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Anonymous asked:

what's your twitter?

Whoa this is an old anon message.Hey long time no see Tumblr. As you can tell I don’t use this site very much, but I’m extremely active on twitter! If you’re still interested you’re free to find me at my public twitter account I’m @ObscuraVision

As far as tumblr goes I may check in every once in a century. Being on here makes me nostalgic for all the good times and the people I met on this site. I still miss my old mutuals on here, but I hope you’re all doing well! 

Wow I never post here anymore. Anyways hey tumblr long time no see! My life has been pretty good! I might stop here now and again, but I'm more active on Twitter.

I made figure of YOKAI of japan “NEKOMATA”.

NEKOMATA is japanese Cheshire Cat.

She  always smile and talk about the creepy thing.