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Before it happens, I need to make a post so my friends know. Basically, our AT&T services will be cut off either today or in a day or two. That means I will have no access to the internet, tv, or my phone. The cost is $296.85. We got behind in payments due to food and other necessities coming first and not receiving our stimulus. I don’t want people to think I’m ignoring them or anything like that.

If anyone would be willing to donate to help us keep our services, my Venmo is deirdrey-11 and my mother’s PayPal is here. I’m not completely sure if I’ll be able to access the Venmo or PayPal where I am once our services are cut off but I can try to figure it out. Maybe go outside a store with WiFi. I didn’t realize it would involve our phones so it’s 100% on me for not asking on my donation post regarding our car and my teeth before but I’m asking now. Please reblog this!

fecipher twitter, 1-12-2020: “Seliph: Savior of Jugdral”

[Card Showcase] As the son of the hero Sigurd, Seliph has inherited from him both the sacred sword Tyrfing and a virtuous spirit. He has raised a liberation army and risen up to save the land of Jugdral from Imperial domination. Before he knows it, his exploits have inspired the people to dub him the Scion of Light. (Illust. Homazō)

Card stats/skills:

B22-033HN Seliph: Savior of Jugdral Knight Lord/Cost4(3) Yellow/Male/Sword/Beast 70ATK/20SUPP/1RNG
“Come! I will falter no longer!”
Unifier of Light [ALWAYS] This unit is immune to destruction as the cost of, and via the effect of, skills.
[BS] Inherited Holy Soul [BOND] [TRIGGER] When you play this card in your Bond Area, if an allied “Sigurd” is present, you may choose 1 non-lord enemy, and move them.
Illust. Homazō