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Terror Camp 2022 Artist’s Alley

TERROR CAMP is an academic-style conference intended to showcase the research, work, and ideas generated by Franklin Expedition enthusiasts. 

However, in the spirit of its fan-created origins, we are keen to give the talented and creative community that has arisen from love of The Terror and polar exploration as a whole the opportunity to showcase their work and small businesses. 

As such, in traditional convention style, Terror Camp 2022 will be including an Artist’s Alley - a showcase of different artists and creators whose works are in some way Terror-adjacent, giving you the opportunity to browse the huge amount of creativity on display and providing creators the opportunity to link to their own store-fronts or ways of supporting them. 

The Artist’s Alley will be hosted in Discord, alongside the main conference discussion channels and the poster presentations. It will be free to take part, and we’d love to showcase as many and as huge a variety of goods, artists and shops as possible. 

I’d love a space in the Artist’s Alley!

That’s great! Please fill in this form; you’ll need to provide a name and email, as well as a summary or example of the sorts of things you’d like to showcase.

If you’re a creator, we would welcome the creation of any Terror Camp themed or exclusive items. Alternatively, you may wish to consider using the Alley to offer a limited time or conference-exclusive deal. That is, of course, entirely up to you, and we invite anyone with new or existing products to submit the interest form above.

We will be in touch with everyone who submits interest in the weeks preceding the conference to confirm logistics for the day!

Got questions, concerns, access needs, or want to be further involved? Drop us a line at command@terror.camp, or send an ask or message to the blog.

Charles Dellschau Drawings

Charles August Albert Dellschau was an American artist of Prussian birth. He is one of America’s earliest known outsider artists. Twelve of Dellschau’s scrapbooks surfaced in a junkyard in 1967, forty years after his death. From there they found their way into art museums. Then people began deciphering the coded writings he’d left with the pictures. And a strange story emerged. Dellschau had, it seems, belonged to a secret society that’d formed in the California gold-rush region around 1850 – the Sonora Aero Club. One member was supposed to’ve known how to distill a green crystal called Supe from coal. Add water to Supe and you generate a gas that negates gravity. Of course, when that member of the Aero Club died, the recipe for making Supe died with him.But Dellschau’s pictures kept pouring forth. Twelve notebooks survived, and Dellschau’s numbering system suggests that twenty more have been lost. By now, UFO people have adopted Dellschau’s pictures. Some think that mysterious sightings around Oakland, California, in the 1890s were actually airships built by the Sonora Aero Club and carried aloft by Supe.

read the amazing story here

Things the fringe is like

  • summer camp for adults
  • a really fucked up boarding school for clowns
  • ongoing and advanced penetration testing for my immune system
  • an AU of my own life where i was popular in high school and am still popular now
  • the flahback sequences in a film about a middle aged washed up comedian getting a second chance at love

whenever i get too upset about formula 1 i just think to myself that those are grown men in onesies chasing each other around in circles

Stress having physical effects is so stupid your body's just like "you've been having a real shit time and I'm about to make it worse" I hope you die I hope we both die