The Ocean is Better Than Romance

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Okay so I came out to my mom as aro yesterday and today she sent me a meme with the aromantic flag as the background with Shadow the Hedgehog standing in front of it with text saying “crushes are for the weak” like oh my god guys.

OMG I CREATED THAT MEME, shoutout to your mom very based

This is the meme for people wondering

Hey hey! Your content general makes me happy as an allo aro and cupioromantic person. Since often I get shoved, silenced, and pushed due to my lack of ONLY romantic attraction.

VoidPunk has also been generally helping me a lot ever since I found the term. I'll like to thank you for that helpful and healing term!

Thank you so much for your help and support to the allo aro community to an allo aro from an allo aro!

I hope your days are going well as you generally put a smile on my face.


Glad to hear it! Hope you're having a good day too!

Hello! I have only recently discovered Voidpunk and I want to say thank you for bringing this idea into existence. This is changing my life and helping with the way I feel about lots of things in the best way possible.


Glad to hear it!



Yo, for the start of ASAW tomorrow (2/15/22) I’m going to be streaming the demo for I Just Want to be Single, the upcoming indie anti-dating sim. I’ll be streaming it on my Twitch at 7 EST, if anyone wants to watch: https://www.twitch.tv/aurora_valentina




Yeah ok so I’m moving the stream to next week lol. I am gonna play some Sonic Adventure 2 tonight if anyone wants to see that tho

PSA: If you see a link to a Reddit-based voidpunk server, don’t join it. It’s racist as shit lol. I’ve been in there for a few months and tried to get people to knock that shit the fuck off but the mods care way more about coddling white people than actually, you know, doing anything to support some of the people voidpunk was made for lmao. It’s an absolute dumpster fire and I do not recommend it to anyone, especially not POC or ethnic minorities because holy hell being in there will inflict psychic damage

hey I just wanted to tell you how great it felt to first find out how interconnected allo aro experiences are to voidpunk. I'd stumbled upon voidpunk before and really resonated with it, but finding out it had its roots in allo aro stuff was amazing, as again I've experienced the dehumanisation that comes with it but felt alone in that. so thanks!



Idk if it's just me but Im a YA reader or just basically someone who is currently reading the 'famous' books nowadays and all of those are full of romances and enemies to lovers where everyone is hyped at but im aro and im just sitting there like 😐 (why is there always romance subplots?)

And you feel like your misogynistic or something anti because you don't like anything with 'lovers' (yes including childhood friends to lovers and especially enemies to lovers)

or im just malfunctioning or something


Yeah that's the aro consuming media mood lmao

That post of yours about allos saying that "we're valid!" put my thoughts perfectly into words. Also, I really need advice: so my romance repulsion is really funky, as in I actually like SOME ships but most of the time I find most romance completely unnecessary and annoying, and lately I've been feeling guilty about being annoyed whenever people mention their romantic partners. Like, what do I do? My brain just switches off and my mood kinda sours and I don't wanna feel this way :(


Uhhh, honestly? I dunno. If I knew how to solve romance repulsion I’d be a lot happier myself, lmao. The one thing I will say is, obviously, don’t be a dick about it, make sure you’re not treating other people unfairly, but as for how to deal with it yourself... Yeah I have no idea. Sorry :(

FYA has erased one of my comments once. They were arguing with an exclusionist (who thought of us cringy ‘cause we “couldn’t love”...), replying to them with the “aces can still love“ rhetoric which I’ve criticised as amatonormative. Right after they deleted it, I send an ask explaining my point. They responded to me in private to thank me for my “helpful criticism” and changed their argument in the aformentioned rebuttal to “aces can still love romantically“, completely missing my point...


God. They really do have every opportunity to learn at their disposal and just don’t care enough to do so...

Ty for your response to my ask to FYA I'm stressed out and feel blamed rn it made me feel a lot better ^^.


Honestly your point was completely correct. They’re not actually interested in boosting any voices, just pretending to sound self-aware to avoid criticism. It’s unfortunate that they chose you to reply to out of the many, many critiques that they instead blocked in order to delete from the notes...

They keep saying "we didn't mean to ignore your voices" and "we want people to see the criticism" but then they continue to delete replies and block people to hide the reblogs. It's... very obvious what their actual intentions are.


Yep! Color me exhausted but unsurprised. What else is new, lmao.