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So I get the purpose of that "Some replies may have been hidden, blocked, or removed" banner that appears in the replies of posts, but it sure leaves a "something terrible happened here" vibe.

Almost wish I had the option to clarify like "No, no discourse happened here. Just that sugar daddy pornbot found this post and I had to put him on a tissue and let him out outside."


ive binged like ~14 hours of resident evil lore videos over the past few days and i feel like im on the verge of some kind of severe mental break scenario


male narrator in a completely flat voice: umbrella kidnapped a bunch of specifically 18-24 year old males and sawed their skulls open without anesthesia. this was to extract brain juices only produced during moments of high stress and fear which is necessary for the mass-production of tyrants. while this was occurring, leon s. kennedy was in new mexico fighting bat people

me doing the dishes:

That’s real lore by the way.  Except for the part of Leon being in New Mexico.


yeah sorry my mistake. he fought the bat people in nevada


Hey, AO3 folks (and fanfic writers elsewhere)... if you see this offer, RUN AWAY FROM IT. IT’S POISON.

Please read this twitter thread and then stay FAR AWAY from the people being described…

The tl:dr; version: These people want you to “file the serial numbers off” your fanfic and publish it with them.

The catch: If the IP owners ever come after you, you’re on your own… and you have to pay the publisher damages! (Not to mention the IP owner…)

Also: their advances are CRAP. Also: Your advance (such as it is) is obtained by crowdfunding. WTF!!!


AVOID AVOID AVOID. Dear sweet THOTH on his e-scooter, stay away from these people.

ETA: Victoria Strauss of Writer Beware has looked at the contract and declared it “completely incoherent and inadequate”.  

So, honestly… AVOID.


@thebibliosphere Worth boosting?

Yep. I saw it on Twitter yesterday and the contract is genuinely bonkers. Avoid at all costs.

Video games are part of humanity’s culture, video games whether good or bad old or new should be preserved, media from Hollywood gets preserved all the time, where instead video games are just left to rot.

If art, books, movies and shows can all be preserved then video games should get the same treatment.

i love you purple i love you lavender i love you lilac i love you wisteria i love you violet i love you mauve i love you periwinkle i love you amethyst i love you


its of utmost importance you have sound on while watching this

If you can’t make use of the sound, please imagine the soft snuffles of a hand vacuum that’s capable of love.

i love it, sniff animal

sniff animal saturday


This is like… CARTOON goth. This is the kind of goth i aspire to.

Video Transcription:

“Good evening, Goodwill shoppers. (Halloween noisemaker: ooooOOOOooooo) The time is now seven fifty. The store will be closing in ten minutes. (Halloween noisemaker: ominous piano.) We ask you at this time to start bringing your final selections up to the front… or else. (Halloween noisemaker: witchy cackle.)”

End of transcription.

truly can’t get over how much everybody dunked on tumblr for banning porn and yet in 2022 this is the last bastion of social media sites where you are allowed to say tits without being blasted into space


Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill Kill it feels good to be on top

Maim murder violence rage, 10000 sun cock punch

To be clear though, it would still be better if they brought the tits back.