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Hey ya’ll, time for a monthly Mystery Skulls Animated production update! To start things off we’re showing the cleaned and colored shot of the Deadbeats scene we posted last month. In addition we also wanted to showcase a little more of the rest of the cast, this time including Vivi/The Ancestor being very cool and animated by the amazing Zeurel! (Vivi’s scarf is removed in the final version since that was an error even though it looks amazing here) Full update on Patreon: CLICK HERE

Arthur, Spell Slinger

 Illustration Commission for @arthurtristankingsmen, had a bunch of fun making the designs of the magic gear runes and playing with forced perspective Artwork was created by @keylligraphy-ink

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Hey YouTube did a stupid!!

Y'all know Ann Reardon? The woman who does all those fantastic debunking videos?

Well she posted a video on the extreme dangers of fractal wood burning (don’t effing do it) annnnd YouTube, in their infinite wisdom, took down the video because it “promoted dangerous actions”……hello????

Did they take down other fractal wood burning videos? Nope! Did they wait until she was #3 on the search for it, and had many many comments about how she just saved someone’s life or thanking her because the commenter knew someone who had died? Yep!!

So if you wouldn’t mind helping to raise this video up the ranks, she explains what happened and how much good the other video did, before basically telling YouTube to suck it (and risking a channel strike) by reinserting the footage telling why that type of wood burning is so dangerous.

I’d post the video in this post, but I’m not sure how views are calculated when watched through Tumblr. And algorithmically it’s better if you also could like and comment on the vid (I know it’s ridiculous but hey it helps stick it to YouTube’s insanity)

Here’s the link again!! It’s also just really informative and deserves a watch!

All my woodworkers hate this trend.


It’s worth adding that it wasn’t just a video pointing out how dangerous that “lifehack” was, Ann Reardon was explicitly calling out YouTube for hosting this genre of content without warnings and for profit and pointing out that they are culpable in the harm


For those who cannot watch the video or do not have the time, here is a summary of what’s going on and why it is extremely serious: 

The issue is with “fractal wood burning”, in which many people are creating DIY wood burning equipment using, most commonly, microwave components.


It is dangerous because the processes involved in the creation of these DIY rigs results in the wall voltage, essentially the strength of the electricity coming out of your wall outlet, getting effectively magnified in these DIY rigs.

This means that the voltage is MASSIVELY INCREASED to around 2000 volts as is explained in the linked video (linking it again here just because), and THIS CAN AND HAS ALREADY KILLED PEOPLE. 

Due to the way in which these DIY rigs are set up, YOUR FUSE BOX WILL NOT AUTOMATICALLY TRIGGER TO CUT THE CURRENT. 

This means that if you are being shocked, the safety systems in your home etc. will not detect it. You will not stop being shocked. 


It will also cause significant damage to your hands, and may also result in burns in the surrounding area/other areas of the body as well depending on points of contact etc. 

Even if you survive, you will permanently lose some degree of functionality, and likely will lose a significant amount of functionality. It is likely that your hands and heart will be most severely affected, but this does not rule out the potential for other related injuries or resultant complications. 

For clarity: Even if you survive, you will have permanent damage to your hands, heart, and possibly other areas of your body as well. 

Insulating gloves are NOT enough to protect you from a current this high and this concentrated via direct contact. 

You CANNOT do this safely.

The safety features found in most modern appliance wiring and most households etc. WILL NOT detect this issue, and will not prevent this from occurring. 

ANY direct contact with ANY components, INCLUDING THE TABLE ITSELF, can provide a fatal electrical shock. 

This has already killed several people, and severely permanently injured others who were not aware that the voltage increase was occurring or that it was as significant as it is, and also did not realise that this type of rig would not trigger their fuse box to cut the current as it reached dangerous levels. 



Please share this post, as I’m not sure how many people outside various arts and crafting communities are aware of this, and it is extremely important to spread the word about this.

Especially since YouTube sees fit to leave the tutorials up, but has attempted to take down the impeccable safety PSA created by How To Cook That. 

i want to be someone else’s safety. even nonromantically. i want to be “hey can i tell you something?” i want to be - i tried something new and i’m a little scared but i wanted to show you. i want to be “i knew i could trust you”. i want to be okay to hold the hand of, always ready to listen, always trying. even if i don’t get it perfect, you know? i just want to be a place other people can relax and be themselves and not worry for a fraction of an instant. 


Hey ya’ll, time for May’s update! On the next Mystery Skulls Animated video front, our clip to show off this time around is some Deadbeat action! This is the first time they’ve really flown around like this before, so its been a bit of a challenge to get their hearts in the right place. They’re still extremely cute either way. :) More update info on Patreon: CLICK HERE!

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Mystery Skulls Animated monthly update! This month’s update is gonna be a fairly brisk one.  As mentioned in the last update, we’re running thin on things to openly display that aren’t just slathered in spoilers, and this month is getting hit by that. Instead we thought we’d show off a WIP shirt design by the amazing artist Nelnal on twitter that we’ve had the immense pleasure of working with before. This was going to be part of Mystery Skulls’s tour merch, but now it’s something we think we’ll probably release at a later time when finished or closer to when the next music video is done. We’ll see! Full patreon update here: CLICK ME

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Ramadan Mubarak to all of my fellow Muslims, especially those who cannot fast. Just because you cannot fast does not mean this is not an important month ❤

Ramadan Mubarak 🌙

I often struggle with the fact that I cannot fast, but I always remember that ramadan is not just for fasting. It’s about charity, our connection to Allah(SWT), community, and becoming the best version of ourself. Allah(SWT) will see the good you do and the effort you put in this month, even if you cannot fast or you are not perfect ❤️

[ID: the bugs bunny in a suit meme, edited to say “i wish all muslims (esp those who cannot fast) a very blessed Ramadan” /end ID]


Mystery Skulls Animated Video Update!

For this month’s post, we wanted to show off a chunk of our animatic, given that’s been where our focus has been lately with production in solidifying specific story beats and action sections along with animation on other shots.

It was definitely hard pick to pick as we wanted to show something that wasn’t TOO spoilery, but would still be dynamic and interesting to look at. :) Full Patreon update: CLICK HERE!

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