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"I'm Rod Sterling. Today- the writers for 'The Twilight Zone' forgot to do an episode, so we're just going to sit here and build this Lego Death Star my wife bought me instead. We can just say the set is haunted or something, I don't give a shit"

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painting made easier

[Audio Transcript:

Do you want to paint but pain, disability, limited range of motion or tremors are getting in the way of that?

It’s world watercolor month and disability pride month, so let’s combine the two and talk about ways that you can watercolor and make it a little easier on yourself.

First up, if you struggle with grip issues, some manufacturers like Blick will actually make some of their brushes with egg shaped handles.

These are typically easier to hold, but they do come in a limited range of options so you can get something like one of these egg shaped pencil holders that will do more or less the same thing. These are just a bit easier to hold and they can reduce hand fatigue.

Next up, if you struggle with something like tremors or shaking, weight is your friend. There are universal weighted handles that you can slip onto the end and tighten on your brush or whatever you’re using as long as it fits in, and it adds a bunch of weight to the back end of it so it reduces the amount of shaking that’s possible.

If you struggle with grip strength or need something to help you hold onto something, this is an easy ring writer clip, and you can slot your brush into it and even if you’re not gripping it tightly it’s still secured to your hand.

Another option is something like this, this is an easy grip. It’s a silicone attachment that you can place on that give you an extra handle and extra security for holding your brushes and other art tools.

And finally one of my favorite tools is this artist leaning bridge. Mine is an acrylic piece of plastic that just sits over the top and allows you to rest on top while you can paint underneath it.

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everyone's like wehhhhh why doesn't doctor house gets suuuueeed! like my man. literally every patient he sees is someone that's been trying to find a diagnosis for ages. i could live with a little medical malpractice if it were coming from someone ready to break into my home to look for allergens and not simply half heartedly listen to me before suggesting I lose weight and take ages of back and forth arguing to order a single test


"it's medical malpractice" have u ever been a doctor? most medicine is malpractice. let the man limp around chewing vicodin doing 50 invasive tests please

Once Taub (derogatory) derisively said about a patient with unexplained chronic pain “7 doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with him, what does that mean?” and House replied without even thinking “it means they’re idiots” and proceed to work his ass off to diagnose the patient Taub wanted to write off as a faker or something. If a doctor had said that when that patient was ME, I wouldn’t dream of suing them in a million years


loving the discourse atm that’s ‘vampires disgusted by all the anti-anxiety meds and microplastics in people’s bloods’ vs ‘vampires probably miss the high that over-the-counter opium and mercury tinctures gave blood’

Vampire figuring out he’s depressed after feeling better drinking antidepressant blood.

Vampire in an aloha shirt, sipping a blood and antidepressant cocktail through a bendy straw: “Turns out dressing in solid black and living in a dark cave for two hundred years was a symptom, not a lifestyle. I still live in the cave, obviously. Real estate is insane these days. But I put some lights in and bought a nicer coffin.”

PREY (2022) dir. Dan Trachtenberg

You think that I am not a hunter like you. That I am not a threat. That is what makes me dangerous. You can’t see that I’m killing you. And it won’t either.


I could never work in an American bookstore these days. I'd have to work in one in like Prague that's frequented only by elderly parishioners who want me to find old whaling ship logs for them. If I were employed at Barnes and Noble and someone approached asking where to find "enemies to lovers with slowburn" I think I would just tear them in half vertically without blinking

I finished portal and immediately went to ebay and ordered portal 2, I cannot wait to hang out with that wretched stephen merchant ball that people were obsessed with 10 years ago

I’ve been playing for about half an hour and I’ve come to the conclusion that I would die for this little sphere guy