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Forgotten Indiscretion - Chapter 11 (on Wattpad) https://www.wattpad.com/1027626251-forgotten-indiscretion-chapter-11?utm_source=web&utm_medium=tumblr&utm_content=share_reading&wp_uname=angelicakate5&wp_originator=nw7l7jxUEogXLUQtTTSyh%2Fh1FWl0kr2qT6HmEoIFlnvmQvyOTxYQ4uZ3sI40cfnWb3ascYPBLyf%2BuF54PNn71JCtPkCAiP5CCeoI0dMlAW%2Fw3HrYnHvgoHSPsh0JLX5F Trace Suffort is the tall, dark and silent type that has farmed the land that has been in his family for generations. He is devoted to his sisters and caring on the family traditions that run through the soil of their farm, but when his little sister's best friend returns to the farm after years in the big city his uncomplicated country life is turned upside down. Shane Hartford was the object of his silent affections for years, but when the big city called her, he hadn't stood in her path. Their separate paths in life are about to collide in a secret long held that will bring old emotions and new complications surface. Shane Hartford had thrown herself at her best friend's older brother years previous, but upon being rebuffed she had split for the big city and dreams bigger than the rolling hills she had been raised exploring. She had made good on her aspirations and built a life that should have fulfilled her every desire. When an accident makes her in need of a quiet place to deal with people to support her through her predicament, she is forced with facing secrets of the past and a confession she had hoped to never make that will change her family irrevocably.

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