been cited by the creators of subsequent queer family animation as a major milestone in allowing their shows to enter production. The Ruby/Sapphire wedding is a historical milestone, and that doesn't stop being true just because you hate the show or think the ending was bad.

It doesn't matter if you think Will & Grace is entertaining or if you have any real interest in watching it, it's still a majorly important entry in televised queer representation. It kicked down the door to allow even more to come after, and deserves credit for what it did even if you don't personally care about the story.

It doesn't matter if you have any personal interest in Rocky Horror Picture Show, it's still got a ton of important history in queer spaces. Understanding why Rocky Horror showings were and still are hubs of queer expression is important even if you despise the movie and the creator.

Giving credit for representation milestones doesn't mean you can't have criticisms of a piece of media, it doesn't mean you have to like the media, and it doesn't mean you can't prefer other media. It doesn't mean it's free from problematic material, it doesn't mean it's god's gift to television, it doesn't mean it's better or worse storytelling than other stories.

It just means it's worth talking about and understanding the context in which it was made.


Reblogging this to mention a couple specific examples people have brought up in the notes, that I thought were really good--

  • Glee. How many of us fucking hate Glee? I do. You couldn't pay me to watch an episode of Glee today. Damn important at the time, though!
  • Rent. Fucking goddamn Rent. I hate Rent. But how many people did it introduce to broader queer stories and issues and community?
  • The Ellen Show. The show was a HUGE deal, and the impact of Ellen DeGeneres coming out was far, far reaching. Ellen as a person, however, is the kind of rich asshole who hangs out with fucking Dubya. And that's something that can (and should!) be talked about in the analysis of the show and its aftermath, without ever saying that "the show is bad and shouldn't exist and Ellen's coming out should never get talked about."

I just blocked someone for going on a tag rant about how Rocky Horror doesn't deserve to be on this list because it's "irredeemably transmisogynistic," and I need all of you to sit down and listen.

I never said you had to like the things on this list. I never said that you are required to engage with them.

What you are obligated to do, if you want to exist in queer community spaces, is respect the history and culture of the space you're in. You don't get to go into queer spaces and shit on the communities and traditions that kept the community alive. It doesn't matter if you "approve" of those traditions, what matters is that they kept. people. alive.

Every now and then someone gets over-the-moon pissed at me for defending Rocky Horror, and I just want so badly to introduce all these people to the 60-something year old trans woman who came up to the cast & crew when I was helping clean up after a RHPS shadowcast performance to tell us all about how she and her fiance have both been coming to Rocky longer than I've been alive, and how heartwarming it was to see people keeping the tradition alive.

If you have never been part of a queer space putting on a Rocky show for other queer people, don't talk to me about Rocky. Go count your fucking blessings that you live in a world where we can have new, better kinds of representation, but don't you dare act superior to the queers who have been Time Warping since before either of us were fucking born.


i know that it has some bad implications but when evil mirror versions of characters are hotter and sluttier than their original counterparts to show that they have no morals and are not to be trusted it's always kind of funny to me. like. what would you even do if you met your alternate self and they obviously get more pussy than you. how are you supposed to act about that.

btw being excessively nonconfrontational is NOT a positive trait. it does not mean u are “too nice” or just too kind to hurt people, it means u have a problem communicating and you need to work on it.


There are people in the notes saying that the alternative reason is that they’re doing it because of trauma and i gotta say that

1) same. I did have this same problem and reason for doing it.

2) this is not actually an alternate reason. You guys also have a problem communicating and while you can trace exactly WHY you have trouble communicating that doesn’t mean it’s okay to treat everyone like they’re potentially your former abuser and that you DO still need to work on this.

‘This behavior comes from trauma’ and ‘This behavior is harmful to you, to others and to your relationships with others’ are two truths that can co-exist, and that do co-exist quite frequently.

Before Steven was born Amethyst used to say ‘fuck’ all the time & so when he was a baby Greg had to sit her down and explain that she has to stop swearing around Steven because he’s young & impressionable

So Amethyst is like “but that’s my favourite word, when will be stop being young & impressionable so I can say it again??”

And Greg is like “uhh I don’t know, 15 I guess? 15 is probably old enough” 

“Got it”

flash forward to Steven’s fifteenth birthday and he is woken at dawn by Amethyst yelling “wake the FUCK up Steven it’s FUCKING TIME”

& he spends the entire day losing his mind

Steven: w-what’s happening

Garnet: *deadpan* Amethyst just got her favourite word back

Amethyst: *running around the house* FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK

Greg: what’s going on

Amethyst: you said once Steven was 15 I could say fuck again

Greg, who only hazily recalls the conversation in question: ……i DID?

Amethyst: *runs outside* FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK *distant sounds of spooked birds*

Pearl: Steven the *whispering* F-word is a bad word that Amethyst USED to say before-

Steven: I know what fuck means Pearl

Amethyst: *stopping dead in her tracks* WHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATT??

Pearl: who taught you that word mister!!

Steven: um… Lars and Sadie… *mumbling* five years ago…

Amethyst: I’ve been denying myself my favourite word for FIVE YEARS for NOTHING??

Greg: uh even if he knows what it means it’s still not really appropriate for you t-


Steven: …

Greg: …

Pearl: …

Garnet: …*quietly* fuck

Everyone else: O_O

Garnet: what. I missed it too

also Amethyst made a banner that says HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY STEVEN in very large writing

Connie: what’s going on

Steven: Amethyst is allowed to say fuck now

Connie: oh! are we all allowed to say fuck now??

Greg & Pearl in unison: NO!!

Peridot: what’s fuck