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My announcement for New Girl and B99 fans:

Okay, so this post may get long but it’s only because there’s a lot to talk about.

So you all may have noticed my quietness over the past few weeks, especially since Brooklyn Nine-Nine started. The reason for that was over the summer, it seems the head of publicity changed at FOX and since then, I had to re-register for press privileges and have also been emailing back and forth with people over there trying to figure out the screening room situation.

The thing is, I have yet to get a definite answer one way or another about my screening room privileges. So while I can’t say that I officially don’t have access to the screening room, it is still a possibility since at the moment, I only have access to photos and press releases, etc. And it seems this has been happening with a lot of other press outlets/blogs from what I’m seeing.

So that is the reason for the quietness; I’m just still trying to work everything out. I wanted to post this, though, so everyone’s aware of the situation. Having said that, please don’t fully freak out and think my previewing days are over, because that’s not technically the case yet. But if that ever does happen, I promise to let you all know.

Finally, I just want to say, regardless of what happens with all of this, I’ve had so much fun writing previews for you guys and talking to you all about two of my favorite shows for the past four years. And even if I am not able to post previews about New Girl or B99 anymore, I will still be here to talk about them and discuss theories and whatnot with all of you. Plus, I am more than happy to post any press information I do get.

For the New Girl fans, I know this will especially be a bummer seeing as this is the final season coming up and I know for me, personally, I was really looking forward to previewing it for you all. But hopefully I can work it out by then and if not, I will still be on here, freaking out about every moment right along with you.

Please if you have any questions/concerns/thoughts about this, feel free to send them my way and I will answer as many as I can.

Thanks so much.


A must read. This applies to my Gotham previews as well.

Telltale Games Batman: The Enemy Within SDCC 2017

The surprise announcement of three Telltale Games included this new Batman game, which follows the dark knight after the first season of this game series, with the emergence of the Riddler and the mysterious return of a man from his past... Check out the trailer below! https://youtu.be/hXRbi8Elxx0

Supernatural SDCC 2017

After the heartbreaking season finale that saw the brothers facing Lucifer on an alternate earth, the brothers now face the loss of their mother, Crowley and Castiel. While their mother is trapped on that alternate earth with Lucifer and Bobby, the brothers will be disagreeing a lot this season. Dean wants to move on and mourn their mother, while Sam believes she is alive and needs their help. Meanwhile, Dean will want to go after Lucifer's son, while Sam will want to appeal to the son's human side. It'll be a chaotic season to be sure, but can the brother's unite, or will they break apart? Plus, expect a back door pilot for the highly anticipated spinoff, Wayward Sisters, starring fan favorite Sheriff Jodi Mills and other favorite female characters. Check out the trailer below! https://youtu.be/7ly3ycxdBf4

Vikings SDCC 2017

The latest season of Vikings picks up after the incredible season that saw King Ragnar and King Ecbert fall, and the sons of Ragnar took their father's mantle as conquerors. With Ivar lusting for blood and facing a new threat in a Templar Knight, and Bjorn journeying across the world to conquer new lands, this season proves to be larger than life as the legacy of the Vikings continues to grow. Check out the incredible trailer below! https://youtu.be/s28cBkmoVIk

Ducktales SDCC 2017

The highly anticipated return of a classic Disney series, Ducktales splashes onto the Disney channel this year. With news that not only would this new cast be bringing our favorite characters to life, but that the terror that flaps in the night himself, Darkwing Duck, would be making an appearance or two, and showcasing an art style that matches some of the original comic book style, this return of a fan favorite cartoon is one of the biggest cartoon highlights at this year's convention. Check out the trailer below! https://youtu.be/u-DqkLNDo0E

Thor Ragnarock SDCC 2017

On the Marvel side of things, the third film in the Thor franchise showcased it's new trailer, highlighting a more comedic, Guardians of the Galaxy toned film, in which Thor finds himself on a distant planet after a defeat at the hands of Hela, the goddess of death, and must form his own team of unlikely heroes to stop her from unleashing Ragnorak, the Norse mythology version of the apocalypse. Featuring the return of Loki and The Hulk, plus the introduction of characters like Valkryie and Grandmaster, this film promises to be larger than life and a fun time. Check out the amazing trailer below to find out more! https://youtu.be/ue80QwXMRHg

Justice League SDCC 2017

One of the top hits at the convention, DC Comic's Justice League film showcased a ton of new footage, from the emergence of the film's villain, Steppenwolf, to the large scale battles the league faces during the attempted invasion and the inclusion of some humor between the heroes, (including a great exchange between Commissioner Gordon and The Flash). Plus, Easter eggs galore for characters like Green Lantern and Superman. Check out this incredible trailer below! https://youtu.be/g_6yBZKj-eo

The Dark Tower SDCC 2017

The highly anticipated adaption of Stephen King's magnum opus, The Dark Tower, held a massive presence at Comic Con this year. From recreating the infamous Dixie Pig restaurant to revealing some choice Easter eggs in the film, (Pennywise from It, a surprise Salem's Lot Easter egg, etc), and a ton of footage showcasing the upcoming battle between the gunslinger (Idris Elba) and the man in black (Matthew McConaughey) this was a hit at Comic Con, and with the release date fast approaching, this will be one of the first films out of the con to be shown to audiences everywhere. Check out the trailer below! https://youtu.be/r1bitCJXyHU

Supergirl SDCC 2017

After saving the world at the cost of her boyfriend Mon-El, Kara finds herself doubting her place among humanity. Believing Kara Danvers to be a liability, she instead decides to focus all her energy on being Supergirl, but with human threats like Adrian Pasdar's Morgan Edge and a new Kryptonian threat on it's way to Earth, will Supergirl be enough to face them, or will she need her humanity to face these threats head-on. Also be on the lookout for the return of everyone's favorite media mogul, Calista Flockheart's Cat Grant. Check out the trailer below for season 3! https://youtu.be/DaI6dcoRRQQ

Legends of Tomorrow SDCC 2017

After breaking time at the end of last season, the team of misfits finds themselves with the task of fixing the time aberrations that have suddenly popped up. With the likes of Damien Darhk becoming a full-time cast member and team founder Rip Hunter heading a new organization intent on keeping the timeline safe, the team finds themselves facing new threats, and a secret being kept by Rip promises a larger threat than they've ever faced before. Check out the season 3 trailer for a look at the upcoming action. https://youtu.be/qwGNep39atY

The Flash SDCC 2017

After the deadly battle with Savitar and the ultimate sacrifice made by Barry in season 3, The Flash highlighted life without Barry Allen. A heartbroken Iris narrates the trailer as she attempts to be strong, moving on as Barry asked of her. However everyone is not on the same page, as Joe continues to mourn for his lost son and Cisco works day and night to bring back his best friend. When a powerful, sword-wielding meta-human threatens the city, only one man can save them: the fastest man alive. Check out the trailer for season 4, and be on the lookout for the likes of non-speedster villains of the season. https://youtu.be/bYDdu_mC6cI

Arrow SDCC 2017

After the quite literal explosive finale of last season, fans are eager to find out who survived the destruction of Lian Yu, and what kind of man Oliver will be after the soul-crushing season he faced last year. After an adversary like Prometheus, who will he face, and what kind of team will be supporting him? Check out the sizzle reel below, as well as the first glimpse at season 6. https://youtu.be/DHZEeDEwRE0

The Gifted SDCC 2017

FOX had another great superhero presence at this year's Comic Con. Over on the Marvel side of the comic universe, FOX is premiering a brand new show called The Gifted, in which a family living in the X-Men universe find themselves on the run after it's discovered their children are mutants, and the father who has spent years finding and locking up mutants must suddenly throw all of his convictions out of the door to protect his children. Taking place in a different version of the X-Men universe, fans will be delighted to see characters like Blink make their debut on the new show. Check out the trailer below to get a glimpse of what's to come. https://youtu.be/TSvX-azZmG4

Gotham SDCC 2017

Gotham had a fantastic presence at Comic Con this year. After a great highlight reel showing some of the best moments and plot developments in season 3, fans were treated to a fun snippet of activity to preview the upcoming fourth season. Watch the video to get the full scope, but to get you guys excited, expect fear to play a big role this season... https://youtu.be/dd3Dp4zVJmY

Younger, Season 4 episode 2:  Gettin’ Hygge With It

Liza continues to deal with the consequences of her confession on an all-new ‘Younger’ airing Wednesday, July 5 on TVLand.

Hello to the Younger fans who have just started following this blog.  I’m Aly and I work for On Request Magazine.  I will be writing previews throughout this upcoming season of Younger of each episode that they put up ahead of time.  I’ve been writing previews for New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine for a few years now, and I’m thrilled to get to preview episodes of Younger for you all since I’m a big fan of the show myself.  

Just a heads up, these are just previews and I am not allowed to release major spoilers to anyone.  That being said, you are more than welcome to send me questions after I’ve posted the preview and I will answer as long as they aren’t too spoilery.  So now that we’ve covered all of the bases, let’s get to the preview of “Gettin’ Hygge with it”.

Still reeling from finding out that Kelsey is living with Josh, Liza tries to focus on her job while still trying to mend her friendship with Kelsey.  While doing that, she is assigned to help Diana host a party at her home for an author that will soon be releasing a book with their publishing company.

Meanwhile, Kelsey is striking up an interesting friendship with Josh as they commiserate over their failed relationship and friendship with Liza.  Lauren becomes suspicious, though, when Kelsey won’t fess up to the real reason behind her living with Josh.

During all of this, Maggie meets a local Barista who is a fan of her artwork and becomes an instant friend of her’s, but Maggie may be hoping for something more.

This episode has plenty of drama but still manages to work in fun moments when appropriate.  And while I really want Liza and Kelsey to make up, I think this season is going to be a bumpy ride for them.  Here are a few things you can look forward to in the episode:

  • Liza explaining a meme
  • Dopplebanger
  • Kelsey’s House of Yes experience
  • Two-step moves

Don’t miss an all-new episode of Younger, airing Wednesday, July 5th at 10/9c! Feel free to send any questions you may have my way, and I will answer, as long as they aren’t too spoilery!

Great preview for Younger fans out there!

On Request Magazine's Best of E3 2017! Last week, E3 2017 kicked off, and during the last week a slew of new games, technologies and consoles were unveiled. While the Xbox One X highlighted Microsoft's conference, Sony came out swinging with as slew of new and exciting games, and Nintendo unveiled some breathtakingly beautiful games to come on their recently released Switch system. Let's break down some of our favorite games from this year's conference! 1) Assassin's Creed: Origins: Always a highlight of not just Ubisoft's conference, but of the convention as a whole, the creators of the Assassin's Creed series unveiled the highly anticipated trailer for their latest game, Origins. Set in the highly requested time period of Ancient Egypt, you play as a man who will build the foundation of what will be known as the Assassin's brotherhood. Coming into a time when Egypt already has much history and lore, the fall of the empires are at hand, and that is where players will come in. The biggest update has to be the new gameplay mechanics, which focuses more heavily on RPG elements now, such as skill trees, loot and more. While the gameplay looks fun and the demo looks just as visually bright and stunning as AC IV: Black Flag, we here at On Request Magazine just hope the shift in gameplay doesn't take away from the magic that built this franchise into the powerhouse it is now. The game comes out this October. 2) Call of Duty: WWII: One of the gaming industry's biggest franchises is returning to their roots with Call of Duty: WWII. Building a story about the soldiers who fought a war that changed the world forever, the game will also include new multiplayer modes, as well as a brand new Nazi Zombie mode with a new storyline as well. This is a game not to miss, so be sure to check it out when it releases this November. 3) Days Gone: The zombie apocalypse genre has been done so many times within the industry, that when a new one comes around, you look for what makes it stand out from the rest. In Sony's Days Gone, that something special has arrived. Within the demo, we're treated to a mission to rescue a friend, and along the way we navigate an apocalyptic world, filled with murderous raiders, blood-thirsty wolves, rival survivor groups holding your friend, and a massive horde of zombie-like creatures. The scenery is beautiful to behold, and the highlight of the demo came during the rescue itself, when your character decided to blow up the barrier holding the creatures back. Soon you just sit back and watch as the creatures run full force after the survivors. It's an intense, action-fueled demo, and by the time a zombified bear comes by, the demo cuts to black, leaving everyone here eager to learn more about this incredible new world. Days Gone comes is listed as TBA now. 4) Fallout 4 VR: By now, we've all heard of the world of Fallout 4. Now, Bethesda studios has unveiled their foray into the world of VR gaming. While not much is known yet, the prospect of getting to explore the capital wasteland in virtual reality makes this a must play game for sure! 5) Far Cry 5: This is one of our favorite games to come out of E3 this year. Moving the setting of the Far Cry series to rural America, and focusing on a gun-toting cult makes this one of the most fascinating stories to come out of the franchise. Exploring a setting familiar to a lot of people and exploring the mentality of a cult when combined with the high-octane action of the series makes this a must play game. This game will launch in February 2018. 6) Kingdom Hearts 3: While the game is still listed as TBA, a surprise trailer was released for the highly anticipated Disney and Square Enix game, Kingdom Hearts 3. Showcasing the non-stop action of the updated gameplay and showing off the world of Hercules, as well as the return of several characters, including Maleficent, Pete and Hades, as the former two search for a mysterious black box. We cannot wait to learn more about this incredible game. 7) Marvel's Spider-Man: Another top contender for one of our favorite games of the conference, the newest Spider-Man game presented by Sony showcased a sense of magic and wonder that reminded us of the Batman: Arkham games. Focusing on a massive open world, new and obscure foes and a huge emphasis on web-slinging action, this game looks incredible. This is listed as TBA. 8) Star Wars Battlefront II: This game looks incredible. Right off the bat, this demo showcases so much amazing gameplay, including new classes of soldiers, various time periods from the Star Wars universe, and classic and new characters such as Darth Maul and Rey. The tease of the highly anticipated single player campaign was briefly shown as well, and the thought of a brand new original story makes me excited as well. This game is due out in November 2017. 9) Super Mario Odyssey: The biggest highlight of Nintendo's conference had to be this game. Taking Mario on a 3-D, globe-trotting adventure, players will utilize the Switch to unleash a slew of new abilities in order to save Princess Peach. Mario is one of the most iconic gaming characters, and the newest game is sure to bring a new generation into the fandom while giving long-time fans a fantastic new way to play. This game is due out in October 2017. 10) The Evil Within 2: One thing we were looking for at this conference was an exciting new horror game, and we were not disappointed. Serving as a sequel to the first game, The Evil Within 2 focuses on Detective Sebastian Castellanos as he must enter the nightmare world once more in order to save his daughter. The trailer was filled with several scares, and the visuals were absolutely terrifying and stunning. This game looks phenomenal, and we hope you'll look out for this game in October 2017. Well there you go guys. That was our top 10 list of games shown at this year's E3. Who do you think won this show this year? Did Microsoft win you over with the Xbox One X? Is VR the future of gaming? Let us know in the comments below what you thought of this year's conference, and be sure to tune in to On Request Magazine for all the latest news, reviews and previews of all things gaming.