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Hi! I just saw your post about others using FC Caleb Landry for Armand. That page on facebook is called El jardin salvaje, they're a rol group and they're bullied other rolplayers. They have Tumblr accounts too, and twitter.


{Lovely... Bullying is just great for any fandom >_> I sincerely hope that this is old news by now, because if I saw anyone doing such a thing I would be forced to step in.}

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Marius sighed, a look of sympathy crossing his face. Indeed, he had thought about reading the book Armand had dictated to David, but part of him refused. He would not steal the words he wanted in such a cheap manner. It felt like breaking his fledgling’s confidence. 
       “I admit that I do have the book, darling, but I’ve yet to open it. These wounds were not meant to be discussed from something as trivial as words printed in a short history of so much life. If you wish to tell me what happened then I will listen and we can discuss it, but I will not read that book until after. I felt it only justified to let you speak your mind without the biase of a text that wasn’t written for the whole world, but for your companions at the time to understand you a bit better.” He replied softly.
 He could see the hurt, hear it in his voice when he spoke. Even if they did not discuss it tonight they had an eternity to try later. “All I want is what you’re willing to allow me. I’ve no right to ask you to relive things that I’ve heard pain you, nor would I assume such. I will enjoy your company more than anything, but if you ever do decide to open these wounds again I’m here for you to talk to.” He replied, placing another kiss on his fledglings cheek. “All I want is you, love. What happened in the past can stay in the past unless you want my help with it.”

It had been some time since he had been truly surprised, but Marius had always seemed to possess a unique ability to do so with ease. Had he truly not read ‘his’ book? Even despite the eternal disconnect of their minds, he knew Marius’ words to be true. His auburn brows knitted in a softly curious expression, hinting at the cherubic face that had once so captivated the man before him. 

He could not deny that his words stirred a certain anger and bitterness. He wanted to spit venomous barbs at him about how he could have so easily sought him out, or even saved him, if he so wanted to hear and heal his wounds. But how long had it been since he had actually wanted to be found? And it was longer still since he had accepted anyone’s attempts to save him. Why did he hold Marius to such a different standard?

Perhaps he was still too much the awe-struck boy in Venice, desperate to not only please but captivate his master. All he wanted was his attention, and a part of him hated himself for it.

“Let’s not speak of wounds and scars tonight” he practically muttered, his eyes downcast and hidden beneath dark lashes. “I want your company just as you want mine.” His eyes suddenly snapped up to meet Marius’, his face immediately betraying his surprise at his own words. Even after all this time, Marius so easily drew the truth of his heart from him.

“A walk, yes” he said, his fingers finding Marius’ hand but not quite taking it. “And I must feed. It’s been too long.”

Those last four words were the truest statement of the night.


The little things

Marius chuckled lightly, eyes traveling up his companion. Such insistence on having his full attention made him smile. It might’ve been centuries since such, but the lapse in time seemed knitted together, allowing them a beginning close to what they’d left off with even if many things had changed between them.“I promise it’s not for paint or otherwise, only to enjoy your company. Shall we head to the park?” He asked, standing up as well. “Mortals are still out with the weather being nice. We could hunt and then just enjoy each other and the evening.” He mused, gently running his hand against his cheek before kissing his companion’s forehead. “Besides, it’s been centuries since I’ve had your attention. There’s much to catch up on.”

Armand closed his eyes as if in a reverie, Marius touch feeling more like a memory than anything real. A part of him that he had buried so very deep for so very long simply wanted to accept it and slip back into place, like returning to a still warm bed, but he held his heart far too tightly for such things.

Still, every bit of his hidden heart cried out for Marius’ attention and affection, slipping out in almost playful words and a pout that had very nearly become foreign upon his face. He tried to steel his mind before he spoke again, but the sense of Marius’ touch still lingered upon his skin.

“I would have thought that you had done what all others did; read the books and claim to know me beyond any words. Again, books have always done well to hold your attention” he said, a touch of hurt sharpened by bitterness curling about the edges of her voice. Sometimes he wished that he had never spoken to David. More than that, nearly ever day he wished that Lestat had never spoken to anyone

“Is it my company you desire or my story?” he asked evenly, although his eyes almost begged for the former.


The little things

Marius had been watching his fledgling from where he sat, noting the smaller movements of his companion as he read, the way his eyes scanned before his fingers, grasped the corner of a page, delicately, to turn it. He smiled, closing the book he’d been reading. “Shall we go out? I think we could explore the city a bit. Besides, you do need to hunt, darling.” He whispered, catching his companion’s attention.

Armand’s dark eyes strayed from the page for barely a ghost of a moment, lingering on his master with considered curiosity. A hint of a smile danced across his face, the sort that was only noticeable by those closest to him and which disappeared as quickly as it came.

“It seems that we have traded places for the night. Not long ago, it was I competing with a book for your attention.” More like begging Marius to look to him as he did his books, but nothing could make him say such a thing aloud. Nor would he admit that he had not actually been reading for some time. Just as Marius had watched him, Armand had snuck glances over the edge of his book to the fair-haired ancient. 

In what seemed like one fluid motion, he set his book aside, rose to his feet and walked Marius’ side. “I will go only if you promise this is not a trip to replenish your library or paints. I want your heart and mind to be mine alone.”

Venice on Flickr.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to go through your hard discs to search for hidden treasures. When I have been on a trip, taking many photos, I am often a bit blinded when it comes to what photos that will be good ones or not. I do often not see this before long after, The reason is that at this point I am able to review my own work more like an third part. I am not longer influenced with what I felt and believed when I was on the scene taking the photo. This photo from Venice has been on my hard disc since 2010, and I did first discover it’s potensial now. I didn’t think much about it when I was browsing through the pictures from Venice back then. But when I saw it now, I realised that it acutally was a good snapshot.

                                you dream of people dying…

             (  they ALWAYS  go)

                                 i dream of people leaving… 

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I've been finding it rather difficult to get into the heads of my canon characters. I hold myself to a very high standard when I write them, which can make it difficult and panic-inducing to write. I am trying my best to work through this, simply because I love writing with all of you and I (obviously) adore these characters. Until then, all that I can do is offer you my sincere apologies.

                                             Eternal life,                                                                    the ultimate gift; 
                                                   but to live                                                            forever, is to
                                                                  D I E
                                                       ten thousand times.
                                           The longer you live,                                                           the more you will lose,                                      you will have to watch everyone                                                                      you have ever loved,                                                                                           D I E.
                                           {          There is                                                                     N O T H I N G
                                                    in this world to fill an                                                                eternity.                     }