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Wow, some people don’t know how large the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 is or its reach. Why hurt our storylines when you need to be working on yours.  We’ve been roleplaying a very long time on social media.  No one cares about your art that you’re STEALING TRADEMARKS from which is a bigger crime. Disney Lucasfilm can sue you for that. Do you have a license to use their trademarked characters? All Star Wars characters have been trademarks. You are suppose to add “LUCASFILM LTD” on all your stuff when you create pictures than report folks who share and you idiots call them “art stealers” or whatever ignorance you utter. I don’t come on here a lot, but when Dr. G- told me what you accused and reported SWAG77 for, and I had to say something. You never tried to get to know her. And you selectively allow people to share your art. Because it was SWAG77 shared the art, you pull DCMA requests on the accounts just because of not tagging you below when there is a LINK within the text? Fuck you guys.

Double Agents Can’t Afford to Be Sleepy

I know that in Rebels Recon the behind the scenes discussion spoke of wanting to do more of this episode through Kallus’ POV, but that it was just really hard to do and render.  They didn’t even have a different model for him in any other getup, like sleepwear, but I just like to headcanon that he’d been too drained to even strip out of his uniform and armor - only meant to shut his eyes and breathe for a second, but passed out on his bunk and was abruptly awakened by the alarm klaxons.  

Groggy Kallus is groggy. For like…the most infinitesimal of moments. Then he blinks and BOOM. Agent on board. But, oh for that moment (HOW DID I MISS THIS THE FIRST TIME), he was completely vulnerable and weary …. oh, just dammit all. (S3: E16:  Through Imperial Eyes)  I want to hug him. 

I washed my hands while being in my gloves.

“Kallus, this may be of interest to you. I had researched hunter Onyo for an aborted project, but her files point to a shared background with your quarry Sabine Wren. From my analysis. Onyo is a capable pilot and warrior, well-equipped and well-funded, with a clean record as far as Imperial law is concerned. Whether or not she would turn on Wren is for your expertise to determine. Happy hunting.”

— ISB Agent Andressa Divo’s note to ISB Agent Alexsandr Kallus


Okay, real fast. I haven't actually watched all of SWR, but I stumbled across Hot!Kallus.

And I'm just like yes! Bc me and my bro totally called him becoming a rebel even before Honorable Ones.

But, that's not what I'm here to talk about.

I found a few posts about Kallus' sideburns (muttonchops) and it occured to me why he has them.

Bc of his old ISB helmet!

The sideburns are in the same shape.

Presumably he grew them out to keep the helmet from rubbing uncomfortably against.

Anyways, thought it was kinda funny. 😁

Bye, now!

I wash my hands with my gloves on @princejaluia